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How to dress to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses

Star author — actress, model, business lady Katja Guseva — talks about the rules of the ideal wardrobe

So we all understand that each person has their own particular shape, their perception of the world and, importantly, the presence (or, alas, lack of) taste. But of course, there are several ways that may suit each woman to emphasize their strengths with the help of clothes.

Each season the designers we set the tone in fashion, and we try to follow trends. But it's important to be yourself and create your own personal and the right wardrobe. Like any girl, I am very sensitive to the choice of clothes. So I will tell you about their secrets.

The ideal and actual in the spring of 2017 is a two — piece suit. Skinny pants and loose jacket. All colors welcome, but it is important to prevail warm shades. If you want to look more modest then under a jacket, choose a simple white t-shirt, and if you have a romantic date, short top and high heels. This image will always be relevant, and most importantly, suits woman with any figure.

Как одеться, чтобы подчеркнуть свои достоинства и скрыть недостатки

Actress, model and business lady knows the secret of how to look sexualminority press services

Still I advise to pay attention to the trapeze dress. It should not sit very tight on your body and may be, for example, of neoprene, but good quality. It — also 100% hit. You can perfectly hide the flaws. Choose colors of deep wine, blue.

But the most important is the choice of underwear. If you've gained some extra pounds, it is best to wear tight underwear and no eye candy. We also recommend you to wear high heel. Especially on dates is always a plus. And be feminine, smile more, then success is guaranteed!

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