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Stylish stamps and how to deal with them

Some decisions seem to us a win-win, in fact, not working

Often we pick up things unconsciously, based on information on the back of my head since childhood. But since then there has been a lot of time and stylish the rules have changed.

So, for example, now it is not necessary to pick up a bag to match the shoes. Shoes, and accessories can be independent elements of the image.

Стильные штампы и как с ними бороться

Changed approach to the classic black and white. Black outfit is no longer seen as a universal way to visually drop a few pounds, but white is not always perceived as increasing in size. Much more important not the color and cut accentuate or hide features of the figure.

Стильные штампы и как с ними бороться

Modern stylists are less inclined to impose clear rules of conduct. They even officially not allowed to buy clothes, the right color type. The winning strategy of the selection of clothes is now considered the search for individual style, not following instructions.

Not that before, and the concept of femininity. Today, you can not only look feminine in a fitted dress with frills. This is possible even in a pantsuit.


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