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The rules of borrowing men's clothing

Stunning image can be created in particular by using items of the wardrobe of the stronger sexHave you ever noticed that throwing on a jacket the country of his men, suddenly become significantly more attractive? Most likely, Yes. And the surrounding noticed that too. Therefore, we offer you more use of this technique.In everyday life, you can also wear the top clothes from the men's Department, for example, bombers and denim jackets

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Swimsuits that don't like men

Купальники, которые не нравятся мужчинам

To produce an effect on the opposite sex, will have to review your beach wardrobeNo matter what anyone said, women dress up not only for my own pleasure, but in order to please others, especially men. But often the efforts do not bring the desired effect: no interested views, no compliments. Try to figure out how to dress to make a positive impression on the beach. First and foremost, do not need to wear overly revealing swimsuit. If you design multiple threads, looking at you interested

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Story of the most versatile and sought-after uniform — jeans

История самой универсальной и востребованной униформы — джинсов

This clothing, just a few decades conquered the whole world, is not as simple as it seemsLook in the closet of the style icons and ordinary clerk, a student and businessman — with all the different styles and preferences in each Cabinet you'll find them. The legendary part of the "uniform" of the American cowboy and miner, a cherished dream of Soviet schoolchildren and fashionistas, the jeans are not as simple as they seem at first glance

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How to comply with the office dress code during the summer

Как соблюдать офисный дресс-код летом

Designer Anika Kerimov told about how to maintain a strict style in clothes and not die from the heat"Try for office to buy quality clothing made from natural fabrics — so you will be more likely to maintain comfort to the end of the day. Remember, no matter how nicely and clearly did not look dress made from 100% polyester, to buy it for you, even if it has no sleeves and you think that it will be not hot. Will, and how!Please note the jackets are unlined

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Tamed sleeves

Приручаем рукава-фонарики

This type of sleeves are now in trend, but to choose the right clothes with three-dimensional forms is quite difficult"Lanterns" is capricious. Is wrong to choose the shape or size, and you're like tricuspid wardrobe or turn into the farmer's daughter the early 20th century. But many times bloggers can look stunning in clothes with sleeves, it means that we will succeed. Fortunately, the stylists have developed guidelines for the selection of clothing with this type of sleeve

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Pointe shoes in town: choose ballet flats with drawstring

Пуанты в городе: выбираем балетки с завязками

These shoes are the trend this summer seasonHackneyed ballet flats that we wore in previous years, is not a trend. You can wear them, but ontractual way is much easier to create with ballet flats, Pointe shoes replicates as closely as possible. A distinctive feature of this Shoe — straps, and several times encircling the ankle.Despite the obvious ballet direction, the material is not required to repeat a fabric used in the manufacture of Pointe shoes

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Beach dress code

Пляжный дресс-код

Beach wardrobe should not consist of only one swimsuit. To look truly stylish, you will need a number of thingsDon't tell me that replaces the pair of you all those items of clothing that we are going to recommend. No matter how you tie this lightweight piece of cloth, it is still flap. This is obvious to others and does not paint you. On the contrary, draping often changes the proportions of the body and not for the better.Photo: Instagram

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Make a wardrobe of summer color

Составляем гардероб цвета лета

If your summer wardrobe is still not fully formed, get things done in the most fashionable colors of the seasonTraditionally, the actual summer white. Least it just attracts the sun's rays. If, on top of a white thing is made of thin breathable fabric, it is sure to become a favorite.Buy a white pants, a dress or shirt made of cotton or flax, and will feel comfortable in any heat. If the thing is going to be embellished with embroidery or print, it does not cease to be fashionable

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Change jackets on dzhinsovki

Меняем косуху на джинсовку

In summer, the denim jacket will be useful for much more than a leather itemJudging by the beginning of June, summer 2017, the year promises us extreme heat. But in cool weather you can stay fashionable. This should just be to complement a proper denim jacket. Now, by the way, they can be worn not only with jeans but also with any other clothing: dresses, skirts, overalls.Photo: a denim jacket, note the instances, combining several shades of denim

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Guide to the pajama style

Pajamas worn in people — an interesting trend. But to apply it to your wardrobe and not look ridiculous, you need to follow some rulesThe easiest way to get dressed in pajama style for a walk or casual friendly meeting. Enough to wear pajama pants and shirt, sneakers, grab sunglasses and a backpack with the most necessary things.If pajama style you like so much that you don't want to abandon it even at work — don't do it

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