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A warm style in the cold season

Теплый стиль в холодное время года

When the temperature tends to zero mark, many lose the fashionable enthusiasm until spring, until the return of the heat. «What style delights? Do not freeze!» - the knowledge of the case say they are

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When creating the image interfere with loved ones?

Когда в создании имиджа мешают близкие люди?

There is an opinion that the image you can create a «request» from the third party. This idea is based numerous programs about «dressing up», so imagine the work of specialists on the image not familiar with this field people. Indeed, it would seem that it may be easier: to formulate the aim, pick up under her style, clothes, accessories and, voila, a «new» man is ready

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How to look stylish on Halloween?

Как стильно выглядеть на Хэллоуин?

This holiday surprisingly taken root in Russian soil: it is celebrated on a large scale, with imagination. Someone has already started to dress up and have fun last weekend, someone is going to in the future. Still the question is: «What to wear? Which way to choose?» I offer you my opinion on the possible options

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Let's extraordinary style is your commonplace

Пусть необычный стиль станет вашим привычным делом

The street paces She: well-groomed, приглаженная composed of properly selected lines, proportions, colors, accessories. She stylistic unity and conceptual consistency. It is full of dignity, and this is reflected in every gesture. Such a picture for someone sample and ideal, but for others, boredom and horror

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Dress code - no penalty

Дресс-код — не приговор

Famous designer Gleb Vinokurov sure that the office restrictions only help to emphasize their individuality. He gave some recommendations for those who want to look stylish at work

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