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5 things you should give up

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Some "glamorous" pieces of clothing make your look too cheapChic Shine-beautyNot always, these concepts are identical. There's an old joke: "go — shines, fit — shiny, look — nozzle". Here to you not have such a history, immediately throw away all casual and sporting items with sequins, sparkles and sequins. Glass "diamonds" they are good only for formal attire, and then, if you go to the matinee in kindergarten.Sequins Express дочкеpixabay

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When choosing shoes for a child, parents have to break your head over what would be the most optimal in a particular case.Especially sharply raises this question in the case of the purchase of winter products, designed to be not only beautiful and comfortable, like summer, spring and autumn models, but also very warm

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In the Arsenal of the modern woman has a lot of cosmetic products and perfumes.The right to choose one or the other is very important. Because it affects not only the appearance but also health. Criteria in this case are numerous: personal taste, age, composition, colour, features and skin etc. Today manufacturers have something to offer the ladies. To buy the products of leading brands as you can in a conventional saloon, and in the online store

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Myths and chips of the season spring-summer-2018

Мифы и фишки сезона весна-лето-2018

Milan fashion week through the eyes of a layman: journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the showsThe Milanese say: "a True Fashion born in Milan unwinds in Paris, driven around in London, then she is applauded and imitated in new York, after which she returned triumphantly home in Milan to give life to a new Fashion." We will try to debunk the most common myths and reveal the most current trends of spring-summer of 2018

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Masha Tsigal: "the king is naked!"

Маша Цигаль: «А король-то голый!»

Famous designer about whether or not to imitate the stars, wearing translucent dressThe world took a new madness — "naked trend". This is when stars are shooting, red carpet events, high-profile events and ceremonies are actually naked. Or rather, in translucent outfits that barely cover her genitalia

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Change it immediately: what a manicure does not like men

Смените это немедленно: какой маникюр не нравится мужчинам

8 mistakes women make when choosing a nail PolishHow often do we go for a manicure with an already formed idea. We know what will be the color, length and shape of nails. But meanwhile wondered if anyone one of us, our dear men can not appreciate the efforts and the result?We have tried to collect together the types of manicures that men do not like.Very bright, corrosive color. Often, it doesn't quite match with your way, and not only repel men, but looks absurd.pixabay.comPointed nails

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7 fashion accessories for cold weather

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Make fall and winter a beautiful, warm and comfortableCold, wind, rain on the street no reason to sit at home, if you are warmly dressed. And if beautiful, then you are guaranteed a good mood and the desire to walk the streets of the city, regardless of the weather. Stock up on fashion accessories and go!Do yourself теплоpixabay.comCap Put on caps with pompom. Someone this hat may seem ridiculous or childish, nevertheless, he took their place on the runways this fall

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What bags are in the trend of the season autumn-winter 2017-2018, will help you choose the promo code Kupivip

Bag is one of the most important women's accessoriesOften, it completes the image of a woman and creates a certain mood.In fashion, models and forms of women's handbagsFashion brands release a variety of models in accordance with the fashion trends for every new season. To purchase a trend bag at a discount you can use the directory promo codes Kupivip service

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Autumn-2017 came into boots

How to wear high boots to be in trend?High boots, tight-fitting leg with a lacing and without, with rivets of pure leather. Matte, glossy or even suede. That's all they are — the long-forgotten boots. What to wear to be fashionable?The color can be anything, but must have a noble wine. Or, on the contrary, bright hues. For the beginning of autumn, it is recommended that a combination of knitted dresses or dress-like sweater and jackboots

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