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Kazakhs win for himself the image of clever and beautiful

Beautiful girls in this country are everywhere: on the catwalks and on the streets of cities

On the eve of the Kazakhstan fashion Week. Came to her the Russians were surprised not only by the quality of the collections of local fashion designers, but also the appearance of Kazakh women.

Kazakh girls literally radiate beauty. They are neat, well-kept, most of them have toned figures and do not neglect the makeup. Especially here love using shadows, eyeliners, mascara and false eyelashes to create a worthy frame to the eyes that most of the brown and almond shaped. Does not lose its relevance of contouring, and bright lipstick.

Казашки завоевывают себе имидж умниц и красавиц

In Kazakhstan there passed Week моды

Girls with short hair here. Basically all have long hair. Perhaps this is due to local customs, as Kazakhstan is still a country with a traditional way of life.

The inhabitants of the country believe, that beauty depends not so much from appearance as from mental state. Therefore, parents are paying great attention to the education of their daughters, preparing them for future marriage and motherhood. In Kazakhstan believe that honest, kind, caring woman will definitely find their happiness.

Kazakhstan fashion week

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