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Lena Katina: «After the wedding, I had a feeling of security»

Things are not always what they seem to be. Especially if it's show business. Her «lesbian» duet «Tatu» became very successful not only because of the vocal data, but also the courage of the performers. However, «sexual orientation» was the only image. After the band broke up, everything fell into place. Yulia Volkova had visited twice married, and now his personal life arranged and Lena Katina.

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

Photo: private collection of Lena Katina.

The elect of the red-haired «татушки, as it is habitually called Lena (although it has long launching a solo career), became a rock musician from Slovenia Sasho Kuzmanovich. For those who don't know: Sasho - ex-soloist of the American group of A New Vise, worked with Offspring, and helped рэперу Puff Daddy. Now he is more well known as a composer. Met a couple in Los Angeles. And this happened ten years ago, during the performance of the group «Tatu» in America. Then the young people are not attracted to each other for particular attention. Second chance fate gave them three years ago, Lena and Sasho met again in one event. And then the girl understood between them, clearly something is happening. A romance. Bright, charming Lena has never been deprived of men's attention. But, as she herself acknowledged that she could not overcome a two-year barrier in the relationship. Probably, therefore Sasho and made a proposal favorite on the second anniversary of their Union. Another year needed a singer to understand: this man - the one she was looking for. In August Lena and Sasho played at a wedding. Marriage was registered in Slovenia, the home of the groom and got married in Moscow.
Lena, you are now a married woman. Something has changed in the attitude?
Lena Katina:
«Because we Sasho three years of living together in a relationship has not changed anything. But the wedding ceremony for me was of great importance - I grew up in a fairly religious family. And when it happened, appeared just a magical feeling - if I now under protection... And I stopped biting your nails, it's my problem with childhood. It all started when I went to school. The psychologist said that neurosis must go through at some stage of the internal maturity. And I look now at his fingers and see that they are not picked, as usual, and all normal healed. So, I internally calmed down. Still, when people live in the so-called civil marriage, still somewhere in my mind, there is a thought that at any moment you can leave. And now I know - we Sasho family. And for her, I'm going to fight anyway. Peace, joy, happiness - that's what I feel now. So long I waited for this!»
You really have made a lot for this decision, because you Sasho familiar ten years...
«Our first meeting was in 2003 at the American Music Awards. I played in the band «Tatu», SASO, too, there was - he has many friends-musicians. But then even a spark of attraction between us arose. But three years ago, when I decided to start a solo career and moved to Los Angeles, we again met at a party. Then met again... And twirled. And this time everything was developing rapidly. Literally in a month we gathered. A proposal Sasho I did on our two-year anniversary. And this happened on the first of April. (Laughs.) And here's another year after it was finished. I can say that the organization of the wedding - troublesome. We no celebrations would not, but insisted friends. Said, «are You crazy?! Let's wedding!» Not without problems. For we ordered a limousine, and some guests had to ride the bus. He broke down and got stuck somewhere along the road. Imagine: we were waiting at the Church, guests there. Then all somehow transported to the machines, the ceremony took place, but it was worth nerves. Mom cried... they Say, the more tears shed mom on daughter's wedding, the better will develop family life. So, in all respects, we should live with Sasho happily ever after!» (Laughs.)
But everything else was great: nice dress, a crazy height cake...
Lena: «Yes! The cake was delicious. Called the «Three chocolate». Guests have said that tastier nothing in life is not eaten. We invented such a design adorned the top of our Sasho figures with microphones».

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

«We invited to the wedding only relatives and best friends». Photo:
Have tried a bit?
«Exactly what I tried. I excitement nothing could have».
Many were surprised that you Yulia Volkova was not invited to the wedding.
«So be it. 't want it. Our roads have long been distributed. We have to Julia different companies, we have not communicated. A wedding I did just for loved ones. We called only relatives and best friends».
But with Julia at one time you were a good friend of mine...
«It was something very different. We were then very close. Went back a long way together, all divided in half. These ten years of our lives - a huge, bright and very intense period. But, apparently, we are so tired of each other, that it was a break. Even now, when we sometimes have to act together, there is no such connection. We have two different lives. But I will always cherish that time. And their first single, Never Forget dedicated to Yulia and group «Tatu».
Maybe just you during this time have changed? Here and Sasho previously not perceived...
«As he has me. He even after the first acquaintance told friends that he had nothing in common with «those crazy girls» and see us he no longer wants. And when we met the second time, I did not immediately recognize. He used to have hair down to his shoulders, painted in black colour, and now short hair. He was offended that I can't remember, began to show a video with American Music Awards: «Yes here I am!» I say: «no Wonder that I have not learned. You looked disgusting». (Laughs.) I had my eventful life, the picture changed as in a kaleidoscope. And some just fell out of memory. Sometimes someone starts something to tell, and I wonder: «what I did was there?» But nevertheless the second time we Sasho saw each other. And now married. By the way, none of our musicians are not expected to create such a situation. The Sasho had a reputation Lovelace. Conditionally speaking, after each trip to a club he returned with a new girl. Walk up, in General, and he and I. So already were absolutely ready to create the family. Often I would hear from her friends the following sentence: «this man is not perfect, I have my knees knocking together no». I say: «knees Trembling is a passion. But not the fact that in six months, when all this is over, you will be able to live together». We Sasho initially there was a lot of it is human communication. I often flew to Moscow, he to himself, in Slovenia. I waited for him emails, we had a long conversation on the phone... we originally relations were built on another level, we had not only the animal passion.»

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

«The cake was delicious. Called the «Three chocolate». Guests have said that tastier nothing in life is not to eat it. Photo:
You may not tolerate in a relationship?
«I don't like when people play. Try to pretend to be something we do not really represent. Don't like snobbery, lie, rudeness. I need affection, understanding, and strong male fist banging on the table will be, as I said! And these qualities in an extraordinary manner in Sasho are connected. While he tremulous, emotional man, grow flowers, I know that he has a hard inner core that at the right moment manifests itself. I am very glad, that he went into the army, it disciplines».
He served in Slovenia?
«Yes, he was a sniper. Shoots better than I... And as for household things - it may serve himself. There is no division of household responsibilities. Everyone does what he can. If I came in earlier Sasho and see that no food in the house, I start to prepare. By the way, before meeting him, I have nothing to do. Just because they told me: you are a woman, you should. When I said I Sasho that cannot cook, he said, «it's okay, I can». And now I want to take care of her man: cooking became my hobby, I open up the Internet, looking for some recipes. I like it. As for her husband, there is nothing wrong to wash dishes when I was late for the meeting. Or do the cleaning to my arrival. I'm back in absolutely clean apartment. He makes no claims, without any self-deprecation, as some representatives of the stronger sex, when they are supposedly not a male thing. We Sasho each other regret: not pull each other the blanket, but, on the contrary, try to facilitate each other's lives. This is very important in a relationship, in my opinion.»

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

Design of the wedding cake, the couple made up ourselves. Photo:
Creative disputes happen? You musicians, but work in different genres.
«Oh, Yes! About music arguments most often. But nevertheless we cooperate, Sasho even wrote me a song. I used to think that two musicians in General can not get along together. It turned out they can. The men with whom I met up Sasho not understand how we can come from a meeting with the fans, which lasted only an hour and depressed as a lemon. I say, sat in the office all day, you're an hour tired! They thought: well, what is so hard - jump with a microphone on the stage? But this is a huge expenditure of energy. I sometimes after the concert, even I cannot speak from fatigue, I must lie down to sleep. This is before we Volkova fulfil a concert and go into the club to hang out, three hours sleep and in the morning to the airport, fly somewhere on tour. And so for weeks. And now the age of still makes itself felt».
Heard now your husband! You twenty-eight, and he was thirty-seven.
«My musicians call us with Sasho a couple of pensioners. They have no one (except for guitarist) no family. Musicians like kids soon forty years banging in your head wind. Ah, party, walk! Every Friday they will call and invite us with Sasho somewhere in the club. Sometimes we go, but rather stay home. Maybe because I these clubs and bars in the youth ate, free time I prefer to read a book, watch a movie or enjoy a glass of wine with my husband at home. If this output, we go to the ocean. Walking along the shore, talking, sharing dreams, plans. Then we will sit somewhere, will have lunch. We are comfortable».
You said: musicians - as children. Maybe it's generally a feature of Western mentality - people much later ripen for a family?
«It is quite possible. Here up to thirty years old, give birth. Believes that they need first to live for themselves, realized in the career. But the musicians - peculiar people, creative people, disorderly in terms of everyday life. But collected in the work. I love my team. You can say this is my second family. They supported me in difficult times. Thanks to them, I began to write music.»

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

«If I hadn't appeared Sasho, maybe I should have all spat and went from Los Angeles. Now I know our family, and I will fight for it anyway.» Photo:
It was difficult after the Grand success of «Tattoo» to start a solo career?
«Didn't expect it to be so hard! At some point I fell into depression: just didn't understand where I go or what to do. After all, the «Tattoo» - this was the producer project. We Julia had not taken a decision, not wrote songs. And when my musicians were asked: «Lena, tell me what you're itself is something you want to sing?» - I was afraid to Express their thoughts. And suddenly I raise a laugh? Now I'm more confident feel as a composer. I write not only for yourself but for other artists. But it took time and internal effort on my part. Special thanks to my fans, who believed in me, in spite of everything, waiting for my songs. Soon be my new single Lift Me Up. I dedicated it to his fans. How else can I repay them?!»
How you are perceived in America?
«Periodically recognised in the streets. I have here is a fan club. Was surprised to see that more and more people from North America to visit my personal site. And in Latin America are waiting for me. There will be a concert in Brazil, there are negotiations about the Mexican tour. I recorded a few songs in Spanish - specially for a Latin American audience. Another interesting theme: we plan to hold the fan weekend in Germany, people will come from all over Europe for two days. So the work goes on. I'm glad that after an outage occurred such good change in my life. I like to travel, to speak. I'm not trying to get the same success of the group «Tatu». It would be a mistake - so you can soon fall from out of frustration. Even my success rate is one percent from what had Tatu, but if I see that people like my songs, I will try to work for them. Many people say, «Well, married, now baby bear - we cannot wait for new album». I assure you, they are going to wait. First single, and then album».

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

«I'm not trying to get the same success of the group «Tatu». It would be a mistake - so you can soon fall from frustration». Photo: private collection of Lena Katina.
Lena, you are in Los Angeles comfortable? Immediately fit into the local life?
«My mother calls me a man of peace. I really quickly adapt. And then, we Julia spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, while still being part of Tatu. And I love this city. Here it is much more suitable behave on roads. I am happy to herself go shopping and buy products. I believe that if the package is written «organic» means, the way it is. I like the atmosphere, the climate. All the time Sunny, and local people are friendlier. Here, even the homeless positive. In Moscow most of the time mediocrity, no sun, of course, people of the «frozen». But I miss my country and go to Moscow quite often. My whole family there, relatives, grandparents old. Each time I left with a heavy heart: what if some of them never to see again. Imagine my great-grandmother has knocked ninety-four years! However, it is still pretty fresh cucumber. And at our wedding, they had not worse than the young. Only says: «Under the cake I tired». But still venerable age... So if Sasho came into my life, maybe I should have all spat and went back. And now I know that I have a family. Recently arrived in Los Angeles for a week before her husband came to our apartment and felt that I was home. If we in Slovenia, there are more house Sasho, Moscow - my. And here is our. And so I feel good from this idea!»
Lena, I understand you now all the projects in work. And about children until't you think?
«A bit later. I love children, and Sasho too. But we should choose the right time. Just went career development, and of course, I would not like being pregnant, dangle on tours. We are to work album, he is almost ready. But when I write the second, you can think about the child. I basically with small very well get along - three of my friends children. All I know how to take care of, educate, organize children's clothes from America suitcases. Feel Shuttle. Here really cool things, I adore shopping, buying gifts. Friends say that from me a good mother succeed. Swear that I'm not рожаю. All will be. I want to have a child, and not one. When the wedding we beat the glasses legs remained intact. Tamada explained: so, our Sasho firstborn be a boy. And I, on the contrary, I would like a girl. Although this is not particularly important. Importantly, native small miracle grow from the beloved».

Inna Lokteva


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