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Andrew Гайдуляну and Diana Отововой difficult to build family relations

We continue to test the strength of the famous pair. This time the test passed star «Uni» and his beloved. A short survey of young people commented on our family psychologist.

Андрею Гайдуляну и Диане Отововой непросто строить семейные отношения

Andrey Гайдулян and Diana Отовова. photo: materials of press-services.

Diana Отовова Andrey Гайлулян

Your first meeting?

In the club. I Andrei learned, and a friend suggested: «This is the guy who starred in the TV series «Univer».

What was dressed Andrew?

Black Polo shirt, jeans, shoes, cap.

And you?

I was in a yellow dress.

Your first date?

Two days later he called me to dacha to visit his friends.

Who first said " I love you?

It did Andrew, during a trip to Turkey.

The first gift Andrew?

The ring. I have searched the entire apartment with the help of notes. And finally found in the sink, crockery, there was an inscription: «Please wash the plate.»

And your first gift to him?

I honestly don't remember.

Who was the first usually takes a step to reconciliation?

Think I am. Andrey thinks he is. In General, whatever happens, we have a special armistice day - Monday.

That looks for when you husband?

Honesty, devotion and ability to cook - I bought it.

And you are in him?

He is the right man is the main thing.

A favorite pastime of your second half?

Cook kebabs and pizza, read books, go in for sports.

And your?

Cooking is my favorite hobby.

Unloved lesson Andrew?

Clean the apartment.

And your?

Wash and wash the dishes.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?

I love parties, Andrey homebody. Make a party at home.

Habit refused Andrei?

He learned to close the refrigerator and stopped wearing anything.

Your home nicknames?

My, Babe, and his Pepper.

What kind of thing Andrey you would gladly have thrown out?

His terrible old t-shirts.

Who brings coffee in bed?

We had such a ritual before.


Your first meeting?

Occurred three years ago in one of the clubs. I highlighted the Diana group of girls, толпившихся at the bar. Come, met, we talked till six in the morning.

What was dressed Diana?

In a dress of dark color.

And you?

Or perhaps he was in a t-shirt and jeans.

Your first date?

I invited her to the movies on a horror movie.

Who first said " I love you?

After a month of Dating, we went to Turkey, we rested gorgeous, and I said, «I Think I love you».

The first gift Diana?

I can't remember. Whether bag, whether shirt.

And your first gift to her?

Ring with diamonds.

Who was the first usually takes a step to reconciliation?


How do you think values most in your wife?

Probably my generosity
and kindness.

And you in it?

Honesty, devotion, being a good cook.

A favorite pastime of your second half?

To travel, to walk around the city.

And your?

Work and read.

Her unloved occupation?

She loves what I like to sit at home and read.

And your?

Walk and go to clubs.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?

I studied for almost leave an empty package of milk in the refrigerator. And even changed their style in clothes.

Habit refused Diana?

Before it had not washed floors, and is now making it.

Your nickname?

Doggies. Me this nickname before terribly annoying.

What kind of thing Diana would you be happy dumped?

There are no such.

Who brings coffee in bed?

Not the coffee. Sometimes I cook Breakfast.

Comment family psychologist:
«Andrey steals trays from McDonald's and in the childhood tortured unfortunate cats... Any woman is plunged into shock. But not for Diana, which itself hooligan nature and can easily run an innocent passer-by rotten egg. It is seen that this young couple until not so easy to build family relations. With regard to domestic issues, they have a lot of mutual claims. Have each other to re-educate. About how to spend their free time, their views also differ. But while Diana and Andrey even like to discover «another universe». Well, meekness, characteristic of our heroes, allows them to quickly forget misunderstanding and quarrels».

Inna Lokteva



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