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Cherish things at all times

Some clothes and accessories should not be sent to landfill, attributing one season. They can become a kind of investment style

Not all the clothes the actual a short time. Many models can look great in five or ten years after graduation. These include leather goods: jackets, shoes, bags. Classic biker jackets, moccasins made of genuine leather or branded bag is almost not become outdated so soon.

Store is things out of suede and denim. Into fashion and then go back to the styles of trousers, jackets, overalls and dresses that were worn in the past. Very nice in this case is not to spend money on new clothes, just to get it out of the closet.

No wonder to take the place of products with interesting prints, outerwear, as well as things that will help you create a retro look.

Most importantly, to things set aside for storage was of good quality. Store clothes from the market just not worth it. It is important and the state of things. They should not be defects, spool. Carefully it is necessary to store only those items of clothing that have not lost their original color and shape.

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