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Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin did not match the outfits

Валерия и Иосиф Пригожин не совпали в нарядах

Studs and little black dress singer, studded with sequins, looked strange next to the jeans of her husband. Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin. photo: Gennady Avramenko Ilya Legostaev: Valeria is not vain, is a sports lifestyle - this mini figure is not terrible. But long dresses from less aggressive materials go to the singer much more. And Joseph will be a reason to change jeans pants

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Stepan Mikhalkov with a companion: the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

Степан Михалков со спутницей: скромное обаяние буржуазии

Leather jacket is much more tricky than the leather jacket. However, according to our fashion experts actor and restaurateur knows how to wear it. Stepan Mikhalkov with a companion. photo: Gennady Avramenko Ilya Legostaev: that's really where the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. However, if someone was tempted to pull out of there memories of the 90's in the form of a leather jacket, then once again think. Not everyone is able to wear them as it makes Stepan

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Anna Mikhalkov chose femininity

Анна Михалкова выбрала женственность

Combination leather jackets with skirt is very fashionable this season, but the one that wore the actress, according to our experts, too much about yourself opinion. Anna Mikhalkov. photo: Gennady Avramenko Ilya Legostaev: leather jacket, and pompous skirt announced very trendy combination, and sometimes these tandem really looks good. Anna chose a great jacket, but her skirt was too big on her opinion

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Jane Fonda has pleased the old-fashioned style

Джейн Фонда порадовала старомодным шиком

Complex cut the top part of the costume actress a little alarming, but for such a flawless appearance of the star and it can be forgiven. Jane Fonda. Photo: All Over Press. Jane Fonda, Los Angeles, September 28.Ilya Legostaev: old-Fashioned chic always pleases, and when shikuyut ladies for whom this style if invented, then immediately there is a reason for comments in the spirit of "there were times". Complex cut the upper part of the suit is a little alarming. But quite a bit

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Paris Hilton was a decent girl

Пэрис Хилтон стала приличной девушкой

Our fashion experts are surprised: the socialite, which is extremely eccentric images, fashion Week in Paris, dressed entirely elegant outfit. Paris Hilton. Photo: All Over Press. Paris Hilton, Paris, 30 September.Ilya Legostaev: When she stood behind the DJ console in a club in Ibiza, it looks completely different. But the collection Valentino at Paris fashion Week - it's not dancing. And we must admit that a decent girl from Paris get the same compelling as the wild child

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Liv Tyler was wrong with the shoes

Лив Тайлер ошиблась с обувью

The actress, who is preparing to become a mother, decided not to refuse publication. However, according to our fashion experts, your outfit star was worth to think better. Liv Tyler. Photo: All Over Press. Liv Tyler, Paris, 1 October.Ilya Legostaev: Apparel expectant mothers have long acquired a secular gloss and quite suitable for posing for the photographers. We are not sure that these boots are in the right place, but the overall picture is very cute

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Denzel Washington has become fashionable dissident

Дензел Вашингтон стал модным диссидентом

Hollywood actor did not dress on the red carpet next film, but fans of casual should learn from him brevity and accuracy. Denzel Washington. Photo: Rex Features/ Denzel Washington, Berlin, 16 September.Ilya Legostaev: Even on the most lavish movie Premier will be fashionable dissident. But there is nothing wrong if the dissent looks spontaneous. As here. Mr. Washington, you are already waiting on the basketball court

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Dress Rosario Dawson amazing!

Платье Розарио Доусон великолепно!

Finally found an outfit that fully satisfied our fashion experts. The amazing thing is that he is not a strict lines, and looks like a curtain. Rosario Dawson. Photo: All Over Press. Rosario Dawson, Milan, September 20.Ilya Legostaev: unlike fancy dress Kristen bell fancy dress Rosario much more intriguing. Of course, all this is reminiscent of the curtain, but there is no doubt that we face the curtain with nature

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Kristen bell: another strange dress

Кристен Белл: еще одно странное платье

"Fashion police" believes that such specific outfits must be some justification explaining the idea of the designer. In this case it is not. Kristen Bell. Photo: All Over Press. Kristen bell, Los Angeles, September 15.Ilya Legostaev: Complex outfits necessary justification. For example, it is interesting to consider, or they can be combined with the charisma of the person for whom they were made. In this case, there's no excuse. It's just another strange dress

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Kate Winslet is similar to the teacher

Кейт Уинслет похожа на учительницу

It is possible that the figures of Hollywood actress suits this cut dresses. However, our fashion experts believe that in General the image of the star failed. Kate Winslet. Photo: All Over Press. Kate Winslet, Toronto, September 23.Ilya Legostaev: it is Quite possible that the shapes of stars perfect exactly the cut of the dress. The olive color of the upper part of the dress is also from the category of good finds. In General, however, all somehow sad. And should be exactly the opposite

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