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Yulia Beretta played in retro

Юлия Беретта заигралась в ретро

Our fashion experts believe that in this case the celebrity overzealous with a nostalgic twist in his way. Yulia Beretta. photo: Gennady Avramenko Yulia Beretta, "October", 17 December.Ilya Legostaev: Huge coat and look swallows fragile girl. The bag easily outweigh his mistress. It is possible that the coat is not heavy and the bag are cosmetic bag and a couple of credit cards. But all looks exactly the opposite

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IDA Lolo scared her fur coat

Ида Лоло испугала своей шубой

Our experts believe that a secular lioness'd better take their clothes back to the shop and take a closer look at the pants. IDA Lolo. photo: Gennady Avramenko IDA Lolo, "October", 11 December.Ilya Legostaev: If the hall is not very cold, it is best to rent this bright luxury in closet. Ideally, of course, to make an effort and carry her back to the store, but the girls are so uneasy relationship with fur, that it is better not to get involved in this area tips

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Anna Tsukanova successfully Molodets

Анна Цуканова успешно молодится

Our experts advised the actress to wear less teen clothing, but do not doubt that for a hike in the film she made an excellent choice. Anna Tsukanova. photo: Gennady Avramenko Anna Tsukanova, "October", 11 December.Ilya Legostaev: Teen clothing usually goes only to teenagers. But everything is fixable. If Anna little closer or less youth reacted to the selection of shoes and bags, podrostkovoi immediately would become a Bohemian informality

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Renata Piotrowski could become a member of the band ABBA

Рената Пиотровски могла бы стать участницей группы АBBА

Our experts have evaluated the retro mood of the actress, but not ready to join the club of fans of her bufort. Renata Piotrowski. photo: Gennady Avramenko Renata Piotrowski, "October", 11 December.Ilya Legostaev: Apparently, the fur vest is the least evil winter, which you can expect from our stars. In this case, the evil could be even smaller, for example, to the waist. Although we must admit that the selected instance Renate-to-face.  Anastasia Boychenko: Group "Abba", casual option

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Nadezhda Mikhalkova: downy shawl gets five points!

Надежда Михалкова: пуховый платок получает пять баллов!

Our fashion experts believe that old-fashioned things possess a remarkable potential. And the actress was able to use it. Nadezhda Mikhalkova. photo: Gennady Avramenko Nadezhda Mikhalkova, "October", 11 December.Ilya Legostaev: Probably never even grey downy shawl looked so youth provocatively. Old-fashioned things possess a remarkable potential, but only when they're in good hands. As in this case

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Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova messed up seasons?

Наталья Чистякова-Ионова перепутала времена года?

Our fashion experts believe that the artist, better known under the pseudonym Gluk'oza, in this dress and sandals looks at the December party rather strange. Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova (Gluk'oza). photo: Gennady Avramenko Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, "October", 11 December.Ilya Legostaev: Leather dress and sandals now look quite strange

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Anastasia Stotskaya happy semidesyatnikam chic

Анастасия Стоцкая радует семидесятническим шиком

It seems that the singer is seriously interested in the nostalgic images. However, our fashion experts retro popular artist continue to praise. Anastasia Stotskaya. photo: Gennady Avramenko Anastasia Stotskaya, "October", 11 December.Anastasia Boychenko: redhead girl in a pink coat faux fur. On the words - almost a disaster, in fact, is one of the heroines of the party. Some time ago She was already delighted us with his semidesyatnikam chic. The sequel is awesome

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Anatoly White lost his wife

Анатолий Белый проиграл своей жене

According to our experts, the wife of Anatoly much better prepared for the meeting with photographers. And the actor will not prevent at least to reconcile the jacket with a shirt. Anatoly Bely with his wife. photo: Gennady Avramenko Anatoly Bely with his wife, "Caro Vegas, November 30.Ilya Legostaev: If the girl's a good one to give a very ordinary clothes a little bohemoth, her husband if ordered something using inexpensive German catalog

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Daria Smetanina did not calculate the length of the dress

Дарья Сметанина не рассчитала длину платья

Experts of "fashion Police" is far from anger, but clearly not in delight from the ordinary boots and dresses slurred long, who chose the actress. Daria Smetanina. photo: Gennady Avramenko Daria Smetanina, "Caro Vegas, November 30.Ilya Legostaev: On top of the wardrobe clearly has withheld material. We are not against playfulness, but in this case nothing of the kind is observed. There is only a gut feeling that something here is clearly not enough

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Artem Mikhalkov advertises sneakers?

Артем Михалков рекламирует кроссовки?

Our fashion experts have approved the simplicity of the outfits of the actor and his companion, however, advised the couple not to catch the eye of photographers. Artem Mikhalkov with a companion. photo: Gennady Avramenko Artem Mikhalkov with his companion, "Caro Vegas, November 30.Ilya Legostaev: There is a suspicion that Anton is already out of the age when you want to wear jeans with sneakers, but the mood this couple is very correct

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