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Choose a fashionable dress type figure

Designer Larisa Hurd told what to wear in the coming spring-summer season

"Spring and summer — the most fertile time for women. It is in this season to accentuate your feminine appeal can be a variety of ways. Today in fashion femininity is impossible to imagine any collections from famous designers, so it was not submitted to the dresses. It is about them I want to talk about. How to choose the right dress, what to emphasize, what colors, styles, finishing details today's trend.

Dress is one of the most important components of the wardrobe of the modern, successful, young woman. Nobody wears dresses every day: some ladies somehow think that the are much easier to do in pants or jeans. However, as a designer, I feel compelled to warn you: nothing will accentuate your femininity like a beautiful dress. Moreover, the season spring-summer just has to wear this garment. And, of course, fashionable dress must be selected with consideration of the peculiarities of his shape," — said Larissa.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

Dress - the main trend this stonematerial press services

Choose a model dresses type figure

Speech here goes not so much about growth, but about proportions: narrow hips, small Breasts, slender waist are characteristics of the figure-Thumbelina. For such girls suit three-dimensional dress, which, on the one hand, underlined the fragility of the figure, on the other hand, can visually add volume where it is needed. V-neck, ruffles, flounces will help you profitable apply your figure.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

Ruching and ruffles will help hide the flaws figuratively press service

You can emphasize the waist, while "top" and "bottom" of the dress let them remain "rounded", so you will get a womanly figure of "hourglass".

Girls-duimovochka not recommended to wear the sheath dresses or straight cut model — it will only accentuate the figure flaws and make it awkward.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

Petite girls do not wear dresses-polarimetric press service

Owners of magnificent forms, there is no better flowing dresses in soft fabrics. The colors should be deep and noble but discreet. Length above knee sleeve, preferably three quarters, it's slimming.

Such a girl should avoid dropped waist, large patterns and tight dresses made of thin fabric.

Mini and asymmetrical cut

To lengthen the silhouette you can use mini or asymmetric cut, which is one of the most fashionable tendencies of this spring-summer. Combine them with long beads and necklaces, this will visually pull the figure. And, of course, nothing lengthens the leg like a pair of heels! Just avoid shoes with wedge heels, she doesn't do the job, and only weigh down the feet.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

Designer Larisa Getmaterial press service

Floor-length dress

For tall ladies, the ideal — long dress. It always looks very feminine and is no longer the only detail of the night. Maxi dresses for several seasons, tight and casual fashion, they are especially useful in the summer, they do not get hot, and you feel like a real Princess. Girls tall should avoid wearing high heels, it is better to wear something more elegant.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

Long dresses suit high parisnature press services

Natural materials this season in honor

If we talk about the fabrics and colors, this season, the actual natural materials: silk, chiffon, Jersey, Batiste, cotton. Spring mood easier just to emphasize such shades as coral, pale pink, peach. Do not forget about bright colors in my palette: yellow, red, blue. Dress flying silhouette can be worn at the output is not only with sandals on a high heel, but with more comfortable shoes — sneakers, boots on the platform.

Выбираем модное платье по типу фигуры

This season, the actual natural materialmaterial press service

Today in the first place is convenience, so elegance if desired, can be combined with sports. Besides, this season at the peak of popularity of the grid in all its manifestations: from her sewn dresses, skirts offers many decoration products, for example, embroidery on the grid. It gives things an extraordinary lightness and airiness.

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