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3 reasons why it is no longer fashionable to wear fur

Expert in the field of fashion design — founder and Director of the company for the production of fur coats faux fur Maria Koshkina — about the latest fashion trends

If we talk about the latest fashion trends, ecomex maintains and builds its position from year to year. 5-6 years ago fur coats, faux fur was seen as a cheap knockoff. So it is, in essence, was: the materials were low quality, so products wear out quickly and looked rather like a soft toy. Today ecoscuba is a real boom.

3 причины, почему уже не модно носить натуральные меха

Today ecoscuba is a real fashion bumoto: materials of press-services

First, this material is environmentally friendly and does not require mass murder of animals for the sake of beautiful fur coats. Environmental friendliness is the trend today, almost all the fashion houses are moving away from natural fur, opening the way fashion artificial products.

3 причины, почему уже не модно носить натуральные меха

The coat of ecomega you can create any textwrite: materials of press-services

Second, the market provides a very high quality faux fur from Korea, which looks in no way inferior to the natural counterparts, and in most cases surpass them.

3 причины, почему уже не модно носить натуральные меха

Artificial fur fabric can be embossed that pagnotta: materials of press-services

Thirdly, ECOMAG is a platform for creativity. Today, you can create any coat texture. Increasingly receiving orders for twisted or elongated pile. Ladies of Moscow and St. Petersburg are increasingly interested in design faux fur — you can knock the fur on the canvas anything from a plant of the landscape and animals to paintings and abstractions. It will be a new step for ecomoda. From "close to natural", we turn to this work in 2017. Today almost all the world of mass-brand clothing has turned its attention to the faux fur. For èkomaterialy the future, and is the trend today, of course, environmental friendliness and reduced demand for killing animals for the sake of momentary beauty. Don't be afraid to experiment, to try new things and surprise!

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