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Dress tasteless, and you'll be in trend

Fashion week in Milan was shocked by the ugly things that are recommended to wear this spring

Everything that used to be considered bad taste, vulgarity, bad manners, the past century and to put it could afford only freaks, is now positioned as the rage of 2017. There is a feeling that the inspiration of the Designer were recruited at the Cherkizovsky market, the commercials 1990.

Pink as in Barbie

Marni, Gucci, Bottega Veneta have released outfits bright pink. Wear safely. Now you are not stupid blond in a pink dress, and style icon. The shade can be either: from the gentle pig to bright fuchsia.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

But you can feel Барби

A round or raised shoulders

With the shoulders of the designers is clearly too clever by half — they collected all that was fashionable in the late twentieth century.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

Shoulders can be круглыми

The shoulders should be rounded, or convex, as in the 80s. I Remember the horrible foam pantechniki, which make the silhouette of your grandmother's rounded? Rather unsew them from an old coat and hemming in his cloak.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

Or острыми

Want raised shoulders? Sew another option is a foam product. Designers find it very feminine.

Oriental motifs

Remember how a few years ago, all of a sudden dressed in green, red, purple costumes reminiscent of Chinese folk. Now these pajamas again wearable.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

To the party can come in the way Гейши

Shine to hurt the eyes

If coming for the social event, you would think that accidentally fell on the children's party, it is not so. Sequins, rhinestones, beads, glass beads can be all together on one dress.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

Or the representatives of other ancient профессии

Fashionable ladies, for example, the leading "House 2" Ksenia Borodina has already held a party with the same dress code.

Pleated and ripple

Skirts this vein should be in the crease as four or five years ago. Look, maybe you have not thrown.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

The more folds, the more fashionable юбка

By the way, the accordion can be and pants, sleeves, collars.

Leggings and tights

Long live the disco of the 90s! Hard to believe that it was shown at Milan Fashion Week -but that is what it is.

Одевайтесь безвкусно, и вы будете в тренде

The tights perfectly complement наряд

spring fashion trends

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