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Marina Kravets was wrong with the shoes

Марина Кравец ошиблась с обувью

Our fashion experts believe that such dress girl from a good family still did not spoil, but the boots with it look inappropriate. Marina Kravets. photo: Gennady Avramenko Marina Kravets, shopping center "Festival", October 26.Ilya Legostaev: Dress girl from a good family still did not spoil, but if we are talking about a popular person, but still humoriste, I would like secular chic, at the worst irony. It is not excluded that spectacular shawl could be very helpful

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Pants Anastasia Grebenkina cause confusion

Брюки Анастасии Гребенкиной вызывают недоумение

For a hike with his son in the movie, TV presenter chose sheepskin coat and white jeans. The latter has led to many questions from our fashion experts. Anastasia Grebenkina with his son. photo: Gennady Avramenko Anastasia Grebenkina with my son, shopping center "Festival", October 26.Ilya Legostaev: All the efforts of the city authorities is without a shudder to look in the fall on people in white pants

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Loya: seriously this is impossible to wear

Лоя: всерьез носить такое невозможно

Our fashion experts find it difficult to say how now should look like a pop star. But they are confident that the fashion for role-playing games in the past. Singer Loy. photo: Gennady Avramenko Loya, "Clouds", 30 October.Ilya Legostaev: If the Loya wanted her name was "doll"that she made this all possible. To say exactly, as it is now should look like a pop star, it is difficult. It seemed to us that the fashion for role-playing games in the past

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Singer Pelageya looks vulgar

Певица Пелагея выглядит вульгарно

According to our fashion experts in this outfit artist can safely go on stage and dance flamenco. However, this is not a compliment. Pelagia. photo: Gennady Avramenko Pelageya, the shopping center "Festival", October 26.Ilya Legostaev: you can safely go on stage and dance flamenco. To ensure that the clothing was just clothes, necessary reforms. The most effective is simply to change, because the skirt cheekily tries to overshadow his mistress

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Elena Knyazeva - goddess of darkness?

Елена Князева — богиня тьмы?

It seems that the singer wanted to add his own image of demonism. However, our fashion experts believe that it is the stars came out very provincial. Elena Knyazeva. photo: Gennady Avramenko Elena Knyazeva, "Clouds", 30 October.Ilya Legostaev: Apparently, the smartphone is too good to hide it from the public in the Chanel bag. It our way, as well as carnival leather dress leather with studs. Apparently, I demonism. But he went too provincial

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Irina Lachin: leather skinny is the risk

Ирина Лачина: кожаные скинни — это риск

Our fashion experts are not sure that these pants should be combined with the coat of such active colors. However, the actress still looks good. Irina Lachin. photo: Gennady Avramenko Irina Lachin, "pioneer", October 21.Ilya Legostaev: Coat could be the leather pants are a great company, if it were not so offensive color. In this case, these two things are ready to begin large-scale conflict. And certainly to divert attention from the actress

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Marina Suginoi need a more artistic clothing

Марине Зудиной нужна более артистическая одежда

According to our fashion experts in this dress, the actress looks more like a teacher than a star of Russian cinema. Marina Zudina. photo: Gennady Avramenko Marina Zudina, "pioneer", October 21.Ilya Legostaev: So usually look the teacher in the solemn events. There is nothing wrong, but the actress can afford much more artistic clothes. And certainly not to pick up the prints on the dress and bag

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Evelina Khromchenko decorated belly feathers

Эвелина Хромченко украсила живот перьями

According to our fashion experts, this design decision could hardly be called successful, but in the rest of the presenter looks very decent. Evelina Khromchenko. photo: Gennady Avramenko Evelina Khromchenko, "pioneer", October 21.Ilya Legostaev: there is No doubt that Evelyn could perfectly to formulate all the advantages of this outfit. But in fact, it looks much less convincing. Although the rest of the heroines of the week is perfection itself

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Larisa Verbitskaya similar to Barbie

Лариса Вербицкая похожа на Барби

Our fashion experts have criticized the presenter for the bust with pink. They believe in a different color coat would have adorned it much more. Larisa Verbitskaya. photo: Gennady Avramenko Larisa Verbitskaya, "pioneer", October 21.Ilya Legostaev: There is good news. Another walk along the Moskva and coats will have to pay the cleaning. And then repeat again and again. Let's hope that Larissa tired of fighting with the capital dirt, and she will not wear it pink obsession

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Victoria Bonya shocked her outfit

Виктория Боня шокировала своим нарядом

Our fashion experts were confident that the combination of fur and bare belly is left far in the past, but there are girls who honor tradition. Victoria Bonya. photo: Gennady Avramenko Victoria Bonya, Moscow, October 23.Ilya Legostaev: We thought that the combination of fur and bare belly is left far in the past, but there are girls who honor tradition. And this despite the fact that Victoria, as the wife of a foreign citizen who spends a lot of time abroad, where such can seriously scare

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