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How to choose the right way for social events

Expert — socialite Julia Rybakova, — tells the main rules of selection of clothes for parties

No wonder there is the expression: "the girls two problems nothing to wear and a wardrobe not closed". With these problems, I'm sure, faced each representative of the fairer sex. Often, even if the closet is overloaded with clothes, before the ceremonial event, we all ask ourselves the question: "What to wear?" — due to the excitement of this issue turns into a tragedy. How to avoid drama and to conquer all those present at the event their way, I'll tell you in this article.

A social event. "What is it?" — ask those who are first going to visit him. A secular event means the event, where there is the so-called elite of society: businessmen, politicians, representatives of show business and other fields. And you need to understand that this is a great occasion to have fun and to spend time in a circle of interesting people. Of course, when you first go on this evening, you need to look the part, not to feel like the black sheep. After all, psychologists have shown that internal comfort of man depends on how he looks, or rather, how he feels that he is wearing. A secular event can be inferred as a previewing films, presentations of new works by figures in the media industry, various bonuses, horse racing, fashion shows, or just birthdays or other holidays, celebrities. Thus, your image should consider relying on the format of the event.

So, let's consider a few variants of harmonious images for publication. In my opinion, a win — win is my favorite classic. A classic is something that was fashionable once, and remains so to this day. Simple, classic suit comes in handy as a serious event and at the cocktail party, if properly beat it with accessories and makeup. Under such costumes I suggest you to do a bright make: in this way, ideal arrows and red lipstick. If the event you are held in an informal setting, for example in a nightclub, you can take off the jacket, and under it to wear a silk top underwear style. Also the image can be supplemented with eye-catching accessories. If you go to the races or to a ball, for example, that is, to the event where they show their dresses, it is important to wear this item of female wardrobe. Most importantly, make sure that the dress was not to the caller and makeup and jewelry was eclipsed by its beauty. Speaking specifically about the races, don't forget to wear a hat is an essential attribute of this event.

Как правильно подобрать образ для светского мероприятия

Outfits for social events can be very, raznoobraznymi:

I, in virtue of its activities, often attending social events. Ask how I chose their way for them? My main Advisor is my mood. It tells me what to wear and how I feel about these things. To be honest, now many do not adhere to the dress code. Everyone dresses up as it sees fit. Besides, it is necessary to understand that many people, especially in show business, there are certain existing images which they adhere. So, you can meet any star in a sports suit or boots (which, incidentally, is now at its peak) and a revealing dress at the presentation of the new album counterparts. Someone even chooses the overly eccentric outfits, imitating Lady Gaga.

To summarize. Choosing an outfit for social events, rely primarily on how you feel in it. But most importantly, don't forget that meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. Therefore, the aesthetic appearance must be underpinned by a richness of the inner world.

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