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It is necessary to take: loose pants and stylish bracelets

Надо брать: свободные брюки и стильные браслеты

The trends of the season — in the trendy review WomanHit.ruStep it up!This season designers thought not only about beauty but also about convenience. Because, you see, in loose pants made of natural fabrics in the heat to walk especially nice.Wide leg pants are not only fashionable, but adornetto: thin threadThe bracelets came to the fore and became, perhaps, the main accessories of this summer

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From the ancient Romans to hippies: the history of the tunic

От древних римлян до хиппи: история туники

One of the most fashionable summer garments — tunic. Appearing in its classical form even in ancient times, it has undergone many changes before reaching the present dayTunic dress entered the modern woman's wardrobe recently. However, it quickly gained popularity due to its versatility. Because the tunic depending on the style and fabric appropriate not only for the trip to the beach, and it is good for evening, and even for the office.The history of this thing is rooted deep in antiquity

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Coco Chanel: 5 facts about the legendary designer

Коко Шанель: 5 фактов о легендарном модельере

A vivid biography of this lady is familiar to us in a variety of films, but in it we found a few interesting detailsFragile French woman changed the world of fashion, turning notions of femininity. With her light hand in the wardrobe of every self-respecting ladies little black dress, tweed jacket and jewelry. Do not forget that Coco Chanel was the first to wear slacks and made popular unisex style.1. Father called Gabrielle Coco (chicken in French) for a small stature and thinness

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Royal game: learn the main trends of the season

Королевские игры: изучаем главные тренды нынешнего сезона

Trendy look this summer will complement the tiaras and tiaras and makeup with rhinestonesWhen a few seasons ago Dolce&Gabbana released on the catwalk models with huge wreaths on their heads, this trend was immediately picked up. Behind the Italian Duo and other designers drew attention to the decoration in the form of wreaths, tiaras and diadems. Now the choice is huge: you can stay on the blooming rose, but you can decorate yourself with a truly Royal tiaras

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Four way red carpet

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

In the season of film festivals and awards designer of Anika Kerimov picked up outfits for the publication, which demonstrated a popular actress Anastasia MakeevaThis dress shade, cherry-tomatoes, close-fitting, double-layered, sheer mesh top with polka dots is a hit of the season and perfect for going out. Silver evening clutch bag with glass beads perfectly complement the image.Makeup done in the nude

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5 sexy items of women's wardrobe

5 сексуальных предметов женского гардероба

Oddly enough, but this dress is driving men crazySundressI think this kind of clothing should be associated with the village simpleton, but it had long been sewn from calico. However, a good fitting dress can be made of inexpensive material. Dress — elegant, feminine, gentle. Open shoulders cause a strong sex desire to take care of.Sundress makes a woman волшебнойpixabay

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5 rules for texture girls

5 правил для фактурных девушек

Any can look elegant, regardless of the sizeRule # 1Baggy clothes are not for you. It just seems that shapeless hoodie hides figure flaws, it will only give you extra volume. Oversized shown only fragile ladies. Emphasize the waist belt, and chest — deep neckline. Focus on your strengths.Dimensionless things are good for худышкахpixabay.comRule # 2Buy jeans with a mid rise and a normal length. Models with low waist are best avoided

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The history of development of military-inspired

История развития стиля милитари

How and why military uniforms moved in the wardrobe of fashionistas?In may all celebrate the great holiday — Victory Day. In honor of this event we decided to remember the history of Russian military uniform, because its appearance is constantly changing: at one time the cornerstone was placed, convenience, and beauty... we have Not forgotten about the present of gross and shocking and sometimes very feminine military style.The military form in Russia did not appear immediately

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Fashion summer MIDI-dresses and rectangular bags

Модное лето: миди-платья и прямоугольные сумки

Current trends of the warm season in review WomanHit.ruLadies, as they say, is free in choosing dresses. Designers have only fixed length: this spring, the fashion MIDI, so men have to conquer the thin ankles.Dress can be any, the main thing - it Donatto: simple forms without unnecessary details easy to combine with anything.Clutches back in traindepot: Instagram

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