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In the spring and summer of 2017 in the fashion handbag simple forms

Bags-bags have finally superseded products on the frame

This frame can be rigid or semi-rigid. But, in any case, the fashion bag of the season spring-summer 2017 should not fundamentally change its shape depending on what it is.

Choose the severe business bag is optional. There are plenty of more casual options (including suitable for wearing over the shoulder) that meet the requirements of fashion experts.

Весной-летом 2017 года в моде сумки строгих форм

The geometric patterns of leather panels of a different color always look эффектно

Traditionally in the warmer time of the year actual bags light colors: white, milk, beige. They can be plain or have color inserts. Bright colors are also in trend. You can choose almost any: blue, green, yellow, pink and so on.

Will look spectacular bag, where the skin of different shades of make up geometric pattern.

Весной-летом 2017 года в моде сумки строгих форм

Urban backpacks too тренде

In fashion floral prints. Flowers and leaves can be applied to the entire bag or only a part of it.

Re will be popular bags with handles in the form of chains, and urban women's backpacks.

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