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5 rules of buying the cheap stuff considered the cases when spending a whole paycheck on a new dress is inappropriate

In life there are different situations where a photo simply no money, and the new dress is very necessary. For example, you went for the weekend in another city, and there had turned cold, and have to buy a sweater that is only needed for two days, or These... "or" can be many. We will tell you how to dress in cheap clothes and look your best

Rule # 1. Hunting season

First and foremost rule for cheap shopping is not miss the sale. Find and buy a good thing and inexpensive — the same exciting experience for women as for men hunting or fishing. Like men's Hobbies, and women have their seasons. Not to miss prey, bookmark online stores of your favorite brands. Little gape — and already ran out of your size or model remained only in color last season.

5 правил покупки дешевых вещей

The word "sale" sounds музыкой

In General, it is clear that the thing in fashion this season during a sale unlikely to buy, but to update a basic wardrobe — easily.

Rule # 2. Fashion comes and goes

Things that are today at the height of fashion, tomorrow may have to be thrown away. The mint color has been popular two years ago, and in 2016 all went to the coral, and although these shades are many and well freshen up the face, but, alas, in 2017, when the favourite was rose, in old dresses to go already not comme Il faut. So item purchased on one season, it can be inexpensive.

5 правил покупки дешевых вещей

Fashion comes to only one сезон

Not worth spending the extra money, if you know what this skirt you will need one. Maybe you even doubt whether you will be able to wear trousers-bananas, returning in fashion from the ' 80s, and the color pink. Therefore, all of the strange and the latest trend, you can afford to buy in the store cheap brand.

Rule # 3. Cheap is not mean low quality

If you are somewhere in the journey, it took a t-shirt, sweater or socks you forgot at home, don't grab at the store first thing. The new clothes you must serve faithfully for at least a few days, so it will be a shame if she immediately after fitting will spread at the seams.

5 правил покупки дешевых вещей

Look at the quality швов

Look at the composition and sutures. For example, if the pullover is worth 1000 rubles, and it includes 20% cashmere, this may be true, only these villi short and immediately begin to slide. Give preference to cheap raw materials: cotton, viscose, polyester. Than the silhouette of the clothing easier so it will be easier and more durable, and can be, not just useful.

Rule # 4. It's all in the color

That thing was cheap, the fabric for its production needs to be inexpensive, which means that the manufacturer, among other things, save on the dye. Don't buy things bright, juicy colors after the first wash they can become faded. Especially black, which turns to a dirty gray. White synthetic has a habit of yellowing on a new blouse can manifest stains of unknown origin. So take things neutral and muted colors: gray, beige, milk and so on.

5 правил покупки дешевых вещей

Black color quickly loses насыщенность

Rule No. 5. Nothing more

You may be lucky and you buy a shirt made of natural cotton for little money, but do not expect that it will be decent buttons. Accessories — this is what we are trying to save manufacturers. That is why cheap clothing bows, buckles, rhinestones and other beauty looks very vulgar and falls off at the most inopportune moment.

5 правил покупки дешевых вещей

Sequins can fly around like leaves осенью

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