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Ekaterina Volkova: «And suddenly phoned his ex-girlfriend»

Actress Ekaterina Volkova says that she is obstinate nature, not every man is such a stand. So she had decided to marriage and nearly passed his happiness. Star of the TV series «Воронины» shared with the WomanHit their love story.

Екатерина Волкова: «И вдруг позвонила его бывшая подруга»

Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov. Photo: private collection Ekaterina Volkova.


«You will laugh, but it happened on the stage. Dasha Sagalova participated in the show «Dancing with the stars» and during the project made friends with Andrei. He was invited to our theatre. That night was the play with us both. In the end, when we all went to the bow on the stage and stood up young man with flowers and walked over to her. I stood close beside her. To me at that moment was a dress with a corset, which strongly утягивал waist and enlarged Breasts. Andrew looked at me and said «wow!», on that Dasha answered: «Karpov, this is not a «wow», but simply corset!» And then in the dressing room a friend told me that it was her dance partner, and with a wink, added: «by the Way, he is free». I remember at the time was outraged: «And me?'!» But I didn't realize how much he really hooked me. We crossed in the theatre, where he later came to work as a choreographer, laughing. But I never noticed Andrei any special attention to the person, Yes, and she could not clarify their own relation to it. All points over «i» helped to place all the same Dasha. She once told me: «Volkova, you me with Karpov tortured! You like each other. But if we went somewhere together, talked directly. And wouldn't ask it of me, how he was, as it is». I was confused a bit, but decided to make a joke. Say, say, unbecoming to the girl to do the first step. And after while I get a sms from Andrew: «What do you do on Monday? I invite you to dance lessons». At first I did not understand what we are talking about a date, perceived it as a challenge for a theatrical rehearsal. Still I was surprised because that day I had the day off. When I got the confirmation that Andrei's suggestion does not work related, поразмышляла and said... «no». And immediately dialed telephone Сагаловой. She told him how I refused to meet with Karpov. Dasha succinctly expressed his opinion: «what an idiot!» After talking with a friend, and I got a good thought, called back to Andrew and said that on Monday evening I have liberated».

Екатерина Волкова: «И вдруг позвонила его бывшая подруга»

Their relationship is not changed or wedding, nor the appearance of a child. They also touching suit each other surprises, as in the beginning of the novel. Photo: private collection Ekaterina Volkova.

First date

«We danced and it was great! Agree, invitation to the cinema, theater, just walk as something ordinary. And dancing is something! Not to mention the fact that the dance is incredibly common. So, at the first PA, who showed me Andrew, we were still «you», and in the process of learning unnoticed switched on «you». Remember, at the end of that trial lesson I heard from him a compliment: «you're not a log!» But in General Andrei romantic, and our every meeting he did something special. One day came for me, him in the car and says, «Relax, you can sleep. I'll tell you when we get to the place.» And took me outside the city. And there on a glade lit the fire and arranged a picnic. This was something magical, unforgettable. Even dinner in супердорогом the restaurant cannot be compared with that meal on the grass.

Екатерина Волкова: «И вдруг позвонила его бывшая подруга»

The actress admits that she obstinate nature. Photo: private collection Ekaterina Volkova.


«Andrey - such, as a rule, attentive and caring in my birthday is not even called. And when I dialed his number, asked me: «today You rooting for me to come?» That day he was to shoot the next season of «Dancing with the stars». I felt sorry: how could he have forgotten about my holiday? But out of principle I did was to write the program. After the show he came to me and said: «I Congratulate you with your birthday.» And gives an envelope and in it two tickets to Paris. And departure in the same evening. Time was just to call on his home, quickly gather and rush to the airport. It turns out, Andrey day called me only because he was afraid earlier, a surprise he has prepared for me. We arrived in Paris. The trip was queer. This is a very romantic city, and doubly feel it when you come back with your loved one. And so on the third day stay in the French capital Andrew brought me in a restaurant. Its main peculiarity is not even a wonderful cuisine and a stunning interior, and the fact that the waiters there are Opera singers. Serving customers, they perform well-known arias and Neapolitan songs. And here in the middle of supper approached few singers sang some beautiful Serenade. Andrew took out a box with a ring, and handed it to me and said, «Kate, I want you to become my wife. Marry me!» Believe it or not, but I have at the moment, all eyes today, I literally stood. When the ability to realize what happens returned, I saw that all - singing waiters, and other visitors of the restaurant, and most importantly, Andrey - look at me waiting for an answer. Of course I said «Yes» from an excess of emotion into tears. I was happy. And everyone rejoiced my agreement as if our family members or close friends. After a while the husband told me that to this day he very long prepared: devised the plan and slowly brought it to life. Long picked up the ring. A table at this restaurant had to be ordered in advance, for two months. This is the whole Andrey - he would not stop at anything to make a real miracle to me».

Екатерина Волкова: «И вдруг позвонила его бывшая подруга»

«When Andrew took out a box with a ring and said: «Be my wife!» - I literally was numb». Photo: private collection Ekaterina Volkova.


«Any global conflicts we did not have any. But I had to endure unpleasant moments. We have already met three months, and got the impression that we have strong feelings, and not just love or temporary fascination. And suddenly he called his ex-girlfriend. Their relationship lasted for almost five years, and they separated shortly before we met. The girl complained that she has a problem with the machine, and asked for help. Andrei couldn't refuse her. He returned from it with something else. If usually coming in the apartment, hugged me, then here's a dry shot «hi», and all. Such things immediately feel. Yes and on eyes I noticed that the thoughts he is not with me. Several days passed, but nothing has changed. I came to understand that this dual situation may not exist long. It must somehow be resolved. But whatever it is hard for me I'm not going to hold it next to him and was preparing to voice the thought: «this is the moment when you have to decide who of the two do you want to stay. And a second chance we will not have. I was ready for that conversation. He felt as if my mood, called and offered to meet. I remember seeing him, I immediately began: «so...» Andrew interrupted him: «No. First, listen to me.» He told me that he really loves me and made his choice.»


«We got married ninth of April, one year before that, we had our first date, and that was the starting point for future relations. Therefore, we seemed symbolic and romantic to have the wedding that day. Who knows, maybe when we decide to get married, then do it too ninth of April».

Екатерина Волкова: «И вдруг позвонила его бывшая подруга»

«No matter how much did ultrasound, sex of the child specialists we call could not. Had to wait for the birth.» Ekaterina Voronina, Andrey Karpov and their daughter Elizabeth. Photo:


«Andrey realized that I am in an interesting position. To be honest, I even had initially not come. We were on vacation, and here I became absorb food in huge quantities. Yet she herself was making fun against themselves, and come to the soundstage «Ворониных» strongly растолстевшей. Then we returned to Moscow, it was crazy heat. And therefore, fatigue, weakness, some неважнецкое feeling I cheat on weather cataclysms. Then Andrey says: «have you, by chance, not pregnant?» I laughed: «what are you?! You can't be serious». But it turned out that he was right. By the way, this once again shows how much my husband attentive to me. So he and noticed some changes in me, myself I missed. And when it was confirmed, Andrei was happy. I somehow remembered how once, when we met, went into the -- one таллинскую cafe, and there at the next table sat a woman, and a number in a wheelchair played a charming boy. I was very touched his view, in and of itself, blurted out: «I wish I was the same!» And Andrei with a serious look, picked up: «Will. And you have someone you want a boy or a girl?» It was then, in the same instant, I felt beside me, a man, with whom I would like to have a child. Our firstborn as if to tease our curiosity. No matter how much did ultrasound, sex of the child specialists we call could not. Had to wait for delivery. And when the light appeared Lisa, Andrey very happy daughter. But I don't think he's upset, if a second child we will have a boy.»

Ekaterina Корешева


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