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Learn to wear latex

Once such clothing was considered the height of outrageous, now it is possible to wear clothes made of latex and not to look defiantly

Of course, a girl dressed in an outfit made of latex, is still a matter of keen interest among the male population. But well-chosen things latex can do, this interest is not sexual, and the way usually experience the unusual and bold works of art.

Учимся носить латекс

Fashion Week in Moscow, many designers presented their collections of stuff from latexite: materials of press-services

So, the usual MIDI-skirt, jacket, and modest top can be revealed from an unexpected side, if instead of tights to wear colored latex stockings. Will look very cheerful and spring-like. Dull coat can also be help. Enough to buy him in a couple latex gloves.

Учимся носить латекс

If clothes latex is not for you, look to accessoiriste: materials of press-services

If stockings and gloves is not enough for you, and latexco dress is a bit too high, choose a skirt. Complement her heavy boots, a casual sweater, and no one will turn the language to call such a set can be too candid. Well, if the skirt is a beige — latex nadovich shades are in trend now.

Учимся носить латекс

Alain Vodonaeva aware of fashion, tendencioso: materials of press-services

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