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Formulate the perfect basic wardrobe

Составляем идеальный базовый гардероб

WomanHit offers you assistance in the matter of selection of clothes for every day"Basic wardrobe" is the basis from which you start combining clothes. Do not think that things bases are chosen randomly — you can take the individual element and on its basis to create a completely new set. Things from the base of much help when it comes to quickly pack up and not look ridiculous.Should give preference to comfortable vesanto: Pixabay

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Best movie image: how to repeat them in everyday life

Лучшие кинообразы: как их повторить в обычной жизни

Very often we are inspired not so much by design ideas, how many images of your favorite heroines of cult movies. studied what stylish techniques they useCarrie Bradshaw ("sex and the city" Sex and the City, 1998-2004)Without a doubt, style Carrie admired and admired more than one generation of spectators of the show. And indeed, she lives in the heart of new York city, dressed in the best boutiques, leads a rather Bohemian lifestyle

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They are back! The 80s are back in fashion

Они возвращаются! 80-е снова в моде

In our day as ever popular style of the 80s, as evidenced by the collections of designers from around the world. We offer to your attention the review of the most prominent representatives of the fashion of the era the overhead of the shoulders, which are still found place on the world's catwalksFashion is cyclical. Therefore, nowadays fashion Houses around the world are increasingly using in their new collections techniques from the penultimate decade of the last century

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On soft paws in the fashion suddenly came back mohair

На мягких лапах: в моду неожиданно вернулся мохер

Material, so popular in the eighties, becoming a breakthrough this seasonWhen we hear the term "mohair sweater", then immediately remember something shapeless, associated grandmother... But these associations did not prevent this material becoming a breakthrough season.Designers recommend to combine mohair with exquisite evening gowns and pleated, ubcommittee: in the eighties, mohair triumphantly returned

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5 rules to survive this "black" Friday

5 правил, чтобы пережить эту «черную» пятницу

City wave covers shoppingmaniaRule # 1Of course, you already know what and where you want to buy, as well as remember its price to sales? Current promotions will help to analyze price policy and discounts each individual company. You may be surprised to find the coveted sweater on a hanger with the word "sale". Price quality clothing dimensions almost never change. But something on the "peak season" it is possible to obtain with a good discount.Sales объединяютpixabay

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Color mood: how to wear clothes and accessories blue tones

Цвет настроения: как носить вещи и аксессуары синих тонов

This noble shade in vain not listed in the favorites of the season, designers offer interesting images with itDeep and rich dark blue almost universal. It goes well with other colors no worse than the usual black, without creating such strong contrast.Blue - be as versatile as cherryvata: materials of press-servicesSo the blue things easily fit into the basic wardrobe and will form the basis for many outfits, both casual and formal

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5. fashionable mini-skirts for winter

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

Cold — no reason to hide your beautiful legsWoolSkirts knitted or sewn from thick fabric is perfectly warm in bad weather. Complement them with thick tights. Safely combine it with sports style and casual outfits.Buy knitted юбкуpixabay.comJeansSpring and summer was pleased with the return to the catwalks, stylish short skirts, and denim, it seems, never goes out of fashion neither winter nor summer. This thing can be called basic in your wardrobe

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From Musketeers to "Beauty" — as the boots have conquered the world

От мушкетеров до «Красотки» — как ботфорты завоевывали мир

This Shoe is back in trends, but it should be able to wearWoman in boots and a fierce Valkyrie, the brave Amazon, tremble before which modern men in ironed suits. This image is a reason to inspire designers, who tend to be quick to return to our closet these strange boots. But in order not to commit follies and purchased shoes with a high shaft organically fit into the image, we propose to recall the history of the treads, and then to understand how to wear them and what to combine

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The sky in the box: how to add the chic feel of this pattern

Небо в клеточку: как добавить шика этому узору

The vast abundance of this trendy print is now forced to look at it in a new waySimilar patterns evoke boredom, because designers do not allow us to forget about them. But this year, the vast abundance of cells forced to look at it anew. Turns out it can be bright and unusual.The cage is impossible not zammitto: combination of colors, mixing hackneyed print with orange monochrome, stylish accessories in the form of corsages and brooches — a lot of variants

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