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That purse you my... — 5 things without which it is impossible to imagine a lady's handbag

It is considered that the content of women's handbags, you can judge the character of its owner. Numerous interviews of women that is in their bag and without which they can not do, cause sometimes in amazement. Someone carries a hammer, some flashlight, and one lady in quite a miniature clutch was discovered baletka, and only on the right leg. We will tell you what should be in the bag a true lady, and what better to give up.

1. There is nothing that gives a woman's age as the hands. That is why you should always carry a hand cream — especially now when the delicate skin attack changes in temperature, rainfall and wind.

Что в сумочке тебе моей…

The hand cream from Yves Basematerial press services

Moisturizing Hand Cream Long-acting from Yves Rocher instantly relieves dryness and almost on famines transforms the skin. The secret is that in its composition. Arnica, one of the main ingredients, is known for its medicinal properties, this plant is used, for example, to stop bleeding, in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Experts Yves Rocher Arnica grown on their own bio-fields in La Gaisie, France. It is not surprising that a Moisturizer has long been a best seller among fans of the brand.

2. Not less carefully this time of year you need to protect and lips. There is a preconceived notion that it is better to prefer healing balms, refusing for a time from lipsticks. However, the correct choice to abandon the bright makeup is not necessary even in severe frosts.

Что в сумочке тебе моей…

Lipstick from Baborматериалы press services

Creamy Lipstick Creamy Lip Colour from Babor is not only has an optical filling effect but also ensures lips care by type of balm. They should be thanking pomegranate oil, the beneficial properties known since ancient times.

3. Even if leaving the house you "wrapped up" in your favourite scent from head to toe, the November weather quickly weathered residues. So to cheer myself (and others) mood would be good from time to time, apply a drop of perfume on your wrist.

Что в сумочке тебе моей…

Perfume from Tauer Perfumesматериалы press services

Give a piece of spring will help the scent of Tauer Perfumes with the touching name "the Chimes for an angel." A soft rose in harmony with ylang-ylang and lilac introduce a green accord of Lily of the valley. In the heart of the fragrance is a delicate Lily of the valley and smooth Jasmine. And chlef is genuine ambrosova shawl, decorated with shades of moss and woody notes. The founder of the House of Tauer Perfumes Andy Tauer describes his perfume: "to Build a fragrance around Lily of the valley singing in spring was always my wish, since I started making perfumes. Bells for angel my tribute to this wonderful gem of a forest. This spring the choir of life-giving colors. Enjoy!"

4. The choice of purse is a task no less difficult than buying the actual bag. Of course, you can buy a kit — bag and purse one brand. Today, however, many connoisseurs of hand-made prefer exclusive product. After all, money is like the uniqueness.

Что в сумочке тебе моей…

The wallet is hand-made from Ladto-Ma materials of press-services

And also a few options: buy a ready-made purse or come up with your own design and to entrust its production to the professionals.

5. And, of course, it is impossible to imagine modern woman without a mobile phone. It has long been not just a communication tool, but a real helper and friend. It will help to accentuate the style of the hostess. But in case of need will perform many other functions.

Что в сумочке тебе моей…

Lumia 950 materials of press-services

Flagship Lumia smartphone Lumia 950 — in addition to all of its indisputable advantages, has a clear advantage over other gadgets. Today, when we used each step to accompany the selfie, this smartphone lets you capture photos the highest quality. And all thanks to advanced technology smartphone photography including hardware and software. Just look at some of the hardware (we, the girls, maybe it's not so much to say, but professionals will confirm we are dealing with high standards). Thus, the main 20-Megapixel camera PureView with BSI sensor, Zeiss optics with an aperture of F1.9, triple-led flash for natural shooting, optical stabilization of the images of the fifth generation, ISO 12 800, the function of recording 4K video, plus a 5-Megapixel wide-angle front camera. Be sure that any photo you make of your smartphone, will be out of competition!

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