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Star style: what dresses chooses Julia Kovalchuk?

Звездный стиль: какие платья выбирает Юлия Ковальчук?

When in Moscow visited Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia presented the star of «Sex and the city» as its Russian counterpart. In our opinion, Yulia is not a double. It itself and copes with the burden of the Moscow fashionistas without assistance from overseas. By the way, singer and TV presenter often chooses to secular defile dresses Russian designers. Some of them she told herself

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Choose a prom dress

Выбираем выпускное платье

Spring. The end of March. In the shops of women's clothing is not overcrowded. Sellers on the doors of the shops hang signs emblazoned inscription: «New collection». Seemingly, the international women's holiday was over. What now? And now we are waiting for the last call and the prom. It just seems to have much time left before may and July. And many are starting to wonder about this day in the beginning of the school year

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Christine Asmus not give to become a model

Кристине Асмус не дают стать моделью

«Bad is the artist that never wants to become a star of the fashion show. Or, at worst, designers» - reasoned guests of the fashion Week in Gostiny Dvor. Behind the scenes, and indeed by the eminent persons dazzled the eyes. However, on the podium managed to get only a few

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