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Cashmere: why is it so expensive and how to choose

Кашемир: почему так дорого и как правильно выбрать — how to join the secret society in which you are already Madonna, Uma Thurman, brad pitt, members of the political elite and just connoisseurs of comfortIf you have reached a certain material well-being or feel like a successful person regardless of the status of your Bank account, sooner or later, your closet will appear a product of cashmere. Cashmere carries all the signs of "modest charm of bourgeoisie". It is comfortable, like Shoe shoes, bespoke shoemaker known

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Grass-ant: learn how to combine colors from nature

Трава-мурава: учимся сочетать цвета у самой природы

Rich and deep, the color of fresh leaves filled the world's catwalksYou can wear it to almost everyone who possesses a contrasting appearance.This season the designers used all shades of selenolate: in Vogue mono-bows, but if you want diversity, color combinations tell the nature itself.The color of fresh leaves perfectly with alimpta:, all shades of green look great with white, gray, black, red and Burgundy

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Flowers and cheerful hues: the main trends of the season

Цветы и жизнерадостные оттенки: главные тренды сезона

Inspired by the collections of fashion houses from the shows spring–summer of 2018, we talk about what will be fashionable in the coming monthsThe garden bloomsSmall or large — floral print is eternal. And as soon as the winter finally leaves us, on dresses immediately bloom buds.Floral print is an absolute must - gmfoto: add brightnessYellow, green, fuchsia — pure cheerful shades conquered the catwalks of the world

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5 little things that make your look sloppy

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

It is not enough just to dress clean and neatWrinkled clothesOf course, the purity of your blouses will not cause any doubts, then you obviously got out of the washing machine before leaving the house. It is difficult, for example, in the case of natural fabrics, and the clothes need Ironing. Proceed to Ironing cotton shirts do when they are not dry to the end. Or a few minutes beforehand, place them in a wet plastic bag — so it will go easier.Choose crease-resistant тканиpixabay

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Five things you need this season

Пять вещей, необходимых вам в этом сезоне

Summer whiteThe number 1 thingWhite shirt. This is a basic item of clothing, which should be in the wardrobe of each woman. It goes well with almost everything. Some even manage to wear it with sports pants, but it is, perhaps, too much. And in other cases, you will never have a headache, what to wear with pants, skirts and sundresses.Shirt - the basic thing in гардеробеpixabay.comThing No. 2In hot weather the shirt will replace the white t-shirt. Just white

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Designer Alexander Vanyushina dressed employees of the company

Как дизайнер Александра Ванюшина переодела сотрудниц компании

The founder of the brand AV creative designer Alexander Vanyushina formed a new revolutionary office style, which is liked by business women, tired daily to dress in plain work clothesShe suggested business wardrobe, where elegance in harmony with edgy details. In the new collections of the brand, there are various fashionable ensembles that make the image of a business woman interesting, gives you confidence and emphasizing business acumen.Office Mail

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Hard boiled: get out of the Cabinet faded denim jeans

Сварено вкрутую: достаем из шкафа джинсы-варенки

Denim is back on the catwalks and in everyday lifeIn the new season stylists advise us to go back in time and remember how to cook jeans. You can wear them without hesitation and in the feast and in the world.Photo: to dress in denim in the ideal of standing from head to toe (Christian Dior, and Stella McCartney offer even denim berets).Photo: real life, of course, so no need to overdo things, one vivid detail is enough

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Pop star: designers prove that art and fashion go hand in hand

Поп-звезда: дизайнеры доказывают, что искусство и мода идут рука об руку

Contrasting colors, lettering style graffiti, comics, masterpieces of Andy Warhol — all of this is the hurricane wave swept across the shows of recent fashion weeksArt and fashion — two twin brothers that once again proved the designers on past shows. So, Miuccia Prada decided to explore the comics, and Donatella Versace took portraits of Marilyn Monroe done by Andy Warhol.Bright accessory in the style of pop art would be appropriate in any of Garderobe: Instagram

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5 pairs of the same shoes, which can not do without

5 пар одинаковой обуви, без которых не обойтись

When sneakers come from the word "beautiful"In the USSR, the sneakers were the object of desire of many fashionable ladies, but they are also counterfeits of the classic blue with white stripes adidas was not what to expect. Even then, the shoes of sports has become a daily. What can we say about today.Sneakers have long been out of спортзаловpixabay.comSneakers have long been worn to the office with dresses and suits

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5 secrets of how to look expensive

5 секретов, как выглядеть дорого

To create a fashionable bow, do not have to buy only branded itemsNoble colorThings don't necessarily have to cost several thousand, they may look expensive due to its color. Emerald, sapphire, amber, ruby, amethyst — in short, all shades of natural gemstones always look win-win. In addition, they are young girls and Mature women.The colors should be close to природеpixabay.comTextureDo not skimp on the fabric

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