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The hidden meaning of turtleneck

This article of clothing can tell a lot about its owner

Turtleneck sometimes seems boring and very unattractive thing. We put them in the far corner of the wardrobe. But it is absolutely not deserved. Many rich and famous people love turtlenecks and give them preference in comparison with other types of clothing. For example, Apple founder Steve jobs always appeared in public in a simple black turtleneck.

This choice is made was not in vain. Yes, the turtleneck does not attract the views of others. But it is a great background for you. Donning a turtleneck, you can be assured that the focus will be you (your appearance, your words) and not too flashy outfit.

The usual turtleneck can show that the owner — one person is not trying to assert itself at the expense of following fashion trends and not dependent on the opinions of others.

Also turtleneck, hiding from prying eyes the delicate neck area and decollete, gives confidence, becomes a kind of protection. For Russians it is also important that high the gate does not freeze in bad weather.

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