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The secrets of proper shopping: how to behave on sales

Секреты правильного шопинга: как вести себя на распродажах

In January comes a time when shopping from a regular hunting turns into a real fight with car chases, raids, and ritual killings and brutal fights. After starting seasonal sales. advises on how to be preparedExperienced Artemis and the Phoebes have long ago figured out the algorithm of preparation for shopping battle. A week before the start of sales we need to get out to investigate. It is best to occupy the more expensive stores — the catch was juicier

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How to wash down jacket

Some useful tips on caring for this practical outerwearFor many of us, no winter is not complete without this cozy bubble jacket. To serve long and look like new, it should be properly washed. These tips will help to clean the jacket without expensive dry cleaning in your washing machine.Before laying down the drum of the washing machine have to fasten all the zippers, remove the fur and turn garment inside out.Erased outerwear apart from other things.In no case do not wash down the powder

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Valeria Kozhevnikov: "new year's eve — a time when we can afford experiments"

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Don't know what outfit and makeup to choose for a festive night? The actress along with artist Camille Kashina and stylist Cristina Lisovets picked up three fashionable image for the New year"I prefer bright new year images, allowing you to stand out, especially since it is the one holiday where you can afford a little experimentation," says Valery Kozhevnikov.Image No. 1Fringe — bright finishing element that attracts attention, the actual trend of the season

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Fashionable jackets: 5 trendy colors of this season

What jacket to choose and what to combine to make this article of clothing is not only practical but also fashionableThe jacket is a great solution for all weather conditions in the winter period. But in order to look stylish, don't be satisfied with black or beige color. Winter 2017/2018 dictates fashion on bright and contrasting shades.Powdery. A universal solution for women's down jacket will become soft powdery shade

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Cast-off: learning how to wear men's suits

С чужого плеча: учимся носить мужские костюмы

Emancipation is not in place: first, women took men's separate pants and shirts, and now full suits. Wear them with pride!Catwalk gracefully strode frankly ladies in men's suits oversize. Calmly and confidently, pushing his jacket, as if they say to us: "This outfit I borrowed from the boyfriend, he's mine." Of course, to go to the men's Department and buy yourself a suit would probably be too much. But why not start small?Victoria Beckham knows that Moderato: Instagram

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It's all about the hat: Elena Sparrow has shared his hobby

Все дело в шляпе: Елена Воробей поделилась своим хобби

A considerable part of a large dressing room of the actress reserved for hats. It turns out that for decades it collects a variety of hats. considered the most original"To collect hats, I started as a student. The first headpiece of the future collection I purchased in an antique shop when I was in St. Petersburg at the theatre Academy

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Mink coat: how not to fall for the fake

Practical tips that will help to distinguish mink from fur of other animalsIf you plan on buying a mink coat, you should know how to distinguish real fur from more than a cheap knockoff.Pile mink coat is the same length , unlike the Groundhog, in which the length of the pile is different.Move your hand over the fur against its growth. If the pile has not returned to its original position, and left shaggy, so it's a Groundhog

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7 ways to make shoes more comfortable will tell you how to stretch shoes to the desired size or to whiten old sneakersFootwear is an important part of our wardrobe, where you can not save. But there are situations when a pair of shoes from the first minutes of fitting seems perfect, but after the purchase is too small and uncomfortable. We will explain how to deal with similar problems, so the acquisition does not gather dust on the shelves of the Cabinet.Bleach the soles. Toothpaste will make your white sneakers

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How to choose accessories to clothes

A good sense of style is not determined by the cost of clothes, and the right combinationSometimes girls focus on brands and too little attention is paid to their proper combination. Tell how to make the image perfect.Do not buy cheap and try to wear it at home in large quantity. Better to buy one, but quality, or abandon them altogether.Pick gloves under shoes. Optional to combine them with a hat or a bag.Wristwatches absolutely can not be combined with an evening dress

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