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How to wear a bomber jacket

Как правильно носить бомбер

What combination of jacket that is not coming from the catwalks of fashion shows?Bomber jacket is a universal thing, varieties of which there are myriad. Quilted, leather, silk, satin, embroidered, rhinestones, decor. Sporty and classic, but always fashionable and comfortable at any time of the year, bombers sew with the American flag in military style, with floral prints, jacquard, animal-figures, and so forth. Designer Apollo, Bulgakoff told WomanHit

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The most expressive accessories fall-2017

Самые выразительные аксессуары осени-2017

Fashion offers to emphasize, to adjust or even change the image by using original partsA trend scarf that can be worn as a bandana. Replenish your closet with a whole set, because this accessory can fit in any style. Picking up the scarves by color, don't forget the fashionable scarlet.Neckerchief trend, Stoneface: www.stradivarius.comBracelets of metal, leather, fabric this season were again massive, broad

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What does it mean to dress "age"

Что это значит — одеваться «по возрасту»

One of the secrets of good taste: the closet needs to keep pace with changes that occur over the years25 years — time experiments. You can afford to wear ripped jeans or to paint your hair any color of the rainbow. To change, to try, to buy items and it is easy to part with them. It is clear that to rely on expensive branded products when this approach is not necessary. And it is useless, the young luxury in itself

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Updated autumn wardrobe for the office

Обновляем осенний гардероб для офиса

To refresh your business look, turn to the classics of style: look to the jacket and its varietiesThe silhouette of the coat may be straight or slim, the amount, how would exaggerated, mandatory lapels. The overall cut is reminiscent of the blazer men's suit. Modern fashion offers to purchase and wear it in a pair of pants or a skirt.A more feminine variation of the jacket — the jacket. It is knit or wool, plain or patterned

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Pearl design

Жемчуг в молодежном стиле

That is still routinely considered a decoration for Mature ladies, it turns out, is well suited for young girlsModern fashion often destroys the established beliefs. Now she offers creative ways to wear pearls. Pearl embroidery on velvet and brocade were used by the nobility in the very old days, and now, beads can be sewn on any fabric, even the tight denim. Jeans, skirt, jacket, embellished faux pearls are quite in trend

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Fashion comfort: linen should be comfortable

Accented by allure — the main thing that was required from the intimate woman's wardrobe at all times. Now this trend is giving way to a new trendAll the current fashion trends one way or another imbued with the desire of women to be active and successful. Turn came to underwear. If until now his only purpose was considered attractive for men, it is now the first place there is comfort and practicality

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3 trend of beauty that will remain in 2017

Fashion next year dictates a different styleEyebrowsBlack, bright, wide eyebrows remain in the past. They are considered vulgar. They are replaced by natural colors.LipsInflated silicone barnacles, and even painted a matte lipstick — forget. In fashion naturalness returns.HairAll sorts of strange colors: pink, purple, gray, remain in 2017 as high hairstyles. From the top of the beams and tails move closer to the neck

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Bright palette of autumn — in closet

Nature did not indulge us in the hot summer, but now we can fill the lack of sunlight catchy, mellow tones and a little bit extravagant silverShades of red, until the defiant, crimson, flared with the beginning of autumn, all the shopping centers. If you do not decide to take such crucial decisions in the selection of colors, you can make this color in your image in the form of accessories: a red bag, scarf or this season's red beret

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Shaken, not stirred: what to wear this fall

Смешать, но не взбалтывать: что носить этой осенью

Designers around the world call this fall to bet on identity, but do not forget the trends of the seasonIt seems the designers decided to throw us off. This year, presenting his autumn-winter collection, Dolce&Gabbana brought to the podium to 140 people. Lean and plump, tall and short people, babies and elderly matrons, white-skinned blondes and dark-skinned mulattos. Wearing all this motley company was also strange, to say the least

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Summer dress in autumn wardrobe

Летний сарафан в осеннем гардеробе

Stylists offer to combine in a single image easy, spring and autumn clothingA flowered sundress with a white turtleneck sweater and a large scarf — a new word in the fall fashion this year. Such combinations offer stylists. You can wear a sundress with a shirt, constructed in tone. Sweater of fine wool with jeans again, but I put on a summer dress with smocking and complemented by a wide belt and bottomtime it creates quite a stylish way.Easy sundress and sweater - new trendfor: Instagram

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