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The scarlet flower: men heroically mastered the red color in clothes

Аленький цветочек: мужчины героически осваивают красный цвет в одежде

Why shades of red are increasingly entrenched in the wardrobe of a strong half of mankind?The man not necessarily to have a whole wardrobe of fancy stuff, much easier to choose those that will complement the base. Sweaters, jackets, handbags, shoes, ties or cuff links scarlet just may become like eye-catching accessories. Especially that red best attract attention.The Total look of scarlet beg each modnique:

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Masha Tsigal about the main trends of the coming spring

Маша Цигаль — о главных тенденциях грядущей весны

Not yet out of the February snow, has time to carefully prepare your wardrobe for the new seasonTrench coats on a naked bodyOne of the most interesting trends of the coming spring, of course, trench coats. It is noteworthy that designers offer to wear elegant cloaks of leather, faux leather or ecosense as an independent unit — that is, not only divers, but also on a naked body — with heels, sandals or cowboy boots

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Buying winter, spring and autumn clothing for children: note on sale

With the advent of the children's home effective go shopping for every woman on a new levelWith the advent of the children's home effective go shopping for every woman on a new level. You want to meet, not only recurring their own requests in terms of replenishment of the wardrobe, but also just to escape velocity to update the clothes of your baby

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White collar: as a man's shirt "assigned" women

Белый воротничок: как мужскую рубашку «присвоили» женщины

Watch metamorphosis shirts, which is now firmly established in the wardrobes of both sexesIn our time it is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of the modern man without such a familiar attribute, such as shirt, which has long been the basis of the style. From the stronger sex it has always been a symbol of elegance and refinement, but at the same time rigor. However, women have tamed this thing and wear it completely differently

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What will be in trend in coming season

Что будет в тренде в грядущем сезоне

It is still cold, but spring is not far off. It's time to arrange a trendy sentence your wardrobeMany designers continue to follow the way that was chosen in previous seasons. Therefore, it is not necessarily to completely change your wardrobe. More importantly, as practice shows, learning how to mix what only recently seemed absolutely incompatible. And do not fear the boldest experiments!Photo: materials of press-servicesOur brush with youFringe traditionally enjoys the love of designers

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5 sexy outfits for a romantic dinner

5 сексуальных нарядов для романтического ужина

Make an evening of Valentine's Day special for him1. Slip dressMore recently, we conquered men daring mini, war paint and fake nails, now it's all signs of vulgarity. In fashion, elegance and sophistication. Bare shoulders and collarbones is a demonstration of sensuality and eroticism in its most delicate form.The shoulder is эротичноpixabay.com2. Pencil skirtThese skirts look very feminine. You will not be able to run and jump movement in a smooth clothing

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5 stylist tips to wear a pencil skirt

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

This basic thing should be in every wardrobeIf you think that pencil skirt is only suitable for the office and can only be grey or black, then you are sorely mistaken. With the help of this part of the wardrobe, you can create a set of images. It's a universal thing — she cuts a figure not shorten the legs, reduces the growth. Just need to find it!Tip # 1Pencil skirt and a silk top or lightweight blouse

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The most fashionable hats this winter

Самые модные шапки этой зимы

February is considered the coldest month, therefore, strictly forbidden to go outside without a hat. Designer Miroslav Shvedova told which of them will allow you to be in trendClassic knitted hatsThis is the basic and the most practical option for your wardrobe that will suit many looks. The cap of such a design close your ears and keep you warm in bad weather. It may be, or to pull the eye, or make a forehead more open. To vary fit you depending on your wishes

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Rules of shopping: don't become a victim of sales

Правила шопинга: не становитесь жертвой распродаж

Psychologist-psychotherapist and hypnology Olesya Fomin tells how to avoid buying unnecessary thingsMake a list of necessary purchasesAccording to sociological research, people buy approximately forty percent fewer unnecessary things if they have pre-made shopping list. In my head flashed the thought: "I will return to these shelves once, buy right". But most often after purchase need to the first display is not returned

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