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This spring trend yellow

It can be worn as you like: even as a hue for the coat, though the color for earrings

It is not surprising that the designers of the season spring-summer 2017 with special favor reacted to yellow. That he is able to create a good mood even when there are no objective reasons for this. The yellow things look impressive, lush and visually make them the owner of younger.

So, for example, sees a woman in a coat the shade of yellow lemon, no one will doubt that the stranger active, energetic and has a zest for life. But summer Maxi dress color of the sun will make the look playful and informal. This is a great option for a summer walk with your beloved or going to cafes with my friends.

Этой весной в тренде желтый цвет

Yellow can be only accesswrite: materials of press-services

Bohemian chic will add yellow accessories: bags, scarves, earrings, glasses, or shoes. This technique is appropriate even for serious negotiations. There is no doubt that the specialist, who appeared at a meeting in glasses with stylish yellow frames will succeed. It will want to watch and listen.

Этой весной в тренде желтый цвет

Yellow goes well with серым

Perhaps the only thing you should avoid image where there is only yellow. So from the modern lady, easy to become a animator for children's parties.

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