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What to wear in winter, not to freeze

Что носить зимой, чтобы не мерзнуть

As much as we might like to hope that the coming winter will be European, will sooner or later have to deal with snow and slush. Actress and style expert Tatiana Abramenko gives practical advice on the winter clothesHidden heelsIn pursuit of the sexy girls sometimes go to desperate measures: wear high heels in the snow. Of course, it's impressive, but uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous for health. Sneakers which have been fashionable in any season — not a solution

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Barbara: "Elegance is always in fashion"

Варвара: «Элегантность всегда будет в моде»

Brad pitt has inspired the singer to create a new image in retro styleIn the fall I want to do and change. Honored artist of Russia Varvara enjoys this sometimes-and admits that she is particularly creative mood in which she wanted to share with everyone. So, in mid-September, the singer introduced a new song of the same name, now gave the whole beauty of the "Golden season" through thematic photography."It all happened quite spontaneously

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Winter on the nose: the main trends of the season

Зима на носу: главные тренды этого сезона

Famous designer Masha Tsigal — the clothes, the fashionistas can not do in the coming monthsRed — beautifulNot a single fashion show this season was not without the red accent. This sexy and aggressive-dynamic color not slow down the momentum in the cold season. Wear it in the office (red pantsuits, pencil skirts, dresses-cases, fitted blazers), and of course, to go out

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Daring days: how to dress while it's still warm

Дерзкие дни: как одеться, пока на улице еще тепло offers designs spectacular autumn bowsSometimes the nature pleases us with warm days, even when, apparently, the autumn came. Do not immediately with the arrival of the first cold clean closet all summer apparel. Perhaps you can still use mini skirts, silk blouses and short dresses that can be worn under a spectacular coat

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"Draw" on responsible meeting

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

The right colours in clothing, you can easily get the location of your interlocutorIf you are going to an important meeting, you need to take care not only about the style of your outfit, but choose the correct color. To do this is to know what colors can inspire confidence in your partner or make him withdraw into themselves until the end of the conversation.To impress and sincere person is the easiest to belotto: materials of press-servicesWhite

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Fashionista crazy bums?

Milan fashion week through the eyes of a layman: journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows and debunks the most common mythsMyth 3: fashionista are crazy bums, as "football" fans, only about fashionFashionista — so in Italian fashion slang are called fans of fashion of both sexes. Fashionista may not have any relation to the industry, the fashion for them is a hobby, but absorbing whole life, and that makes them sports fans

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Fashion against the "age limit" and fatphobia

Мода против «возрастного ценза» и фэтфобии

Journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows of the Milan fashion week and dispels the most common myths about the fashion industryMyth 4: fashion a lot of the young...Vintage boom is gaining momentum — and moves things and people. Along with the vintage mood in Vogue antiracism (from age) — the movement against the "age limit" in fashion, sharing her youth and "elegant" — for people over a certain age

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As a petite girl to be stylish

Как невысокой девушке быть стильной

It is clear that clothing is sewn on models under 180 cm tall, but "duimovochka" do not worry. It is important to know the important secrets in their choice of clothesDressing nice, having high growth is an art, and takes possession of them, not every girl. Moreover, what's in store for these babies all the shelves seem to be unrealistically high, so you need to pick one thing that you will not look "elderly schoolgirl" or "hers".Incidentally, among the "dyuymovochek" — a lot of celebrities

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Why the stars arrive for fashion week

Journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows and debunks myths about the main event of the fashion industryThe Milanese say: "a True Fashion born in Milan unwinds in Paris, driven around in London, then she is applauded and imitated in new York, after which she returned triumphantly home in Milan to give life to a new Fashion." We will try to debunk the most common myths and reveal the most current trends of spring-summer of 2018

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Lena Lenina: the business romantic VS dress code

Лена Ленина: деловой VS романтический дресс-код

Editor tells what to conquer the employer, and to entice fansAs an entrepreneur I often meet surrounded by familiar business people of different dressed their employees. As well as a regular head hunter often meet applicants for a job. Drawing Parallels between these two categories, I can tell you how to dress a person from the second category wants to go in first, and how to dress to be recruited, as well as how to dress for a job when you already accepted

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