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What can tell bag — about the history and features of this accessory on a planetary scale

There is the image of a woman several fashion token, one glance at which is sufficient to determine the status and taste of ladies. Of course, the bag is one of them. It can tell about its owner much from nature and ending with information about Hobbies and musical preferences. Jokes and legends about female handbag there are many, and chief among them — that in its depths the whole universe — we definitely agree. So, on the galactic scale accessory — our latest fashion investigation.

Bag quite deservedly occupies a special place in women's wardrobes and hearts. She keeps our secrets, it becomes an indispensable companion and partner in it — figuratively and literally — can you find a reflection of ourselves. The history of handbags, as you might guess, more than one (in fact six!) millennia. And elegant clutch bags, sports backpacks, tote-bags, and exquisite patterns on a slender strap — all of these diverse members of the "family of marsupials," there is one common ancestor — a common bag that is used by primitive people. Wandering from place to place in search of better lives, they gathered all their simple belongings in a shoulder satchel. Interestingly, all the good pulled on a women, since the men it was important to leave hands free for weapons and to defend themselves in case of attack of wild animals. Anthropologists claim that the ladies ' love for bags is not a whim but has been shaped by evolution, the habit.

О чем может рассказать женская сумка


Don't bet on it

The long way to the modern appearance of the bag began from there, where it are many wonderful inventions from Ancient Greece. However, similar achievements of human thought are found everywhere — in Asia and Africa. Women Greek women have adapted for their needs — wearing trivia, coins, combs is a small pouch that was tied around his waist. Roman citizens wore togas so-called sinuses — simply pockets, which served the same purpose. Today, historians agree that the first bags should be considered is the pockets that ladies hid under clothing, while men preferred to wear in plain sight.

As such, the bag lasted until the fifteenth century, not changing in size, but transforming into the scenery and patterns. The bags, which were fastened on the clothes, the nobles and wealthy citizens were made from beautiful leather is a small, tightly stuffed with coins, they eloquently called "pockets for good". In some countries this accessory was not only a functional unit but also a status symbol and a real decoration of the toilet.

The size and thickness of pouch-pockets could easily judge its owner. Wealthy citizens sought to show their wealth, but all their goodness in a little bag does not fit — there was so much more spacious and sumptuously decorated napojenie bags. If walking they jingled loudly, everyone around knew who you are dealing with.

О чем может рассказать женская сумка


At some point, the tailors finally divided pockets and bags first began to tightly sew clothes, and the second risked to sink into Oblivion. The fact that men of the Enlightenment pockets was enough to store everything you need. They managed to sort tobacco and coins, handkerchiefs, and even miniature books-prayer books. The needs of the women in the XVII century thought much less, and because they are modest stripes on the hems and bodices is not enough. Ladies ignored the fashion for pockets and continued to wear their "ancestors", by napojenie bags in more elegant on the hand strap. Hiding them under her was becoming more difficult because of the changing sizes, and the need for this false modesty was no longer protosome became a full-fledged accessory that ladies have won more ascetic men. It was made from the finest materials, adorned with precious stones, some specimens machined from wood and painted.

Pocket still took place in women's wardrobe. It is connected with the name of Madame de Pompadour, who introduced the fashion, not only in handbags on the ribbon (handbags, whose name translates as "ridiculous"), but in the hidden pockets. Many of them were hidden in the folds of the female toilets.

О чем может рассказать женская сумка


Family of marsupial

New milestone in the history of handbags began in the nineteenth century — streaming factory production, the first real locks, the enormous popularity of handbags and purses... at the end of the century in the fashion Olympus reigns (as it turned out, a very long time) the French Louis Vuitton, presenting to the public the first collection of women's bags. It was decorated with LV monogram, which later became a cult classic.

In the new century, the accessory was part of the new status — finally the bag could afford and a simple girl from the middle class. Of course, their models did not differ rich decorations and accessories (e.g. zippers. then was considered a luxury item), and yet the barrier was broken. Bags for Cycling, urban promenades, evenings at the theatres — a lot of options.

Guess who we owe the next breakthrough, easy. Eternal Coco Chanel, telling about the creation of one of the bags-legends, small 2.55 on a long chain, explained: "Tired of holding the bag in his hands. I always forget it somewhere." The leitmotif of the entire work, miss the freedom and the desire to give her female contemporaries. The symbolic liberation of hands let to act the way you want. Later, Chanel said: "I know women, they love chain. Give it to them!". In the name of the bags code: 2 — second month of the year, February, the 55th year of its release. From this point it took more than sixty years, but still women all over the world go crazy for little 2.55, which is considered a fashionable fetish.

If Coco's inspiration was the woman as such, many famous designers by chance found their muses, in honor of which created the now iconic bags. So, one of the most famous of them is named after Jane Birkin, Birkin inscribed. It was presented to the artist himself the head of the house of Hermes Jean-Louis Dumas. Today the "Birkin" — a synonym of success and status of its owner. The hunt for this model is serious: in the free market it is not there, and even a celebrity be on a waiting list to get a coveted accessory. House Hermes is a recognized leader in the production of personal cult bags. In addition to Birkin on account of his elegant Kelly dedicated to the actress and Princess of Monaco grace Kelly. Star was a faithful admirer of the brand. Once, trying to hide the pregnancy from the ubiquitous paparazzi, Kelly covered her belly a bag, which then proudly named in her honor. By the way, the model chosen by the woman, has existed since 1892, but became wildly popular just after the described event.

О чем может рассказать женская сумка

Legendary sumka Hermes Vgcat:

A similar fate befell the modest shoulder bag from Gucci, whose creations are very appreciated the US first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. The model was the brand back in the forties, but thanks to frequent appearances of Jackie with this accessory, it became the object of desire of many American women. Gucci did not panic and quickly gave Jackie the name of the previously untitled my bag.

In honor of the famous women called their creations, many brands — Mulberry, Dolce&Gabbana, Ballin. For example, Louis Vuitton created a comfortable, petite and functional Eva Bag dedicated to supermodel Eva Herzigova. For Director Sofia Coppola — and with its active participation, was designed stylish Sofia Bag. By the way, another Sophie — Lauren — became a Muse for her friend, designer Salvatore Ferragamo. But bag, which he presented, not the actress came to taste — she never appeared with her in public. But many modern celebrities such as Jennifer aniston, happy to complement their way of Sofia Salvatorre Ferragamo.

A colleague and contemporary of Lauren — Brigitte Bardot was more grateful to the brand, Lancel, has released a playful and perky BB pouch on ribbon, tassels, and a personalized keychain. Of course, the bag was made without the use of the skin — this move was a tribute to the famous belief Beibei.

The relationship of the woman and her bags can be understood only by men who create these bags. Bright, restrained, concise — among the entire infinity modern models definitely have your that will store all the secrets.

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