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The most fashionable hats this winter

Самые модные шапки этой зимы

February is considered the coldest month, therefore, strictly forbidden to go outside without a hat. Designer Miroslav Shvedova told which of them will allow you to be in trendClassic knitted hatsThis is the basic and the most practical option for your wardrobe that will suit many looks. The cap of such a design close your ears and keep you warm in bad weather. It may be, or to pull the eye, or make a forehead more open. To vary fit you depending on your wishes

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Rules of shopping: don't become a victim of sales

Правила шопинга: не становитесь жертвой распродаж

Psychologist-psychotherapist and hypnology Olesya Fomin tells how to avoid buying unnecessary thingsMake a list of necessary purchasesAccording to sociological research, people buy approximately forty percent fewer unnecessary things if they have pre-made shopping list. In my head flashed the thought: "I will return to these shelves once, buy right". But most often after purchase need to the first display is not returned

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5 tips on how to return the brightness of the clothes the means at hand

5 советов, как вернуть яркость одежде подручными средствами

Black again will be black and white — whiteTip # 1Your favorite dress is a noble black color has some gray? Office pants white spots? You will help ordinary spice which is in every house — black pepper. Place a tablespoon of seasoning the drum of the washing machine and turn it on rinse together with the affected things.Pepper "knock out" soap одеждыpixabay.comThe uneven surface of the grains will work like sandpaper, removing the powder residue from clothing

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5 clothing trends 2018

5 трендов в одежде 2018 года

The motto of the beginning of the year: comfort and practicalityTrend No. 1The new season of the 2018 offers to wear denim in any form. It's not only the usual jeans, but also jumpsuits, tunics, shirts, dresses. They may be combined with each other and do not have to match the color. However, designers recommend to stay with more dark shades. At the peak of popularity remains dark blue, gray, blue and black colors. Practical clothing from this fabric is great for urban style

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The silk road: the story of the scarf

Шелковый путь: история появления шарфа

Deal with who invented the first wind round neck long section of matterThe scarf has long ceased to be purely utilitarian thing. He's not just warm in the cold, now it's a striking accessory that can be picked up in any season to any article of clothing. The scarf is able to hide something, and become a real highlight of the image.The history of the scarf begins almost two thousand years ago

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The secrets of proper shopping: how to behave on sales

Секреты правильного шопинга: как вести себя на распродажах

In January comes a time when shopping from a regular hunting turns into a real fight with car chases, raids, and ritual killings and brutal fights. After starting seasonal sales. advises on how to be preparedExperienced Artemis and the Phoebes have long ago figured out the algorithm of preparation for shopping battle. A week before the start of sales we need to get out to investigate. It is best to occupy the more expensive stores — the catch was juicier

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How to wash down jacket

Some useful tips on caring for this practical outerwearFor many of us, no winter is not complete without this cozy bubble jacket. To serve long and look like new, it should be properly washed. These tips will help to clean the jacket without expensive dry cleaning in your washing machine.Before laying down the drum of the washing machine have to fasten all the zippers, remove the fur and turn garment inside out.Erased outerwear apart from other things.In no case do not wash down the powder

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Valeria Kozhevnikov: "new year's eve — a time when we can afford experiments"

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Don't know what outfit and makeup to choose for a festive night? The actress along with artist Camille Kashina and stylist Cristina Lisovets picked up three fashionable image for the New year"I prefer bright new year images, allowing you to stand out, especially since it is the one holiday where you can afford a little experimentation," says Valery Kozhevnikov.Image No. 1Fringe — bright finishing element that attracts attention, the actual trend of the season

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