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Gold for real women: how to make the right choice

Золото для настоящей женщины: как сделать правильный выбор

Jeweler-blogger Oleg Morgun know what to look for when buying jewelry and how to choose the decoration depending on the appearanceAlmost the entire history of mankind men give women jewelry of various non-ferrous metals, precious stones, beads. But perhaps the most valuable and versatile material for jewelry has always been considered gold

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How to wear accessories: secrets of style Ksenia Sobchak, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and other stars studied the wardrobe of celebrities and came to the conclusion that the right handbag or scarf can completely change the wayHow important are these things in the locker room, knows every woman. A bold necklace, a belt or a properly fitted gloves can save the most dull outfit. Airy scarf with flowers will tell about your romantic mood, a handbag from reptiles will tell you what you want to break free from the office jungle

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Miuccia Prada: five interesting facts

Our heroine famously awarded himself the title of advocate of intellectual fashion, and it happened for a reason...Perky Italian already seventy, but she does not get tired to surprise us. Most of all she likes to change the canons of female beauty, or as she puts it, "to turn ugly in an appealing". And rightly so — every Prada collection has a special character.1. In the heart of the Texas desert is one of the Prada stores. Or rather, its layout

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Warm but stylish: important tips how to choose clothes for winter and not to be like "the snowman"

Тепло, но стильно: важные советы, как выбрать одежду для зимы и не быть похожей на «снежную бабу»

The fashion Department studied all the fashion trends and chose the best examples for the coming cold monthsGone are the days when the symbol of success was a sable fur coat or ankle-length chinchilla. Today almost all the major fashion Houses refused fur in favor of faux, and fashionistas of all stripes have adopted this undeniable fact. Here's Irina Shayk walks with her daughter Leah and Bradley Cooper in fur coat, faux fur-on the streets of new York

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Trends winter 2018/2019: what to wear and how to combine

Тренды зимы 2018/2019: что носить и как сочетать

The cold season is full of contradictions. For example, in the fashion of the return of the forgotten hits of the past. passed according to the international catwalks and is willing to share discoveries2018 in the fashion was the period when closets came back things from the past. In a sense, we made the journey back in time has captured the 80s, and then returned to the present

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Fashion horoscope for the year 2019: look up to the stars

Fashion-гороскоп на 2019 год: равняемся на звезд

Astrologer Oksana Oparin knows what will be trending in the next 12 months. Read, sort out your own closet and find tips from celebrities — Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Natalia Vodianova and othersThe element of Fire is the element of the social wave on 2019, the stars say. What is its impact? In the spectrum of stylistic success for women today the choice is wide. I am glad that the designers did not skimp on the fiction and the course allowed the most courageous decisions

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Fashionable person of the week: Elena Volatile flipped through "Instagram" popular TV presenter and is willing to share fashion tips based on images of stars2018 ends the end of December — time to sum up, tune into the celebration of the New year and pick up an outfit for the most magical time of the year. But choosing the perfect dress baffles even the most sophisticated fashionistas. In such cases, to help all girls who need fashion tip coming Russian stars, or rather their images of personal pages in social networks

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Hat winter: how to mix with coat and jacket

Шляпа зимой: как сочетать с шубой и пуховиком

Quite an interesting choice of headgear and outerwear, not everyone is able to pick up these two elements right, and even the first time. advise how to be stylish and warm in cold weatherWith the onset of winter many women are wondering how to choose a hat to a jacket or coat. Even seasoned designers it is not easy to answer this question unequivocally, so the girls have to choose on your own risk. We offer you some win-win combinations of outerwear from the hat

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Eye blind: choose a sparkly dress and stilettos

Глаза слепит: выбираем блестящие платья и туфли на шпильке

New year's eve very soon, so it's time to explore the festive looksFabric with metallic effect and the abundance of sparkling sequins, beads and sequins now in special favor, and we understand what it involves.In the trend of the fabric with the effect of metallikat: all, the Christmas party all begin to prepare several months, verifying your image to the smallest detail

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How to wear accessories in gold shades

Как носить аксессуары золотых оттенков prompt proper proportion the "Royal" color for a festive outfit and casual lookThis gorgeous color is not for nothing we associate with the robes of kings in any outfit he is able to bring a modicum of luxury.Fully "Golden" image is valid only on new year's vecherinke: materials of press-servicesRemember, however, that to replicate runway looks and dressed fully in "gold" is permissible, except that at the Christmas party

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