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5 rules of buying a mobile phone

5 правил покупки мобильного телефона learn the secrets sellers of salons of cellular communicationRule # 1Do not take the goods from the shop window — it has already examined and touched dozens of people, treating him not care. Specimens often drop on the floor, and waterproof smartphones periodically tested in tanks of water. In the end, it can have hidden defects and damage on the body.Do not take the goods витриныpixabay

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Trends winter 2018-2019

Тренды зимы 2018—2019

Layering, oversized, Western style — all this you will see in the upcoming winter season 2018-19Past fashion weeks set the tone for the coming cold weather. Let us look at the major trends that we will focus, updating your wardrobe for winter.The first is to note that in this season to replace the underlined forms and feminine outfits comes the oversize. Focus on volumetric baggy outerwear — oversized coats, trench coats and parkas, they promote us complete freedom of choice

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5 things released from the trend

5 вещей, вышедших из тренда

It's time to update your fall and winter wardrobeFur vestFinally everyone realized that it's not aesthetically pleasing, because any figure he makes a square, and impractical — the hands are freezing. As a replacement, designers offer coats, faux colored fur.Jackets not модеpixabay.comHat with pompomLeave this hat for a younger daughter. In extreme cases, such a cap is appropriate on the ski resort or Hiking in the winter woods. Try a beret or hat, find your own style

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Grey cardinal: accessories main colors of the season

Серый кардинал: аксессуары главного цвета сезона

Stylists in one voice say: the shade of wet asphalt is the new blackShade wet asphalt suddenly became the color of the season. How to say stylists, is the new black. But to look at him as a lady and not as part of the gray mass, it is necessary to know the intricacies. The main thing — that color is so neutral that you can choose things bold cut.In a fashion all shades of serogate: materials of press-servicesBut monochrome is not advised: it is good only on the runway

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In the animal world: learning trends-autumn

В мире животных: изучаем тренды осени

Animal print, plaid, neon palette, sequins and Christmas tinsel. Designers and stylists recommend to fans of fashion to do this fall are very bright. Designer Masha Tsigal specifically for sort through what you need to pay attentionAnimal print. Personally, I suggest a pattern simulating the color of the Python.Mary Cicalfate: materials of press-servicesBut the fit and the leopard, and tiger, and Zebra — the more the better. Dress in things with the animal color from head to toe

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Trendy bow: strict pencil skirts and huge shoes

Модный лук: строгие юбки-карандаш и огромные кроссовки

Designers suggest that with the combination than in this seasonPencil skirt — thing at all times. The image didn't look too conservative, choose models with bright prints or Supplement look eye-catching accessories.In the fashion of a huge cassoulette: all designers in this season put on the podium girls in the huge shoes with unusual design

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Up the rainbow: fashion gradient painting fabric

Вверх по радуге: в моде градиентное окрашивание ткани

Autumn promises to be bright, because in the new collections is dominated by cheerful shadesThis is not the usual total look in one color, and the elegant, smooth transitions, or in other words, the gradients. View this post in InstagramPublication from SHARON WAUCHOB (@sharonwauchob)6 Sept 2018 at 2:44 PDTThis striking technique is not spared no evening dresses, no coat, no pantsuits, so you will definitely be plenty to choose from.Mix earrings of different komplektavtodor: Instagram

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5 tips from stylists for this autumn.

5 советов от стилистов для этой осени

Create beautiful and relevant imagesTip # 1With the onset of cold weather so I want to wrap myself in a poncho or a big sweater. Your desire is understandable, but use only one item of clothing oversize in the image — free top or bottom. For example, wide-leg trousers with a fitted jacket.Choose items правильноpixabay.comTip # 2To set bright accents in the image is just as important as to choose the suitable clothes. Add in the way of paint

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From bikers to high-fashion — metamorphosis leather jackets

От байкеров до высокой моды — метаморфозы кожаной куртки

As this cult thing was in a woman's wardrobe?Since ancient times, leather was a symbol of power, strength and freedom. Our ancient ancestors were even sure that wearing the skins of dead animals helps to gain their strength and power. Later, the military — one of the most brave members of humanity understand that there is nothing more convenient and practical leather jackets. So this cult thing is first firmly established in the men's wardrobe, and then gradually moved to the female

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5 "pros" and "cons" of wearing a bra

5 «за» и «против» ношения бюстгальтера

The current fashion calls for naturalness"Vs"In fashion naturalness, and so on the catwalks we see clothing that does not imply the wearing of a bra."For"Due to the form of bra that lifts the Breasts and creates a frame that fits better, especially knitwear.Designers leave no room for бюстгальтера"Vs"This garment many women perceive as discrimination. Public organization "Free the Nipple" is an invitation to bare their Breasts as freely as men do

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