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Learn how to wear transparent things

Учимся носить прозрачные вещи

Clothing mesh doesn't always look wentTo transparent things do not create inappropriate erotic subtext, they don't need much fitting shape. Choosing loose silhouettes you with 100% certainty protect yourself from gossip.Sheer tops can be worn in several ways. First, they can be worn directly on the underwear. But this underwear should securely hold the chest, not revealing others anything extra

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The Golden mean: in fashion MIDI

Золотая середина: в моде миди

Skirts of this length this summer season is much more relevant than short or their "colleagues" on the floorMIDI is all. These skirts are skinny, stretched silhouette, show only the best of the foot and are suitable for events of any level. However, wearing skirts of medium length, there are some nuances that will allow you to avoid comparisons with the rural teacher.MIDI suitable for any event, formattato: Instagram

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Shine every day

Блистаем каждый день

Today to wear clothes with sequins or lurex can not only on special occasionsOf course, the sparkling floor-length dress with an equally shimmery shoes not at the gala evening, will look at least strange. But a small shiny accents are quite appropriate and make interesting even the simplest outfit.For example, even in the office you can go in glasses with glitter or with a bag decorated with sequins

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Looking for a chic jeans

Jeans should be able to choose. Otherwise, instead of an image as the cover of a fashion magazine, it turns out patheticThe first tip when choosing jeans — give up the idea of buying online. The Network can only buy backup existing model, which is proven. Otherwise, it is easy to get jeans that don't fit or do not fit.Before heading to the store, decide which jeans you want. Identify the style, color, length and density. This will help avoid trying on heaps of unnecessary options

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Maxi skirt in the modern world

Юбка макси в современном мире

To look like the woman from the last century can be even in the lengthSkirts are strongly associated with us since the time of our foremothers, as well as with religious costumes (for example, to cover the body tend inchurched Orthodox women and Muslim women). Stereotypes often prevent us to wear Maxi. On the one hand, we like them, and on the other we are hesitant to wear them because are afraid to seem those who are not.The problem can be solved in several ways

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How to choose a prom dress: designer tips

Как выбрать наряд для выпускного: советы дизайнера

Bridal designer Sergei Pugachev told about fashion trends and how to dress correctly to the ball in honor of graduation– Sergey, you in the profession for twenty years and have achieved a lot: the collection that you produce, in demand not only in Russia but also abroad; you are the recipient of many prizes and awards. What's the secret to your health?– My whole life, in one way or another, I am inspired by the beauty of women and women's unearthly energy

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Signs cheap image

Some details of the bow can give the impression that you form your closet in the Chinese marketAgree, often it happens that, seeing a woman, we think, "Everything is fine, but this detail — it spoils everything". Not to produce the impression for ourselves, we must learn to find the accessories that will be cheap way, even in the Windows of shops and to avoid them.The first thing that might compromise you poor quality jewelry

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Lena Lenin: the most fashionable colors of summer-2017

Лена Ленина: самые модные цвета лета-2017

Editor shares his list of the shades that will be relevant in this hot seasonLadies pack their bags and prepare to impress the visitors of the fashionable southern resorts in Russia and abroad. Limited Luggage makes this task difficult. You have to choose and carefully choose the combination of things together. It is therefore very important to know what is considered fashionable this season and what clothing colors should give preference in the suitcase

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Straw bag in the city

Соломенная сумка в городе

Choose this summer accessory to wear to the office or for a walkEven if you are not lucky enough to go to sea this summer, that is no reason to deny myself the pleasure of selecting and wearing straw bags. Especially as outlined WomanHit, you will be able to choose the most suitable option even for the office.For example, there would be nothing wrong if you come to work with a bag of straw, with a granular form

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Kimono: how and what to wear

Кимоно: как и с чем носить

Japanese kimono was a great example of how to use national dress in daily lifeThe truth is, those kimono that fashion designers offer us to wear pretty clothes vaguely resemble Japanese geishas. They are not the typical layered, complex system of entry and national motifs in the colors. But there is a femininity and tenderness that radiates every, wearing this garment.Today's kimono do not have to be long

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