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Julia Mikhalkov will give the girls dresses for prom

Юля Михалкова подарит школьницам платья на выпускной

Star Comedy show "Ural dumplings" decided to present outfits 60 girls from low-income families, who graduate this year. Julia Mikhalkov will give Schoolgirls dresses for prom. Photo: materials of press-services. Participant in the show "Ural dumplings" Julia Mikhalkov address the problems of the graduates of the school. The artist intends to donate prom dresses 60 girls from low-income families, who graduate this year.Chic outfits will be donated to the alumnae on 1 June in Yekaterinburg

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What stars go to the prom?

В чем звезды ходили на выпускной?

Rose Sabitova sewing dress like Alla Pugacheva, and Catherine Strizhenova was romantic dress of white muslin, sewn by her sister, the fashion designer Victoria Andreyanova. Rose Sabitova. Photo: materials of press-services. Before prom is less and less time and Schoolgirls across the country are not only thinking about how to successfully pass all the exams, but about what to go to the prom

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Cannes film festival: the most outrageous dresses Lena Lena

Каннский кинофестиваль: самые эпатажные платья Лены Лениной

The socialite tells and shows, in any outfits she shone on the red carpet of the film festival. Lena Lenin at the Cannes film festival. Photo: materials of press-services. “I love ironic provocation and exquisite shocking in hairstyles and clothing. But on the famous red stairs can't afford far to go beyond the strict Protocol of the Palace of festivals. Even brad pitt once deployed there and was not allowed to traverse stairs due to the fact that the tuxedo he donned a sports sneakers

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Street-fashion: normal girls vs models

Street-fashion: обычные девушки против моделей

Not so long ago in the fashion industry has emerged and is becoming increasingly popular in a new direction - street fashion. What is the difference between street fashion from the runway? Street fashion is becoming more popular fashionable trend. Photo: courtesy of Pauline Brzezinsky. Vivid images, unexpected color combinations, unusual accessories is all that is the essence of the new, but already incredibly popular current street fashion

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Dzhigurda wanted to raise on hands Zvereva

Джигурда хотел поднять на руки Зверева

Yesterday at fashion Week in Gostiny Dvor was shown YanaStasia. Participants in the fashion show, according to an old tradition, became the most famous and popular celebrities of the domestic industry. Lolita appeared on the podium with her husband and daughter who was brought in from the capital of Ukraine. Yesterday at fashion Week in Gostiny Dvor was shown YanaStasia

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Ksenia Borodina will become a designer

Ксения Бородина станет дизайнером

TV presenter decided to create his own clothing brand. Curiously, the star is going to bring to this project and their fans. Ksenia Borodina. Photo: TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, newly inspired, continues to amaze fans. The star decided to try himself in a new role: Ksenia become a fashion designer, as she announced on her Facebook page on the social network. Interestingly, the host of "House-2" intention to engage in joint work of their fans

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Spring premiere: coat

Весенние премьеры: пальто

This season, designers seem to have cracked the code of integrity  Now there is no need to be torn between functionality and beauty. New models of coat do not sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion

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Fashion victims: the stars affected by connoisseurs outfits

Жертвы моды: звезды, пострадавшие от ценителей нарядов

Stolen dress Lupita Nyongo, in which she shone on "Oscar", has already returned. WomanHit learned new details about the robbery and remembered what other celebrities robbed versed in fashion robbers. Lupita Nyongo at the ceremony of "Oscar". Photo: AP Images. This year Lupita Nyongo, winner of Academy award for her role in the film "12 years of slavery", not nominated for an Oscar. The actress was invited to the ceremony for the awards ceremony

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Transparent and ghostly: trends spring-summer-2015

Прозрачно и призрачно: тренды весны–лета-2015

Forget about modesty! Almost all designers in the upcoming season offer gowns that are almost nothing to hide, but much hint. Antonio Marras. Photo: materials of press-services. Lace The latest trend is lace, which are scattered here and there. Some of them generously supplemented with flowers and jewels - thanks almost all models, despite its transparency to others, look nevertheless quite chastely

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