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Get rid of outdated trends

Some things, trendy one or two season ago, it is time to throw out or hide in a drawer

The most important thing is to stop wearing chokers. Even if you have accumulated several dozen different textures, colors, etc. this Fashion accessory was very short-lived. Diversify your daily is best for the necklace multiple chains. They can be made of metal of the same color and made of metals of different shades.

Tired and active bras with a push up. They began to represent sexuality and vulgarity. So go to shop for lovely lace sets.

Избавляемся от устаревших трендов

Victoria Bonia refused to push, apphoto:

Shirt and jeans it is better to change more spacious than before. Jeans and shirts, and tight-fitting, are not as relevant as before. Now the trend is jeans with cropped edges.

Избавляемся от устаревших трендов

Ksenia Borodina follow fashion, so I changed my leather trousers for jeans with a cropped, crapitto:

If last season you loved to wear leather pants, you will probably love the new trend — the trousers from latex. They can be as tight-fitting and free.

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