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Rosamund pike showed great legs

Розамунд Пайк показала великолепные ноги

Our fashion experts believe that the unusual dress of the actress with an intricate pattern is boldly and on the verge of failure. But in the end, this image can only be praised. Rosamund Pike. Photo: AP Images. Rosamund pike, palm springs, January 3.Ilya Legostaev: Unusual styling and intricate prints are a dangerous combination, but Rosamund good. Your art object it shows with ease and even playfulness. For the last one can even forgive the lack of fabric

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Sergei Penkin - careless playboy

Сергей Пенкин — неряшливый плейбой

Our fashion experts believe that the image of the artist is too colorful. Boots, scarf, funny shirt, at least one of these components need to be removed. Sergei Penkin. photo: Gennady Avramenko Sergei Penkin, "Formula Kino "Europe", January 12.Ilya Legostaev: Colorful shirt, cowboy boots and a purple scarf can look great on the circus arena. But there are the lucky ones who can turn it all into a outfit playboy. Sloppy, but irresistible

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Why Alena Doletskaya wore a pink fur?

Зачем Алена Долецкая надела розовый мех?

Our fashion experts admit that the first time you see a style icon in this strange form. Alena Doletskaya. photo: Gennady Avramenko Alena Doletskaya, "Formula Kino "Europe", January 12.Ilya Legostaev: Dress blindly can afford only those who have no home at bad service. We have always been quiet for closet Alena, but willing to admit that the first time we see the icon of style in a fur coat, lauterach and jeans, which were the best times

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Natalia Revival like a Parisian

Наталья Лесниковская похожа на парижанку

The actress chose a simple and concise style that is so popular with the residents of the French capital. However, in our climate it does with difficulty. Natalia Revival. photo: Gennady Avramenko Natalia Revival, "Formula Kino "Europe", January 12.Ilya Legostaev: In our stars appear superpowers - they can teleport away from places where the weather is not quite like Moscow. And we must admit that Natalia was very elegant where it can be worn

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Reese Witherspoon: polka dots always looks cute

Риз Уизерспун: горошек всегда смотрится мило

Dress the actress did not arouse much enthusiasm among our fashion experts. Of course, sometimes worse, but it is impossible not to notice that this outfit was "stolen" from the stars waist. Reese Witherspoon. Photo: AP Images. Reese Witherspoon, palm springs, January 3.Ilya Legostaev: polka Dots always looks quite cute - even in cases where dress similar colors hide the girls waist. Perhaps the choice of Reese and there are claims, but they can hardly be called global. Sometimes much worse

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Julianne Moore: the dress is in the top five - but those legs...

Джулианна Мур: платье на пятерку — но эти ноги...

Our fashion experts have criticized the choice of the actress. They believe that this style and this long dress its not decorate. Julianne Moore. Photo: AP Images. Julianne Moore, palm springs, January 3.Ilya Legostaev: the Sun now, to put it mildly, not in fashion, but it is a light tan would make at least some usefulness of this picture. Though to explain why women are buying for ceremonial purposes such dresses and shoes, is still very difficult

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Cameron Diaz wore angry dress

Кэмерон Диаз надела сердитое платье

Our fashion experts are wondering: this outfit it looks or how cool lady, whether as a strict lady. Cameron Diaz. Photo: AP Images. Cameron Diaz, London, 16 December.Ilya Legostaev: More than strict, if not angry dress is very strange looks with hair, which is almost there. We are not against austerity and not against chaos, but they must be at least in diplomatic relations

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter: British style and eccentricity

Бенедикт Камбербэтч и Софи Хантер: британская строгость и эксцентричность

Our fashion experts praised couple: gorgeous bridesmaid dress of the actor perfectly complements his overly discreet way. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter. Photo: AP Images. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter, palm springs, January 3.Ilya Legostaev: Responsible for British eccentricity bears Sophie, and this burden is her strength. Mr. Cumberbatch could take responsibility for his costume, which can be envied, but will probably do it next time

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Golden globes: stars showed their legs

«Золотой глобус»: звезды показали свои ножки

Dresses that have tried on the stars on the prize "Golden globe", hardly the attire of the times of economic crisis. Among the spectacular abundance of outfits WomanHit chose three dresses that combine impressive long incisions. Jennifer Aniston. Photo: AP Images. If you have something to show, then hide that was not necessary. Many star girls can afford the cuts, the longest of which fans will remember for a long time

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Tina barcala: heat and not sad

Тина Баркалая: тепло и не уныло

Our fashion experts believe that the Director has chosen a win-win winter option that is ideal for a trip with baby in the movie. Tina barcala with his son. photo: Gennady Avramenko Tina barcala, "October", 17 December.Ilya Legostaev: a Good Director could put a family publication. From this couple a great mood - and the same will be those who will want to consider the clothes mom and son. It is worth attention.Anastasia Boychenko: Win a winter version of "heat and not sad"

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