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Four little secret of how to extend the life of pantyhose

The inventor of the accessory ready to put a monument to the millions of women on the planet

Female legs poets sang, their paintings, they worshiped many men. Great for ladies legs — a matter of pride and "headache", because caring for them is not easier than.

And, of course, the legs need proper dress — nice tights. Once the stockings were worn only by men, and women were hiding legs under long skirts. But gradually this accessory is moved in a lady's closet and took it almost the perfect place.

First pantyhose appeared in 1959 in the United States. Allen Gant pinned the stockings to the panties. New clothes immediately became in demand as in Vogue mini skirt. For a long time the upper part of the tights remained the cotton, then they were made entirely of one material.

But this material, despite the development of light industry and the invention of new compositions, very thin and tears easily. One clue a thing you can throw away and buy new. With the high price of this product, of course, it's frustrating.

It turns out that there are a few tricks to extend the life of pantyhose.


Send tights for a few hours in the freezer. Ironically, the cold makes the nylon stronger, and the clues to write on the surface of things to do will be harder.


Correct height and weight size is of great importance. Of course, the tights stretch to, but the severe tension and they are easier to break.


And not a nail that can be clipped and twisted a loop, and for the hair. For a few minutes before you put on tights, spray them with varnish. When it dries, it becomes invisible, and the product more durable.


So the thing lasts longer, wash it with soap and warm water after each wear. No powders and washing machines. The water temperature for tights recommended the same as for children — 36 degrees.

the secret of the pantyhose

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