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Trends in manicure spring-summer 2019

Тренды маникюра весны-лета 2019

Nails — the pride of any girl. will tell you which types of nail art are popular in this seasonModern girl is difficult to imagine without the perfect nails. What services are not offered in stores: all kinds of manicure, nail extension, durable cover, and so on.In the new season, you can not limit your imagination, your choice of a variety of options: from ordinary to intricate design.The Foundation of the new season can be considered shellac

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Stars in the role of designers: Bieber Slippers, eco-bags are Leonardo DiCaprio and linen Moore

Звезды в роли дизайнеров: тапочки Бибера, эко-сумки Леонардо ди Каприо и белье Мур chose unusual and creative collection of Hollywood celebritiesJustin BieberI remember last summer many fans of Justin Bieber were surprised: why it is their favorite took the fashion walk around in hotel Slippers. Now, however, it became clear that this, apparently, was "reconnaissance". Under the curtain of the past year revealed that the idol of millions of girls around the world, has released a collection of hotel Slippers

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A girl's best friend: choosing gemstone in type

Лучшие друзья девушек: выбираем драгоценный камень по своему типу

No, light has not converged a wedge on many beloved diamonds, the more they all go. will help you determine your "season" and a perfect decorationSurprisingly, few people know that jewelry, like clothing, must be carefully matched to your type of appearance. The same applies to makeup. It is important to determine what colors are most advantageous to look at you, and from this to proceed when choosing jewelry.Each girl has their own specific gamma

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Health is more precious than gold: choosing running shoes

Здоровье дороже золота: выбираем кроссовки talk about the types of shoes that are suitable for running, gym and everyday lifeRunning shoesDistinctive features:low — top sneakers below the anklelight- flexible sole- synthetic materialRunning shoes should be selected carefully, because uncomfortable and inappropriate shoes can cause injury to the knee joint or the ankle. When choosing a sneaker, take in hand — it should be easy

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Unbearable lightness: as the jacket moved out of the closet climbers in the ordinary life shares the history of this fashion metamorphosisJackets, are warm and comfortable, has long pushed the coats and coats of fur. And wear them not shun neither men nor women, neither stars nor are ordinary people. Winter jackets and coats on the feathers have become such a universal thing as hat and gloves. But at first, they were the domain of polar explorers, mountaineers and oil producers...Enumerating the advantages of this kind of outerwear, you can inadvertently write a book

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Fashionistas will not do: 5 interesting trends of the season spring-summer 2019

Модницам не обойтись: 5 интересных трендов сезона весна-лето 2019 will tell you that you should buy to look stunningIn the upcoming season, designers have relied on usability — most of the trends are applicable to everyday style. After analyzing the shows of iconic fashion houses and consulting with stylists, we outline the basic trends of the coming season:Beige leatherFashion house, they often offer trends, not applicable in everyday life. However, this season, they definitely approved us the usual range as the trend

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Pear or Apple: select outerwear type figure

Груша или яблоко: подбираем верхнюю одежду по типу фигуры consulted with stylists — they know what's best suited to youWith the onset of the winter season, many ladies begin to nervously bite her lips: how to choose outerwear that it does not spoil the figure? Want the waist and stood, legs seemed longer... the Stylists in one voice say: to any type of shape you can pick the right garment.Hourglass. The Letter "X"Women of this figure type has a pronounced waist that should be emphasized

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Parse closet and get rid of unnecessary things

Разбираем гардероб и избавляемся от ненужных вещей

Sometimes the clothes in our closet so that the shelves are literally crammed. While we don't wear half of it. prompt how to free up space for new purchasesNothing to wear — a problem as old as the world. Not to be in a situation when you urgently need to go, nothing to wear, need to deal with the inventory of the cupboard. To begin properly prepare: stock up several empty boxes and a completely free day.Then you can safely start sorting things

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What jeans will wear this year

Какие джинсы будем носить в этом году

This is one of the main in the wardrobe, but models change from season to season. offers an overview of the future hits this springJeans are one of the most popular and practical things in every woman's closet. After a long way from clothes for heavy work, jeans are recognized as the best designers.We decided to do a review of the most popular models of the season spring-summer 2019.High riseThis season will be the popular model with a high rise, regardless of the cut

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A Must-have for the office: a stylish basic wardrobe

Must-have для офиса: стильный базовый гардероб

Study things that are needed for every woman. will help to be impeccably dressed"Again, nothing to wear..." — I think you are in a hurry going to work. In fact, the problem is solved simply: it is enough to assemble a basic wardrobe, things which never go out of fashion. Need to buy branded clothes, it is better to focus on the quality and genuineness of the materials.Choose a costume according to the type of figurate: suit

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