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Dress code - no penalty

Дресс-код — не приговор

Famous designer Gleb Vinokurov sure that the office restrictions only help to emphasize their individuality. He gave some recommendations for those who want to look stylish at work

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Is there a «affordable fashion»?

Существует ли «доступная мода»?

«Tell me, where to buy budget mink coat?» "I heard a question from the audience after one of the master classes. Frankly, such a formulation of the me order puzzled. «Nork» (of course, if the fur is of good quality, and cut and design - level) is traditionally luxury item. Cheap Suite? For me as a specialist in image and style, this sounds like an oxymoron

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Add creativity to your style

Добавим креативности своему стилю

After we got from the actual colors of the season, let's move on to a higher level: to print and their combinations. Always curious how the color blocks, interwoven, create intricate patterns, changing the lines of the figure, excites the imagination and adding the image of the dynamics..

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