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Hats: what hat trend this fall

Снимаем шляпу: какой головной убор в тренде нынешней осенью

It seems that fashionistas need to climb on the mezzanine to get forgotten pretty berets. But it is better to buy a new one — after all, fashion designers and stylists advise us to wear an improved versionTakes is returned to us in a new capacity: modern materials, unusual finishes, trendy colour — that's what the forgotten headpiece differs from its predecessors.They can be bright knitted...Photo: www.prada

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Be like Kim Kardashian

Будь как Ким Кардашьян

A few simple ways to give your "fifth point" visual volumeStandards attractive appearance change all the time. This is especially true of the female figure. And now replace the love of anorexic skinny, a few spoil the health of many women, came the fashion for a delicious round shape. But, pressing from the floor-heavy post, I understand that to create a solid roundness is not easier than getting the plane in their place. Do not worry and do not rush to consume starchy and sweet

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How to shop: the secrets of successful shopping

Before you pay for any store in the first sight thing, not stopping to look at it as closely as possibleThe choice is much easier for those who know the peculiarities of his physique and knows how to choose clothes for your type. Yet it is hard to "see" a thing, when it hangs on the hanger, it is necessary to wear. If you are going shopping, dress to the shoes, stockings, underwear did not make disharmony in the way during the fitting

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Back fashion on the Scandinavian motifs in clothing

Uteplats for the winter, remember about the tight sweater, which is very relevant in the upcoming seasonThe return of the fashion sweaters is very useful, since winter to be cold. The shelves of trendy shops autumn-winter zapestret bright colors, sweater this fall — what is called must-have.A traditional Scandinavian print, causing the Association with a ski walking and bard song, warms seems to be one of its kind

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Jewelry trends fall-2017

Ювелирные тренды осени-2017

Minimalism, unexpected combinations — new trends of the coming seasonInterest in antiquity and Victorian style returns the relevance of rose gold. The set to it is best to choose the white stones or pearls. As with other materials, welcome the unexpected, the first of the forbidden combinations, for example, silver and gold. A diamond ring can be combined with emerald earrings, it is advisable not to wear more than two items. The most fashionable gems of the season — red: ruby and garnet

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Lena Lenin criticized the fashion trends autumn-winter 2017/2018

Лена Ленина раскритиковала тенденции моды осень-зима 2017/2018

Editor can't contain his disappointment with the trends of the coming seasonSome fashion trends of the future the frosty season, I took in delight. For example, applauded the silver in fashion, imagining the mirrored silver leather jacket or coat, and numerous silver rings and bracelets, and most importantly, silver manicure.Lena liked fashion, cerebrate: applauded the red total look, believing it to be the most sexy, bold, powerful and energetic

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Swimwear for all occasions

Купальники на все случаи жизни

What to prefer: bikini or more chaste models?The swimsuit has long ceased to be accessory only to the beach. If you choose the right model, then you can wear a bathing suit even to parties. Enough to Supplement it with jeans or a sensible skirt.Cardigan dark shades perfectly complement the bright qualimetria press servicesPay attention to the colors. For example, a swimsuit in powder shade ideal for girls with tanned skin. A few seasons not go out of fashion swimwear with bright tropical prints

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Wardrobe for women over 40

Гардероб для женщины за 40

You can wear almost everything, but with the mind!Many people still believe that after 40 years, all bright and interesting things it's time to expel out of the closet. But, fortunately, in the modern world, an adult woman does not necessarily turn into a gray mouse. On the contrary, if she wants to be successful in professional and personal life, she should learn to dress at the same time fashionable and elegant.Do not give up bright obrazovati: Instagram

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7 main trends of the summer-2017

7 главных трендов лета-2017

Designer Apollo, Bulgakoff lists mast-have this season, without which it can not do no fashionistaIn the summer I want bright colours and positive emotions, and every girl is looking for them, of course, in her wardrobe. In this season we can not be bored, because the main trends come from the 80s, 90s and even 50 years, and we, the designers are experimenting as they can. The most incredible colors, feathers, ruffles, volume is only part of what came to us from the world's major catwalks

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Modestly and not hot

Скромно и не жарко

How to dress in summer if you don't like the mini and don't want to be nakedMany believe that the less clothes the cooler. This is partly so because when our hands and feet are open, nothing prevents the wind to blow in refreshing them. But when the sun outdoor outfit may not be entirely successful. Scorching sun's rays will directly fall on the skin, to heat and to fire it.Quite another matter — clothes made of light natural fabrics that protect the body from the summer heat

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