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Natalya Lesnikovskaya and Ivan Yurlov: «They are so different, but still they are together»

We continue to test the strength of star pairs. This time the test passed Ivan Yurlov and Natalya Lesnikovskaya. And, judging by the answers to a quiz, it is the difference in the interests allows the singer and her husband supplementing each other.

Наталья Лесниковская и Иван Юрлов: «Они такие разные, но все-таки они вместе»

Natalya Lesnikovskaya and Ivan Yurlov. Photo:

Ivan Yurlov        Natalya Lesnikovskaya

Your first meeting?

After a long correspondence on the Internet, we finally met.

What was dressed Natalia?

She was magnificent. But I only remember the General feeling...

And you?

I decided not to throw dust in the eyes and does not specifically dressed.

Your first date?

Our first meeting, in fact, became the first date.

Who first said " I love you?

We did not have to each other in something to confess, and so everything was clear without words.

Your first gift?

Remember trying to fulfill her slightest whim. You mean a valuable gift? Or memorable? Gave her a surprise in the form of paragliding.

Her first gift?

Yes, she was the best gift of fate!

Who was the first usually takes a step to reconciliation?


That looks for when you have a wife?

Ask her.

What do you appreciate it?

It itself.

A favorite pastime of the spouses?

Her profession.

And your?

Engage with our children.

Her unloved occupation?


And your?

Change cartridges in the filter for water.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?

A canned meat.

Habit refused Natalia?

Cook for a couple and no spices.

What kind of thing wife you will be happy'd throw?

She loves all the excess of the house to throw away, even can overdo it.

What are your home nicknames?

No nicknames. Call each other by name and patronymic.

Who brings coffee in bed?

Actually I love the coffee drink at the table.





Your first meeting?

We year communicated over the Internet. And having met, went to an exhibition. I immediately had the absolute sympathy. And he, too.

What was dressed Ivan?

Simply, pretty in jeans, some t-shirt. But I even liked it. Don't like dudes.

And you?

Began Moscow film festival, the opening of which I was going to go in the evening. So I came all this up, with the laying. With full parade.

Your first date?

This was the first date.

Who first said " I love you?

We have a very long each other not say these words, but everything was so clear.

Your first gift?

Photo backpack. Ivan fond of photography and was on such a gift just happy.

His first gift?

Luxurious dress, which he bought at Winzavod: there are art bazaars selling designer clothes are very beautiful and unusual.

Who was the first usually takes a step to reconciliation?

Whoever is to blame. There are different cases, but the one who understands what is wrong, comes to reconciliation.

That looks for when you husband?

A sense of humor.

What do you appreciate it?


A favorite pastime spouse?

Read books.

And your?


His unloved occupation?

Do home men's work.

And your?


Habit you refused, when began to live together?

Spend time alone.

Habit refused to Ivan?

Spend time in companies.

What kind of thing the wife you would gladly have thrown out?

Bundles of old magazines that he will never read.

What are your home nicknames?

We call each other by name and patronymic, is our goal. Vanya calls me Natalia Витальевной and I - Ivan Andreevich. And «you». If only passion is heating up, we move on to «you».

Who brings coffee in bed?

I bear van coffee. Just I don't drink.


 Comment family psychologist:
«Looking for Natalia and Ivan, they remember the famous phrase: «They are so different, but still they are together». Ivan the profession - engineer, the acting world is absolutely far. However, it is this difference of interests allows them, judging by the responses, supplementing each other. Because in your partner each sees something lacking in him. And this is a guarantee of strong and amicable family Union».

Olga Saprykina


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