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On your head: how to wear a turban

For the past several seasons, this accessory is at the top of the world fashion trendsShunya Balashova — vocalist of soul group absolute Shoo — shared multiple choice, how nice to tie this extravagant headpiece, which is the hallmark of her stage image.There are many options to beautiful tie a turban, I will talk about six of them, which I use most often.Casual-versionSuitable for daily look: no frills, but with the piquancy

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Yanina Melehova: how to sew a dress

To be stylish and trendy, it is not necessary to be bought in expensive boutiques. The star of "dudes", "War" and other advises how to make a summer tunic— The most simple that can be done by, is a beach pareo or tunic. And this does not have to be able to sew, design, pattern and even do not need to have a sewing machine, — says Yanina.For the first time will be great if you get together with friends together, buy the fabric and start on each other to try it on

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Mountain lavender: clothing and accessories lilac

Горная лаванда: одежда и аксессуары сиреневого цвета

The experts advise to combine the main color of the season?As soon as by fashion critics discussed the spring and summer catwalks and announced the main color of the season purple, celebrity then dressed in the clothes of this shade.All shades of lilac now, actualitte: the way, it is very refreshing image and goes with any neutral colors: white, gray, black, light beige and brown

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Learn how to wear diagonal stripes

Учимся носить диагональную полоску

This season the designers decided to look at the trend in a new way- and I was right!Which year we are dazzled by the abundance of rainbow outfits on the catwalks, but this season designers have decided to look at the trend in new ways.Striped outfits often make free croatto:, by the way, came very true, because a diagonal stripe in contrast to the horizontal, is not only slender nymphs, but owners of magnificent forms

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5 items of outerwear that can be washed at home

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

"Prepare sledge in the summer" — it's time to bring the wardrobe in order1. JacketYou may be able to save on the dry cleaning and bring down the order of its own. If your jacket filled with down and feather, then hang it over the bath and dampen the cloth with water. Shower direct parallel to the surface that the filler is less absorbed water. Soap, liquid clothes detergent, and scrub especially dirty areas with a brush. This is the area along the zipper and hem, collar, cuffs, and pockets

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It is necessary to take: loose pants and stylish bracelets

Надо брать: свободные брюки и стильные браслеты

The trends of the season — in the trendy review WomanHit.ruStep it up!This season designers thought not only about beauty but also about convenience. Because, you see, in loose pants made of natural fabrics in the heat to walk especially nice.Wide leg pants are not only fashionable, but adornetto: thin threadThe bracelets came to the fore and became, perhaps, the main accessories of this summer

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From the ancient Romans to hippies: the history of the tunic

От древних римлян до хиппи: история туники

One of the most fashionable summer garments — tunic. Appearing in its classical form even in ancient times, it has undergone many changes before reaching the present dayTunic dress entered the modern woman's wardrobe recently. However, it quickly gained popularity due to its versatility. Because the tunic depending on the style and fabric appropriate not only for the trip to the beach, and it is good for evening, and even for the office.The history of this thing is rooted deep in antiquity

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Coco Chanel: 5 facts about the legendary designer

Коко Шанель: 5 фактов о легендарном модельере

A vivid biography of this lady is familiar to us in a variety of films, but in it we found a few interesting detailsFragile French woman changed the world of fashion, turning notions of femininity. With her light hand in the wardrobe of every self-respecting ladies little black dress, tweed jacket and jewelry. Do not forget that Coco Chanel was the first to wear slacks and made popular unisex style.1. Father called Gabrielle Coco (chicken in French) for a small stature and thinness

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