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Home closet: the secrets of family happiness

Домашний гардероб: секреты семейного счастья

The more women pass me a job with the style, the more I realize the importance of attractive wardrobe not only for the outputs on the street, in cafes, at work, Dating, and for the house. Home closet is what you see the closest people. Photo: Most of us women, educated mothers and grandmothers, who went home in the well-known gowns, more advanced in sportswear, and the main criteria were comfortable and not sorry

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Rihanna bought a dress for a Grammy in Internet

Рианна купила платье для «Грэмми» в Интернете

Only on the red carpet pop star realized how wrong. Rihanna dress from Giambattista Valli. Photo: AP Images. The last few years for the ceremony of "Grammy" Rihanna chose a very revealing outfits, depriving viewers of any imagination regarding its charms. But this year, the singer changed me and stood on the track in a pink dress, so lush that on the sidelines of the ceremony, the star dubbed "cream cake". Or doll for a cream cake

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Safely exclude: secrets of a successful shopping

Смело исключайте: секреты удачного шопинга

Why someone instantly finds the right thing, while others can go shopping for hours, but to no avail? Our expert stylist shares professional tricks. Expert WomanHit shares the secrets of successful shopping. Photo: Today I will share with you the secret of professional shopping. Meeting with friends and acquaintances, I often encounter questions and genuine surprise, as I get to go shopping and to remain favorable to him

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"Golden globe" in the eyes of the stars

«Золотой глобус» глазами звезд

For Russian fans kinteroni of the award "Golden globe" was marked by the victory of the painting "Leviathan" by Andrei Zvyagintsev. For many others it is the start of the award season, walking dresses and demonstration decorations. WomanHit looked behind the scenes of the ceremony. Jennifer Lopez at the awards ceremony "Golden globe". Photo: Frank outfit Jennifer Lopez as always, attracted universal attention

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How to stand out from the blue crowd?

Как выделиться из синей толпы?

Our expert gives practical advice for those who want to follow the advice of astrologers, but look at the new year's eve unique. The coming year is recommended to meet in dresses blue (Versace). Photo: materials of press-services. In a few days will be the year of the Blue Goats or Sheep. As is customary, many will choose her outfit for a holiday in the color of the animal characters of the year. At the party, where you will surely find many women in blue

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Blue, yellow, gold: choose an outfit for new year's eve

Синий, желтый, золотой: выбираем наряд для новогодней ночи

It's the year of the Blue Goat (Sheep). After reading the advice of astrologers, WomanHit offers several options for a perfect holiday image. Ralph & Russo/ Photo: materials of press-services. It's the year of the Blue Goat (Sheep). So for new year's eve choose outfits blue shades. If you prefer white or black dress, also not to miss: some astrologers claim that the mistress of the coming year, you can appease her usual color scheme

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The myth of the "basic wardrobe that will suit each"

Миф о «базовом гардеробе, который подойдет каждой»

Our expert Karina Efimova gives practical advice to those who are not ready to constantly spend money on clothes, but don't want to get in the army "cloned" women. How to pick up a basic wardrobe? Photo: Surely you, like many women, puzzled by the question of how to create your basic wardrobe?. So you want to have clothing that fits in perfectly among themselves, easily prepared in sets, so it saves money, time and effort. In this query there is a huge number of articles

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As useless selfie will help in the choice of style

Как бесполезное selfie поможет в выборе стиля

Sometimes on pictures in magazines clothing looks very nice. Want to buy and wear. And here comes the moment when you bring a treasured set home, trying on again and... don't understand, what's the matter? Here is a picture, and this dress looks on her very attractive, but I am and it all looks scattered. On the pictures in the magazine clothing always looks perfect

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Dolce and Gabbana will be free

Дольче и Габбана останутся на свободе

The Italian Supreme court has removed from the legendary designers of all charges of tax evasion. The seven-year trial is finished. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Photo:All Over Press. On such favorable for well-known designers of the outcome of the case, few people had hoped. During the seven-year trial Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were filed new charges, and in April of this year, the designers were sentenced to conditional imprisonment for 18 months

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