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How to determine the type of shape talks about the biggest misconceptions of the female half of humanity

Chest, exciting curve of hips, the "wasp" waist — feminine silhouette, referred to as the "Hourglass" has long been mad men. Settings, where breast volume equal to the volume of the thighs, and the waist is about two-thirds of this amount are considered to be ideal. Unfortunately, not every of us can boast of such proportions. More often on the streets we see a figure, very far from perfect. But! It turns out that to correct the blunders of nature, to emphasize the dignity and to bring the silhouette to perfection — with the right choice of clothing and to play with color.


Как определить тип фигуры

Have Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts figure of the "rectangle"from the film "the Holiday"/"In bed with the enemy"

Undress and look at myself in the mirror. Your chest and hips are about the same width, and the waist is not clearly expressed — so you rectangle. When the set weight is distributed mostly around the waist, there are the so-called "barrel". However, slimming, these girls are much closer to the "Hourglass" than everyone else.

You need to make a sporty silhouette more feminine and to visually highlight the waist. So choose a contrasting color the "top" and "bottom". Cropped blouses, jackets, cardigans will look great on you. Options of many skirts: a-line, flared, slit skirt to show your beautiful slender legs, the skirt with the smell. Waist models may be slightly overstated or understated. Pants are straight or tapered downward. You'll like tops and blouses with V-neck, jackets with sharp shoulders, and a low buckle. When choosing a coat, note the fitted waist flared. With regard to gowns, the winner of the rectangular shape should give preference to models strapless, with a sweetheart neckline, Empire and avoid the models "hard" and "shirt".


Как определить тип фигуры

Beyonce and Shakira - representative of the type "pear"Photo:

You have a delicious, rounded hips, slim waist and tiny Breasts and the fragile shoulders? So, you are "pear" is a very feminine silhouette.

Your task: to balance the fragile top and massive bottom, which you need to visually create volume at the top. Choose blouses and tops with a wide V and U-necks. Pockets, ruffles, ruching at the chest will "reinforce" the desired area. Light and bright colors, horizontal stripes, polka dots, lightning will also make the correct accent on the chest. The main rule when choosing a jacket: it should not end at the hip level so as not to attract unwanted attention. A thin waist need to strongly emphasize, therefore, give preference to models with belt. Avoid clothing straight fit or baggy. But the volume in the lower part of the body should be treated with caution. It is more appropriate dark color. Skirt pencil, straight, a-line, "pick up" the silhouette. You just approach the long skirts of flowing fabrics. Jeans are best to wear straight or kleshenyh from the knee, too skinny models will make the look "heavy". And of course, cutting at the waist dress is everything!

Inverted triangle

Как определить тип фигуры

Angelina Jolie - "inverted triangle"Frame of film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

If your shoulders mentally draw a vertical line down to the thighs, you get the silhouette of a V. This type of physique: broad shoulders, massive body, large Breasts and narrow hips, typical for sporty girls.

The "triangles" are usually slender, long legs — it's a sin not to use it! This figure is also called "Trouser" jeans svobodnogo cut, drainpipe trousers, bottoms, leggings, Bermudas perfect fit for you. With this you can wear not only strict classical models and use the max draperies: pockets, pattern, bright and vivid colors. However, you look great and skirts: pencil, pleated, ruched, peplum, straight. You need the best to lighten the top, so the tops should choose a simple cut, calm colors, tops with odor, loose shirt. Please note on models with asymmetric wide or narrow V-neck. If broad shoulders — avoid lush sleeves and lapels. Dress — the most feminine article of clothing — for the "triangular" shapes should be as concise, direct, simple cut. For example, dress-shirt, dress or sweater dress without belt.


Как определить тип фигуры

Jessica Simpson and Kelly Osbourne have a diamond, figurato:

If you have expressive Breasts, hips and shoulders of the same volume, there is the tummy and waist — the widest part of the shape, you rhombus, or as they call them "Apple."

To balance the body, the diamond would need to shift the focus, diverting attention from problem areas — waist. Please note clothing that accentuates Breasts: models with a deep neckline and high-waisted, monochrome dresses and blouses, flared. Wear vests — they make you slimmer and not buttoned jackets (they break up visually the problem area). To draw attention to slender legs will help the right length skirts — just above the knee. The fit and "pencil", and "trapeze". You can afford classic trousers with slightly low waist, with no emphasis on the waist. As well look pants cut from light, flowing materials. The combination of plain clothes and vertical stripes can help to visually "draw the silhouette". Choose dresses with a light belt over the waist, a Y-shaped silhouette, with a "halter". And ignore the style is "pipe", which will mercilessly all horizontal proportions.

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