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About the history of the heel-stiletto — chief of women's secret weapons

Marc Jacobs correctly observed: "All women of the world are divided into two types — "studs" and "ballerina". And of course, it's not about the shoes"

Among all the fashion of the tricks and ruses by which beautiful ladies conquer the strong half of mankind, the greatest power and authority is heel. No wonder almost all European languages about it, there are apt and ironic expression, reflecting the subordinate position of men, — "under the thumb". And the question here is not about some Vienna or a wedge heel, and sexy stiletto heel that makes feet long and can transform any casual look. The history of women's arms in the dossier.

Ancient Greece, Egypt, Japan — adaptations to increase human growth is present in the wardrobes of almost all the great civilizations. And yet the palm in this matter historians give it to the Egyptian peasants, who were the first protogalaxy adapted to your needs. They sewed or nailed to the Shoe, a special "building blocks" of wood, not allowing to sink into the plowed earth. The Greeks used special download platform that elevated the actors on the stage; for the same purpose, Japanese women and Indian women used special okobo. There was also the so-called kabkab resembling modern clogs: they were worn in the baths, not to burn feet on hot floor. Loved specific shoes and confused. Easy women managed to knock out the heels so that their traces on the ground left a clear imprint, urging them to follow them. Used something similar on the heel and dashing horsemen, which shoes with recognizable "bricks" on the heel helped keep the foot in the stirrup. In short, the Middle ages heel firmly taken its place in the footwear industry. But, of course, no one thought to create something extreme like studs — valued functionality and convenience.

Об истории каблука-шпильки — главного женского секретного оружия


Long story

Like all fine and not very comfortable of the invention, the ancestor of the heel, maximally resembling modern versions were created by aristocrats for aristocrats at the dawn of the Baroque era. Before this time the inhabitants of European cities — artisans, merchants and rentiers — worn brogans, which in various ways have attached the impressive size of the platform. Of course, not for the sake of beauty in those shoes comfortable to surf the streets filled with sewage and mud. By the way, in Arab countries existed models that serve the same purpose, — Nalini. They looked, frankly, extremely extravagant: it was a real wooden stilts, decorated with carving and with silver, pearl and even precious stones and gold. Used them the rich ladies. Using Nalimov they towered over the dusty pavements, protecting the floors of their clothes.

The first notable woman, prisposobitsya heel is not for horse trips, trekking in the mud or in the bath, but only for aesthetic purposes, is considered to be Catherine de Medici. Say, she first put her shoes on "impressive" five-centimeter props to your wedding with a French count. This finding is so liking secular ladies, that in a few years, the heel has become an integral part of the Shoe. To settle for comfortable, but not very beautiful platforms, not wished and the legendary Bloody Mary, Queen Mary Tudor. Cantankerous and imperious ruler of England did not want to stand on the same level with his subjects. Especially for her was invented by the heel, similar to the modern, so — called conical. The high Queen was terrified and awe guests of courtyard.

Об истории каблука-шпильки — главного женского секретного оружия


Men also could not ignore the fashion elevating shoes. As with many other things, a pioneer in this matter was the French monarch Louis XIV. "The sun king" was small in stature, but put up with it did not want to. His Shoe collection would hit and modern fashionistas, including the Royal models were ultra-high heels (up to sixty inches!), richly decorated with precious stones, pearl buckles, velvet and embroidery. By the way, in the time of Louis the famous red heel, which was allowed to be a very noble people. Obviously, the legendary red sole authorship, Christian Louboutin, modern Shoe designer — a reference to the same tradition.

The further — the thinner and sleeker (and, alas, more inconvenient) became a heel. Step to a hairpin made of Royal mistress Madame Pompadour — it was at her command appeared shoes with a spectacular rise. But before the triumph of vertiginous stilettos, the so — called hairpin — was still more than three centuries.

Always on top

Heels-glasses, conical and wedge, heels-pillars and wedge — the beginning of XX century shoemakers offered to the ladies (men by that time abandoned the artificial height) a huge number of options. But the most striking and elegant — the finest studs — still not there. For the title of inventor of stilettos still fighting two French and one Italian — and fashion historians are still hesitant to say who first coined the pin — if it was Roger Vivier, Raymond Massaro or Salvatore Ferragamo.

Об истории каблука-шпильки — главного женского секретного оружия

Singer Beyonce is the recognized lover of elegant footwear. And refuses to heel even during beremennosti:

According to one version, it is the Vivier was the author and promoter of women's shoes with high and thin heels. The designer worked in the House of Dior and under his auspices in 1955, released the whole line of sandals heels. And two years earlier, in honor of the ascension of Elizabeth to the British, introduced Vivier sandals, adorned with rubies and garnets, of course, on an extremely thin and high heels. In his creation fell in love with Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy, and soon the designer was proud to wear the title of king of shoes.

Other is credited with the authorship of the studs Raymond Massaro. He created the famous shoes with diamonds, rubies and pearls — now this model is in a private collection from unknown admirers of Massaro. As for Salvatore Ferragamo, his studs were initially the most unstable — the finest wooden heels in a record ten centimeters simply broke. To solve this problem, the Italian shoemaker planted the pin on the iron rod and clings to his skin and were born the same stilettos that we still use today. Amazing innovation like Marilyn Monroe, for which he later became a friend and personal
shoemaker. By the way, in the famous shot of the actress (in a white dress, the hem playfully raises wind) Monroe shod in white sandals from Ferragamo. Resorted to its services and other film star — Sophia Loren.

Об истории каблука-шпильки — главного женского секретного оружия

the famous Carrie Bradshaw lowered the salary for the new tuflite: materials of press-services

Today, with shoes Salvatore Ferragamo can compete with a few brands, including famous shoes with red soles by Christian Louboutin. The designer creates everything from classic models to extravagant shoes, decorated with feathers, exotic leather, sequins and embroidery, what remains unchanged is his passion for the mind-blowing height of the heel.

Love the Shoe elegant stiletto has long been the hallmark of many style icons — real and fictional. For example, singer Beyonce loves to appear on stage in black boots on the thinnest stiletto or precious sandals purchased for a fabulous sum. Lady Gaga shocking the audience, going on Pointe-stilts. And the heroine of the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the famous Carrie Bradshaw, lowered the salary for the new shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Spanish Shoe designer. Some skeptics claim that the pin element of the wardrobe insecure ladies, for whom the main thing is the attention of men. But we prefer this view quote the Marc Jacobs "All women of the world are divided into two types — "studs" and "ballerina". And of course, this is not about shoes, but about the attitude towards itself and to life."

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