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Color clothing for women of elegant age

Цвета одежды для женщин элегантного возраста

After fifty life begins, and this applies to wardrobe. will tell you which shades will suit this periodWhen a woman passes forty, it needs to revise his style and to sort out the wardrobe. We already wrote about the fact, to what styles it is advisable to closely, today we will talk about the palette of colors in clothing women elegant age.White color will add freshnessWith age our appearance changes: wrinkles appear, the skin is not elastic, and the complexion dulls

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5 facts about natural skin

5 фактов о натуральной коже

This popular material will never go out of fashion and will not leave the wardrobes of the most stylish persons in the world. But sure you know about it allIf you ask your friends what they know about the skin, most likely will tell you that she smells good or that leather clothing just looks incredibly seductive on a man. In addition, leather products have a good durability, frost resistance and durability.However, stand leather stuff is not the cheapest

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Remove it immediately: 5 items of clothing, which you should give up this winter

Снимите это немедленно: 5 предметов гардероба, от которых стоит отказаться этой зимой

Stylists have called the main antitrend seasonJackets, dressesChoosing things like that, girls think that a-line models will emphasize the waist and visually bring them closer to the ideal parameters. In fact, such jackets, coats and coats are not young you: they look childish, and only spoil the figure, a "heavier" bottom.Photo: Instagram.comReplace them with chunky, loose jackets, if taken from the man's shoulder, or model straight cut

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The history of the origin of lipstick

История происхождения губной помады

Every woman at least once in their life have used this kind of decorative cosmetics. offers together to trace the evolution of the main "girlfriend" from the cosmetic worldProbably the most popular form of makeup — lipstick. No wonder women are buying it in such quantities. Scientists estimate that a woman eats six pounds of lipstick over a lifetime, it's interesting that the man eats several times more. From the lips of women, of course

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The strangest trends winter-2019

To wear or not to wear — decide for yourself, but to see it is by far, the expert believes stylist-image-maker Anna BielskiLayeringDressed as a cabbage? Oh yeah! And therefore the fashion. Layering is not the first season leading the catwalks. Skirt over a dress, shirt, t-shirt, and on top and a cardigan, leggings under a skirt and a hoodie under the jacket — and it's not the most daring ways to use this trend

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The output is in color: the best ideas for cold winter

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Frost is not a reason to abandon the bright colors. We present ideas on how to make your outfit lively and relevantMany people forget that even regular jackets do not have to be black or grey colors. See how bright colors choose our stars. The popular actress Anna Khilkevich we even found a collection of colorful jackets.Anna Hilkevitch: INSTAGRAM.COMAnd the actress is not afraid to combine several shades of the same color — as you know, this is often a difficult task

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How changing standards of female beauty over the past hundred years

Как менялись стандарты женской красоты за последние сто лет invites you to travel back in time and remember how the ideals sought by ladies of different generationsIt is inconceivable that standards of beauty have remained unchanged for a long time. Each era has its own characteristics, which in one way or another affect the change in the concept of female beauty.1910sGirls of this era aspired to be like, "ruling" at that time, namely, hair done in a slight wave, large deer eyes, fluffy eyelashes

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From "Cheburashka" to the podium: the story of fur no casualties

От «чебурашки» до подиума: история меха без жертв

Maria Koshkina designer coats faux-fur — said what started the history of the fashion trend of the XXI century and why more and more international designers refuse Sables and Minks Faux fur appeared after the Second world war, because at that time was unable to afford the animals fur. People involved in survival and reconstruction of their cities. Before the fashion of the time did not stand the questions of what to wear

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In one black-black closet: 5 myths about this color

В одном черном-черном шкафу: 5 мифов об этом цвете

This color is probably a classic in the minds of women as well as little dress. gathered the main prejudices against dark clothesWhen the street becomes cooler, we zadumyvaemsya about how to change wardrobe. In the autumn-winter period in the closet of most women is dominated by dark colors, particularly black.This color has a lot of fans, but also not less haters. According to many boutique owners, clothing black diverges in the first place

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Gold for real women: how to make the right choice

Золото для настоящей женщины: как сделать правильный выбор

Jeweler-blogger Oleg Morgun know what to look for when buying jewelry and how to choose the decoration depending on the appearanceAlmost the entire history of mankind men give women jewelry of various non-ferrous metals, precious stones, beads. But perhaps the most valuable and versatile material for jewelry has always been considered gold

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