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Orange Paradise: accessories orange

Апельсиновый рай: аксессуары оранжевого цвета

Outside the window the sun is less — it's time to add bright accents to your imageAlthough the orange seems difficult color to tame it is still possible. So it's safe to fight the autumn Blues!Choose clothes and accessories orange Cotabato: materials of press-servicesPale apricot wonderfully accentuate light skin and hair, light brown girls should choose the pumpkin, and cheerful Mandarin suit brunettes and girls with brown hair

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Fashion trends this autumn

Модные тренды этой осени

Nostalgia on the fly, is not likely to warm when the first autumn rains and winds. But even in this weather you can stay elegantSize mattersA time when for the sake of beauty sacrificed comfort, long gone. This season once again the emphasis is on beauty and heat. Therefore, when choosing a coat stylists advise to pay attention to the long model that best will warm you. The material is particularly relevant outerwear in wool, tweed; color cage for the season ahead

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All buttoned up: the original jackets and sunglasses

На все пуговицы: оригинальные жилеты и солнечные очки

Designers called trends. Details — the selection WomanHit.ruGlasses always been considered an accessory number one, and in the summer they do turn into a must have. It remains only to determine the color and choose a frame.Photo: materials of press-servicesShort or long, bright or simply plain casual — the main thing sleeveless. Designers argue that without the vest this season is not enough

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5 rules of washing of jeans

5 правил стирки джинсов

Cherish hue brand denimRule # 1It is preferable to wash the products made of denim fabric with your hands, this is the most sensitive method of purification.Don't use порошок # 2Better to wash in the bath, not in the pelvis: this allows you to spread your jeans by soaking and washing. On the fabric will remain creases, folds and stains.Jeans has long ceased to be working men's одеждой # 3Jeans soak for no longer than an hour

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Manolo Blahnik: 5 unexpected facts about the designer

Маноло Бланик: 5 неожиданных фактов о дизайнере

In his biography many amazing details, we have chosen the most original of themManolo Blahnik — commander of the order of the British Empire and the favorite shoemaker of the Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker comes up with the design of the shoes almost half a century. And all the sketches of the Maestro draws himself and even self-checks every couple is ready, if necessary, cutting off the protruding threads.1. Blahnik the more eccentric

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As the sundress has migrated into modern fashion

Как сарафан перекочевал в современную моду

During its long history this familiar article of clothing has come a long way and gradually conquered the whole world. The abundance of styles and colors made him not only everyday clothing is now sundress can be worn to the office, and even evening eventAsk any citizen of our country, what kind of clothes is considered to be native Russian, and he did not hesitate to call it his dress. But if we turn to the origin of the word, all will be not so trivial

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The young generation: clothing with African prints

Младое племя: одежда с африканскими принтами

Looks like ethnic motifs are coming back into fashionTired of classic floral prints, tartan or black-and-white peas, the designers decided to look for inspiration on another continent and I chose Africa. It turned out bright and unusual, and very summery.Unusual ethnic ornament at the peak of modifita: wear clothes with unusual ethnic ornament, flowing fabrics and go surf cities

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Nude: clothing and accessories Nude

Голый король: одежда и аксессуары телесного цвета

On the catwalks of famous designers are increasingly being seen nude lookShades of Nude as well as skin tones in people, so to choose a suitable could any girl.Photo: materials of press-servicesMoreover, designers prefer it, rather than the usual white, especially when creating collections of "Haute couture".Photo: materials of press-servicesBut if you are not yet ready to wear a nude look, we can restrict accessories

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Alexander Vasilyev: "Even the torn sweat pants are our history" met fashion historian and listened to his thoughts about the past and presentThe host of "Fashion verdict" Alexander Vasiliev manages to combine shooting, organization of exhibitions and the permanent replenishment of its collection, which is already more than 65 thousand copies of clothes and accessories.About the culture of vintage"At the time, closet Lyubov Orlova, her dresses and hats made in the trash

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