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The history of appearance and the most famous choker

История появления и самые известные колье

Watch all peripetias of changes in decoration which centuries remains relevantFor many millennia necklace never goes out of fashion, adorning women's necks all around the globe. Change the materials used to make necklaces, to replace the precious stones come in plastic and crystals, but the essence of this luxury decoration remains the same as before, it emphasizes the femininity and beauty of its owner. Trace the history of the necklace together with the "Atmosphere"

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South front: we select the images in fashionable style color-blocking

Южный фронт: подбираем образы в модном стиле колор-блокинг

The best combination of colors in our photographyIt's cool, so I want to catch the first rays of the spring sun and dress vividly. Long known that cheerful shades help to cope with minor mood. We should learn them well to mix, and this will help you to style color-blocking. The best combination of colors we have collected for you in fashion photography "Atmosphere

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Typical hero fashion trends of the season

Характерный герой: тренды мужской моды сезона

Focusing on our images, your choice will be to look important this springThe woman is always pleased when her man looks gorgeous and watching them. But if your partner, unfortunately, does not have the ability to dress stylishly, with our help, you can teach him some fashion lessons

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5 quick ways to return shoes original form

5 быстрых способов вернуть обуви первоначальный вид

Don't rush to the store for a new pairMethod # 1Your leather shoes changed color? The skin has faded, but you don't have Shoe Polish? Not a problem, buy a banana. The flesh of this fruit will help to return a pair of original appearance and luster. Wipe his shoes, and then wipe off excess fruit with a paper towel.Banana instead гуталинаpixabay.comMethod # 2Often, summer shoes have a white sole which gets dirty in the first place. It can be sneakers, sneakers, loafers and so on

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Lora Reznikova: "Today's sneakers!"

Лора Резникова: «Сегодня как никогда актуальны кроссовки!»

The actress said on trends in Shoe fashion and what you should pay attention when buying a "his" pairLora Reznikov, which is still remembered for his roles attractive vampire from the "Fifth guards" and the psychologist from "Witnesses", a real Shopaholic. At her house — a few dozen pairs of shoes. In anticipation of the main women's day Laura told that is the trend today fashion Shoe and what to look for when buying "his" pair.— Absolutely

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6 colors, which will tell about your character

6 цветов, которые расскажут о вашем характере

The choice of clothes reflects your inner worldBlackPreviously, this color was associated with mourning and penance. Now with sexuality, elegance and mystery. In addition, black is perceived by others as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence. Choice of clothes of this color suggests that you are trying to draw attention to his personality.Black speaks of the complex натуреpixabay.comBlueThis color speaks of confidence and reliability of the person

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The scarlet flower: men heroically mastered the red color in clothes

Аленький цветочек: мужчины героически осваивают красный цвет в одежде

Why shades of red are increasingly entrenched in the wardrobe of a strong half of mankind?The man not necessarily to have a whole wardrobe of fancy stuff, much easier to choose those that will complement the base. Sweaters, jackets, handbags, shoes, ties or cuff links scarlet just may become like eye-catching accessories. Especially that red best attract attention.The Total look of scarlet beg each modnique:

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Masha Tsigal about the main trends of the coming spring

Маша Цигаль — о главных тенденциях грядущей весны

Not yet out of the February snow, has time to carefully prepare your wardrobe for the new seasonTrench coats on a naked bodyOne of the most interesting trends of the coming spring, of course, trench coats. It is noteworthy that designers offer to wear elegant cloaks of leather, faux leather or ecosense as an independent unit — that is, not only divers, but also on a naked body — with heels, sandals or cowboy boots

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Buying winter, spring and autumn clothing for children: note on sale

With the advent of the children's home effective go shopping for every woman on a new levelWith the advent of the children's home effective go shopping for every woman on a new level. You want to meet, not only recurring their own requests in terms of replenishment of the wardrobe, but also just to escape velocity to update the clothes of your baby

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White collar: as a man's shirt "assigned" women

Белый воротничок: как мужскую рубашку «присвоили» женщины

Watch metamorphosis shirts, which is now firmly established in the wardrobes of both sexesIn our time it is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of the modern man without such a familiar attribute, such as shirt, which has long been the basis of the style. From the stronger sex it has always been a symbol of elegance and refinement, but at the same time rigor. However, women have tamed this thing and wear it completely differently

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