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How to maintain individuality in terms of dress code

Expert WomanHit about how to look stylish and professional at the same time

Corporate requirements to appearance of employees has long ceased to be a feature solely of large corporations. Today dress code is becoming commonplace for any company and organization that seeks to highlight their employees and demonstrate their belonging to a certain professional group. Corporate psychologists confirm that such a course contributes to the coherence of team work. In addition, uniform style of clothing enhances the credibility of the company, causing the trust and respect of customers.

Recommendations on how to dress in the office to look professional, fashionable and modern, giving a stylist, salon owner and beauty of the showroom clothes Anvar Ochilov.

Как сохранить индивидуальность в условиях дресс-кода

Anwar, Ocilobwrite: materials of press-services

Every Manager has the right to establish a dress code in the office and to normalize the rigor of compliance. But freedom of expression does not extend beyond the established rules of office prohibitions usually do not apply. So — feel free to experiment!

1. Color

If manual is not specified a valid color in clothing, so you can afford a little freedom. Even excluding the bright colors and variegated colors, you can create a lively and fresh work wardrobe. Soft and light blouse in a boxy cut adds femininity and softness to a strict office style.

Как сохранить индивидуальность в условиях дресс-кода

Delicate color refreshes office complexType: materials of press-services

In addition, they are perfectly combined with a suit and with skirts and trousers and modern styles.

2. Business suit

Men's suit is a necessary attribute of every business woman's wardrobe this season. The image will animate bold draping and elements, emphasizing the elegance of the figure (zone air or blouse).

Как сохранить индивидуальность в условиях дресс-кода

Clean lines - an integral part of the business, Garderobe: materials of press-services

3. Pants

Universal office solution is a classic silhouette. Relevant today as traditional styles, and cropped tailored trousers. They looks perfect with the jacket, forming a strong and bold image.

Как сохранить индивидуальность в условиях дресс-кода

Blouse in a boxy cut add zhenstvennosti:

4. Dress

Designers are unanimous in their decision — business woman wears something that emphasizes her dignity. So she definitely wears a dress. The actual styles are today the sheath dress, the dress-coat and a-line. In combination with the various accessories they are suitable for everyday wardrobe and for special occasions.

5. Sundress

Strict sundress saturated colors — favorite office fashion 2017. The most current minimalist sundresses, straight silhouette, with simple décor and rich textures.

Как сохранить индивидуальность в условиях дресс-кода

Drape will help to emphasize the elegance of figuretta: materials of press-services

No dress code — freedom or anarchy?

The presence of a dress code for some to mean, primarily, limits and restrictions. And if the number of casual is simply unacceptable (major brand firms, specialized institutions, banks, etc.), for many enterprises to its implementation is impractical and even dangerous. First, it concerns the people of creative professions, for which expression is an important source of inspiration. Also not justified is the dress code where the appearance of employees does not affect the company's image — for example, when employees do not interact with customers directly.

However, the lack of dress code cannot be interpreted as permission to wear anything. Clothing style for work must not only conform to your taste and preference, and social norms. So, in the office do not wear shorts, mini-skirts, Slippers, clothes sporty style, too open dresses. Massive jewelry and flashy accessories — the perfect complement to the evening as well, but they are unlikely to be relevant in the workplace. Working in a team, you need to take care of the comfort of others, so don't use heavy or harsh spirits.

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