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Change it immediately: what a manicure does not like men

Смените это немедленно: какой маникюр не нравится мужчинам

8 mistakes women make when choosing a nail PolishHow often do we go for a manicure with an already formed idea. We know what will be the color, length and shape of nails. But meanwhile wondered if anyone one of us, our dear men can not appreciate the efforts and the result?We have tried to collect together the types of manicures that men do not like.Very bright, corrosive color. Often, it doesn't quite match with your way, and not only repel men, but looks absurd.pixabay.comPointed nails

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7 fashion accessories for cold weather

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Make fall and winter a beautiful, warm and comfortableCold, wind, rain on the street no reason to sit at home, if you are warmly dressed. And if beautiful, then you are guaranteed a good mood and the desire to walk the streets of the city, regardless of the weather. Stock up on fashion accessories and go!Do yourself теплоpixabay.comCap Put on caps with pompom. Someone this hat may seem ridiculous or childish, nevertheless, he took their place on the runways this fall

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What bags are in the trend of the season autumn-winter 2017-2018, will help you choose the promo code Kupivip

Bag is one of the most important women's accessoriesOften, it completes the image of a woman and creates a certain mood.In fashion, models and forms of women's handbagsFashion brands release a variety of models in accordance with the fashion trends for every new season. To purchase a trend bag at a discount you can use the directory promo codes Kupivip service

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Autumn-2017 came into boots

How to wear high boots to be in trend?High boots, tight-fitting leg with a lacing and without, with rivets of pure leather. Matte, glossy or even suede. That's all they are — the long-forgotten boots. What to wear to be fashionable?The color can be anything, but must have a noble wine. Or, on the contrary, bright hues. For the beginning of autumn, it is recommended that a combination of knitted dresses or dress-like sweater and jackboots

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Select fall boots

Выбираем осенние сапоги

With the onset of the rains practicality of the Shoe comes first, but about fashion and style will not be forgottenIs it because of the wet weather to abandon the high heel? Hairpin unreliable, but if the heel is broad, stable and combined with high platform, this option is ideal for the autumn slush and fits in a variety of styles. Chunky heel is appropriate in the office. Refined model with neat tapered-toe you can wear, for example, in the theater

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5 things having a shelf life, of which you were unaware

5 вещей, имеющих срок годности, о котором вы и не подозревали

Isn't it time for you to change these itemsBrasLingerie for many women is just a fetish. In the collection of my girlfriend bras of all colors and styles, 30 pieces. However, I had to disappoint her, not every one of them she would have to enjoy for a long time, and some, actually, have to throw, not having to wear. The lifespan of the bra for two years, and then he loses form, sealed insert to deform, the fabric and elastic stretch.To have five black bras - бессмысленноpixabay

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How to wear a bomber jacket

Как правильно носить бомбер

What combination of jacket that is not coming from the catwalks of fashion shows?Bomber jacket is a universal thing, varieties of which there are myriad. Quilted, leather, silk, satin, embroidered, rhinestones, decor. Sporty and classic, but always fashionable and comfortable at any time of the year, bombers sew with the American flag in military style, with floral prints, jacquard, animal-figures, and so forth. Designer Apollo, Bulgakoff told WomanHit

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The most expressive accessories fall-2017

Самые выразительные аксессуары осени-2017

Fashion offers to emphasize, to adjust or even change the image by using original partsA trend scarf that can be worn as a bandana. Replenish your closet with a whole set, because this accessory can fit in any style. Picking up the scarves by color, don't forget the fashionable scarlet.Neckerchief trend, Stoneface: www.stradivarius.comBracelets of metal, leather, fabric this season were again massive, broad

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What does it mean to dress "age"

Что это значит — одеваться «по возрасту»

One of the secrets of good taste: the closet needs to keep pace with changes that occur over the years25 years — time experiments. You can afford to wear ripped jeans or to paint your hair any color of the rainbow. To change, to try, to buy items and it is easy to part with them. It is clear that to rely on expensive branded products when this approach is not necessary. And it is useless, the young luxury in itself

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Updated autumn wardrobe for the office

Обновляем осенний гардероб для офиса

To refresh your business look, turn to the classics of style: look to the jacket and its varietiesThe silhouette of the coat may be straight or slim, the amount, how would exaggerated, mandatory lapels. The overall cut is reminiscent of the blazer men's suit. Modern fashion offers to purchase and wear it in a pair of pants or a skirt.A more feminine variation of the jacket — the jacket. It is knit or wool, plain or patterned

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