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5 tips to choose the right winter coat

Expert designer Alexey Efremov — offers not to be afraid of excess volume and pay close attention to sleeves

1. Material (fabric)

First, be sure to pay attention to fabric composition. To your coat warms you even in the most severe frosts, the percentage of wool in the fabric must be at least 80%.

2. Insulation

Secondly, winter coats have to be insulated. Usually the lining to the coat fasten from the inside using a variety of insulation. Please note that the sleeves also need to be insulated, because some manufacturers often neglect it.

3. Model.

Thirdly, when choosing a winter coat, you should give preference to models with a collar, then winter wind are not afraid of you. Also not unimportant, and the coat's length. Than it is longer, the warmer.

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4. Dressing fabric

Fourth, it is necessary to dispel a popular myth: coat with fleece warmer. If the fabric Varsova, it does not always mean that it is warmer than smooth woollen cloth. Napping of flannel fabric occurs by sucking fibers from a moist cloth. Importantly, the fabric was thick and not purged.

5. Landing

Fifth, don't be afraid of extra volume of when choosing a winter coat. You need to consider that in winter we put on under the clothing over thick sweaters and sweatshirts. If you are constantly freezing, it is better to stop the choice on models with the smell. Seahouses in one coat, you will feel comfortable and warm even during long winter walks

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