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5 tips from a designer: how to dress in winter warm and beautiful

Expert — Anna Golubeva, designer, founder of the brand ANNA DOVE, — how to cheer yourself up in the harsh winter weekdays

When the window is dark, and you darkly dressed, of course, and the mood is bleak. So even if you choose dark colors, you necessarily dilute the image more vivid detail. Just want to note that beautiful and correct "the warm closet" begins with the correct selection of warm clothes. Then everything depends on the destination of your clothes. Here are my five ingredients for a beauty and warmth:


Fur always beautiful, they look chic and feminine, I have them ready to be worn all year round, but in winter they are particularly relevant. It's not only about the clothes, even the small furry accessory is a very interesting and elegant finish. It is not necessary to pass fur vests, this comfortable garment allows you to dress different clothing options and create comfort in cold weather. When you spend much time traveling by car, it is very practical and even indispensable.

5 советов от дизайнера: как зимой одеваться тепло и красиво

"Fur always beautiful, they look chic and feminine"materials of press-services

Speaking of fur, I can not recommend to pay attention on the trot is a status of fur, but he is not as fragile as others, and extremely light, perfectly protects from the cold, but the quality is beyond praise.


Despite the fact that I prefer dresses in the winter without pants is still not enough. And pants can also emphasize femininity, the main thing — that they are well sat: models of straight silhouette with a dark belt will fit women with poorly pronounced waist, and the ladies of small stature, I would recommend to choose styles with a high waist and elongated from top to bottom, including flared trousers, classic trousers and pants with vertical stripes; long-legged beauties fit pants with a low rise; dark shades of trousers visually lengthen the leg and give them harmony; the owners of narrow hips is preferable to buy pants with big pockets or draped; slim legs give cigarette trousers and high heels .


They come in different sizes, different densities and with different knit patterns, you can pick up at any occasion including they fit in with the office dress code. Fashion encourages us now to the layering, the cardigan perfectly meets these requirements. Depending on what you wear, evening top or silk blouse, your look changes and you look warm and beautiful.

5 советов от дизайнера: как зимой одеваться тепло и красиво

"beautiful and correct "the warm closet" starts with the right warm clothes" materials of press-services


Of course, in cold weather, in my opinion you cannot do without a cashmere, be it a coat, sweater or scarf. This soft material provides comfort and warmth.


I prefer feminine pieces that flatter the figure. Cold is not a reason to hide from everyone and look like a cabbage.

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