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The best color of clothes for business women

Лучшие цвета для одежды деловой женщины

Wearing the correct outfit colors, you can easily ingratiate himself with superiors or business partnersChoosing a suit for a business meeting, you first need to determine what goals you want to achieve. If your goal is to post, then pay attention to white. He will describe you as reliable, tidy person and will allow you to set the conversation on a positive, trusting way. Did no worse than a blue suit, blue, green and brown things

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The Shine of metal in your wardrobe

Блеск металла в вашем гардеробе

The fashion for metallic will help you become brighterOnce the metal effect could be produced only at the expense of metal jewelry. Now there are many fabrics, decorative coatings and elements, no less shining than gold or silver. Skillfully using them, you can create a trendy image.Special popularity has acquired metallic in the 80s. Metallic texture was used as a way to make something very modern, as if it came from the future. This technique would look great now

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The most fashionable summer pants

Not to hot, not necessarily to be naked. Ordinary clothing made from right fabrics might be comfortable even in high temperatureEnsure that your loved ones will definitely be the pants are made of cotton, linen, silk or any other natural fabrics. The body in these clothes is not preet. A small admixture of synthetics allowed, but within 20%. This will allow the trousers to preserve the advantages of natural fabrics and make them less crease.As for style, there are lots of options

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5 pairs of men's shoes that should be worn without socks

5 пар мужской обуви, которую надо носить без носков

Fashion and style dictate the rulesSandalsDaily with the onset of heat we find men in shorts and sandals, and under them socks. So it is impossible! Neither white nor colorful, nor foot petal. Sandals invented by the ancient Greeks and Romans especially to wear in the heat. This shoes are worn only on bare feet.Sandals are worn only on bare ногуpixabay.comIf sandals you RUB, buy other seal or problem with a band-aid. If you have a cold or your feet look unsightly, choose closed-toe shoes

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Best jeans: what are they

Лучшие джинсы: какие они

In the second half of the summer the bulk of sales — the time to buy things denimAmong was bought collections spring-summer you can find lots of decent things. For example, jeans, they always come in handy. Not to miscalculate, buy classic straight or slightly tapered models of blue.Length of jeans is crucial. Pay special attention to the instances of a length of ⅞ (by the way, the trousers of standard length can be turned into cropped, just rolled for a shorter look)

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Shoes for the ages

Обувь на века

These shoes and boots will always be relevant!All familiar with this concept as a basic wardrobe. Generally include things that can be useful for the compilation of the office bows. However, there is a basic set of footwear, with which you will not be wondering about what to wear on your feet.So, always in fashion classic pumps low-key colors on thin heel medium height. They can go to work, birthday, and just a short walk in the nearest Park

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Shoes with the scent of mothballs

Обувь с ароматом нафталина

These models of women's shoes is already out of fashionFashion is very changeable. Today it is fashionable one, and tomorrow another. Not to look old-fashioned, it is necessary to timely track all the metamorphosis and get rid of older models.For example, it's time to hide in the far corner of the wardrobe ballet flats. They are so boring to wear them people are just not worth it. In addition, the stop in them like spreads and becomes wide and the gait is awkward

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What to wear with long shirt

С чем носить длинную рубашку

An elongated white shirt in men's style can be safely called a hit of this seasonThe first — universal — variant socks with jeans. Wearing a shirt with skinny jeans and a t-shirt, orthopedic sandals with thick soles, you can go, even to work. The shirt will cover the shoulders and make the image more formal. Shirt will be useful on the street. It can protect you from cool winds and scorching sun.For walking you can choose the way more comfortable, stretchy leggings

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Ugly but fashionable

Уродливо, но модно

Finally fashion designers took pity on the girls legs. Fashion now is far from elegant but comfortable shoes2017 is a real Paradise for lovers of comfortable shoes, where you can not be afraid to roll up the legs on the Russian roads. Now in trend are models which when worn can not be afraid for the health of the feet

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The most fashionable methods of the summer

Самые модные приемы лета

Summer 2017 can hardly be called warm time of year, but that is no reason to abandon fashion experimentsFor example, you can try a variety of layered combinations. Combining basic t-shirts, sweaters and jeans with more interesting things, you can achieve a wonderful effect. First, you will be warm. And secondly, a woman in a good multi-layer set will never go unnoticed.Dress in underwear style in Moderato: Instagram

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