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Julia Nachalova: «Sasha continues novel by sms»

Last week the singer finished working on video clip of «be there», which is dedicated to her beloved man, the attacker Omsk «Avangard» Alexander Frolov. WomanHit met with the actress and learned why she decided on a clip-dedication three years after meeting with Alexander.

Юлия Началова: «У нас с Сашей продолжается роман по sms»

Julia Nachalova and Alexander Frolov. Photo: private collection.

- Yulia, are you really for the shooting of the clip have donated their hair?
- For some time. (Laughs.)
- They say you постриглись and made themselves the same hairstyle, what were you while meeting with Alexander. This was principally?
- According to the plot, in the video is present and past tense. And we wanted to past a little different from the present day somehow visually.
- Alexander you've been together for three years, why the clip you decide to rent right now?
- The song I presented a year ago at his benefit, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of my creative work. As for the video, I think just passed the time. The same now I'm doing the writing and preparation of a new album, due out for my birthday, January 31. It will be a little different and a bit more adult creativity. I grow simultaneously with their repertoire.
- Alexander already saw this clip, assessed?
- Yes, of course. He takes part practically in all that happens in my work. And his opinion is interesting to me, because this is a view from the side. He was not present on the set, saw draft versions of the video. And we decided that we all like.

Юлия Началова: «У нас с Сашей продолжается роман по sms»

"When the fall free days, Sasha arrives from Omsk to me in Moscow. Or I fly to him. This is normal: we both work and know what do.." Photo: materials of press-services.
- And do you remember how you met him?
- Of course! It was in Los Angeles. We were at a dinner with friends in common. At that moment I was recording the album and thought about this, why not put on a stunning outfit and has not made a concert makeup. Besides, I was sick and I had a high temperature. I heard the name hockey player Frolov, who was then playing in the NHL, but he knew about the singer Началовой, but we had never met. And then he saw that I was bad, and the next day organized doctors, people who started to help me. Agree, that abroad one tough. I went to America to work on the album and only knew a few people: Уолтора Афанасьеффа (composer, producer, twice winner of «Grammy». - Ed.), Kenny g (popular jazz saxophonist. - Ed.), several Directors, and then I still have acquainted with the orchestra. It was exceptionally creative communication. When I called to my parents and friends in Russia, complained that soon with a kettle start talking to, because there was always one. And in my character, I can't stand loneliness and I love it when the house there are people. Maybe all these factors also played a role... After this dinner we started talking, struck up a friendship, and only then it grew into a different feeling.
- First date remember?
- Yes. When you are 19 years old, think over all the little nuances. And we have all been in decency and as at all. We had dinner and a lot of talking.
Is it something you surprised?
- Historically, we astonish each other. Very love to do surprises. But as it happens: 8 March, and you are waiting for that, maybe, something that you prepare. Yet here it happens in ordinary days. In new York I gave him eyes - and we drove in an unknown direction. On a helipad. (Laughs.) Boarded the helicopter. Alexander was, of course, shocked, because I had never flown by helicopter. We arrived in West Hampton is a very beautiful place. And dined in the restaurant - interesting institution, which is made in the style of a traditional American private house: there's a library, a fireplace, TV and very delicious French cuisine. I thought. When our helicopter made a landing, then at the bottom we saw was in the limo and the driver in his hands he held a poster that reads «owner». So юморок we still the same. (Laughs.)

Юлия Началова: «У нас с Сашей продолжается роман по sms»

The story clip Julia recalls the past. For these moments, the artist decided to cut his hair and made a haircut like during familiarization with the Frolov. Photo: materials of press-services.
- The writing was in English or Russian?
- Russian! You should have seen how I explained in the limo companies that need to write: the Russian «x» is your «x», «C» three, «I» - «R» on the contrary, a letter is connect diagonally two sticks right to left and down. It was very funny. But wrote all right. And in the evening, when we flew back, there was a tour Manhattan. At the bottom of one's perception, and the top when everything shines, shines with lights, - makes me shiver sneaks. And recently Sasha has prepared a surprise for me. We were on vacation in Los Angeles (in Frolov a house. - Ed.). In the morning he said that we urgently need to go on business. We arrive to the port and there we sit down in a helicopter and fly on the beautiful island of Santa Catalina, near Los Angeles. On the road listen to Andrea Bocelli, then dine in the restaurant, go for walks, buy Souvenirs. It is very nice there, quietly. Still we went to the candy shop, and I got them a whole bag. I am a fan of candy and any harmful шипучек. And here such surprises and impressions for me very expensive.
- And you had a novel by sms?
- He is still ongoing.
- You see each other often? Still, you're in Moscow, Alexander - in Omsk.
- Only yesterday flew from him. For me, as a man accustomed to fly, no problems pack up and leave. If I learn that in the next two days have free time, I can rush to the airport. I am very easy on rise. Sasha and more difficulties in this matter. He has a contract, and now in a very tough situation for the hockey players, because the height of the season and lots of training. But when fall weekend, he arrives. And this is normal. We both work and we know what it's doing. Now ends repairs at our apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Of course, we cooperate with designers, but we do everything the way we want.

Юлия Началова: «У нас с Сашей продолжается роман по sms»

My daughter Vera and Sasha Alexander communicate very well. But I would like to see more often. Now, when they are both Schoolgirls, hope their schedule will be the same. Photo: private collection.
- You have a daughter Vera, Alexander's daughter Sasha. Girl talk?
- Very good talk. Together we go to the countryside or to present to Alex parents, or Shura, is coming to my home. But I would like to see more often. Here on vacation in Los Angeles first came Verochka, then she flew away to rest together with my dad (footballer Evgenie Aldonin. - Ed.), and we flew Shura. All very растроились that the daughter is not docked. But Sasha has already schoolgirl, and Faith only went to school, but now their schedule will be the same.
- What you were told and remembered now, you will see in your clip «be there»?
- I think Yes. (Smiling.)
- And you'll always be there?
- My parents constantly with me. Even when the 19 years I wanted to independent life, mom and dad still took care of me. I was always home child, and still we are very close. Music for the song «be there» I wrote, and the words of my dad, Victor Nachalova. He always understands what I mean. And these verses are my thoughts. I don't promise anything. Just saying that I would be next.

Tamara Астапенкова


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