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Clothes that flatter the figure

If you want to look more lean or to adjust certain features of the figure to select the right things

Among the clothing that is slimming in the first place is to call things with vertical lines. This can be a dress pinstripe or suit with a similar pattern. To create a more elongated silhouette will help even the pants with an arrow.

The main rule in wearing striped clothes is the lack of full fit. Between you and the fabric must remain a little space. Otherwise, the strips will be twisted, and repeating the curves. Wide stripe wear is not necessary — it will make you even more impressive.

Одежда, которая стройнит

The belt will accentuate талию

Focus on the waist you can use a thin strap or peplum. Recent and disguise a protruding tummy.

Одежда, которая стройнит

Color-block - a godsend for those who want to visually adjust your формы

To play into the hands of slightly overweight ladies may receive the color-blocking. However, we must remember that the darkest parts of the costume should consist of the volume space, and light to those that want to visually enlarge.

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