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Sort out closet: 5 signs that you are aging

Перебираем гардероб: 5 признаков того, что вы стареете

Things can say a lot about the owner. Including issue age. I'll tell you why this happens and how to avoid a fashion failureNot only our face gives age. Signs of aging are quite clearly visible and in the wardrobe of a man. Well, if you want to dress elegantly, gracefully, and generally just decorate yourself with age, with suitable for you in styles and colors. However, in the wardrobe there are "artifacts" that give you as a woman aged

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Choose clothes that help you look slimmer

Выбираем одежду, которая поможет выглядеть стройнее

Every woman wants to lose weight, at least visually. It is quite possible to carry through the things. will tell you a few tricksOften women inadvertently add additional volumes, unsuccessfully picking up clothes, not really having any particular problems with the figure

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Model: to become as Natalia Vodianova and Irina Shayk

Модели для подражания: стать как Наталья Водянова и Ирина Шейк

Everything you wanted to know about anyone who is looking at us from the covers of glamour and strutting on the catwalkProbably there is no girl who, leafing through glossy magazines, I would not dream of becoming a model. This profession is steeped in romantic mood and is associated with dolce vita

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Boho chic: what is it and how to repeat a fashionable way

Бохо-шик: что это такое и как повторить модный образ

There are times when you want to stand out from the crowd and not to get plenty of giggles from people around. together with the expert will help you to experiment with style and closer to BohemiaEvery woman wants to stand out from the crowd and attract attention, but it should be done beautifully. This will help you amazing style that is like no other — boho-chic.A bit of historyThe style of "boho" was born in the Bohemian circles

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Star style: who of Russian celebrities is in step with fashion trends

Buzova, Loboda, Sobchak, Valeria, Glyuk оZa: inspects the dressing of our celebritiesTo be stylish and keep pace with time, every girl dreams of. In this case, and numerous trend-Bureau not asleep, studying population demand and forecasting what we will have to taste, and that will quickly go into oblivion. The fact that we are all individuals with their own views and individual preferences, reflected in the diversity of today's fashion trends

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Brilliant ideas: how to create the right Christmas image

Блестящие идеи: как создать правильный новогодний образ

Accessories is what will help to become a star at any partyBecause in 2019-om will come into its own Yellow earth Pig, astrologers advise for a festive night to choose outfits yellow or orange flowers. But the accessories can be selected using the principle of the color wheel.accessories can be selected using the principle of the color wheelThe colors are the opposite each other are called opposite or complementary

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The trends of the season: coats and bags on the belt

Тренды сезона: дубленки и сумки на пояс

Fashion trends this winter is surprisingly practicalThe classic coat will be your favorite outerwear this winter. It definitely will save you from the wind and cold, not forgetting to casually make you the most fashionable girl of the season. Is to say thank you to the designers who finally remembered about the weather.This accessory does not lose its positions, letafat: Instagram

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How to pick the right clothes after 45

Как правильно подобрать одежду после 45

After a certain age a woman should radically revise its closet. Everyone wants to look younger, but not at all impossible. will help you to win others to their wayAs warned women Coco Chanel: "Be careful with originality," and she's absolutely right, as original as you think, the way you can play a cruel joke, and instead of universal admiration, you may get the Snickers behind his back. So no need to go to extremes

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Shopping on sale: 5 secrets of professionals

Шопинг на распродажах: 5 секретов профессионалов

The Christmas holidays are the best time to indulge in new clothes. will give you some hints on how not to miscalculate with a choiceThe winter sales season can officially begin! But do not hurry to bump elbows crowd in front of the door of the store, you first need to decide what you need, how much you are willing to spend and how to predict the best time for shopping, not to earn a nervous breakdown

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How to choose a winter coat

Как правильно выбрать зимнее пальто

Near the cold, but you still walk in a light jacket? It's time to change the top on a warm coat, and what kind, will tell you WomanHit.ruMany wonder, why do I need a coat, if you have jackets? However, with the help of coat can accentuate femininity and elegance. If you think that it can afford only very Mature ladies, you are wrong. Now there is a huge selection of various models, a woman of any age can find something for themselves

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