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Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov seek compromises

We continue to test stellar pair. These artists recently announced their engagement, and our psychologist found out what the secret of the strength of their relationship.

Юля Ковальчук и Алексей Чумаков ищут компромиссы

Aleksey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk. photo Lily Шарловская

Yulia Kovalchuk Aleksey Chumakov

Your first meeting?

I remember it vaguely. I think we met at a concert in the Kremlin.

As was dressed Alexey?

It seems it was a dark suit in bold stripes.

And you?

I was in a concert costume group «Brilliant» - something bright.

Your first date?

It happened at his home. I went away to drink some tea.

Where and how you admitted in love for each other?

First I admitted. Man is harder on the words to Express their feelings.

The first gift Aleksei?

A huge bouquet of roses, which he presented on my solo concert.

And your first gift?

Collection collection of disks Stevie wonder - is a favorite Leshin singer.

Who usually the first one makes a step toward reconciliation?

Of course I am!

How do you think the quality looks for when you Alex?

My woman's patience, intelligence and creative independence.

And you are in him?

The ability to make a woman happy. His talent, spiritual generosity, kindness and warmth.

A favorite pastime of your half?

He cinemagoer, and prefers thrillers and mysticism.

And your?

Dancing, Hiking, swimming.

Unloved Aleksejs's?

Do sports and to cook.

And your?

Wash the floors, but I never do.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?

I used to sleep with the doors open and the closed window. And Alex, on the contrary, opens the window and closes the door. He had to concede.

Habit refused it?

I can't stand the onion and garlic. Alex - Eastern man loves garlic, but if I am around, he's not eating.

Your home nicknames?

We are each other's cute.

What kind of thing Alexei you would gladly have thrown out?

I don't know. But he would certainly threw half of my wardrobe.

Who brings coffee in bed?

Periodically, every six months, do it and he and I.

Your first meeting?

Occurred about ten years ago in the Concert hall «Russia».

As was wearing Yulia?

In my opinion, in light pantsuit.

And you?

Money I was not there, so the choice of small items of clothing. Probably, I had on a black striped suit.

Your first date?

I asked Julia to a restaurant for dinner.

Where and how you admitted in love for each other?

The first did Julia.

The first gift Yli?

Collector's edition of the best songs of Stevie wonder.

And your first gift?

I don't remember it, unfortunately.

Who usually makes the first step to reconciliation?


How do you think the quality looks for when you Yulia?

What I don't like lie and try to keep my promise.

And you in it?

Purposefulness, professionalism and patience in working on our relationship.

A favorite pastime of your half?

Skiing, spending time with friends, relax under the sun and exercise stomach.

And your?

Watch films, read... generally I like to be lazy.

Unloved lesson Yli?

Wash the dishes.

And your?

Chat with people who are unpleasant to me.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?

Addictions I never had, and the household, who were dismissed, I can not remember.

Habit refused to Yulia?

Rather we have new habits. Yulya is a horror movie for seeds, and I have a trip to the ski resorts.

Your home nicknames?

Nicknames as there are none.

What kind of thing Yulia would you be happy dumped?

Julia - person household, and sometimes its difficult to persuade to get rid of some of the boxes, which, as it seems, can be useful.

Who brings coffee in bed?

Such was the case with her, and with my hand.



Comment family psychologist:
Alexey character difficult, and Yulia has to show up diplomacy and patience. This is given to the singer not easy because of the nature it is a clear leader. But someone has to yield to it should, so... Yulia is a wise woman and the first comes to reconciliation. Their Hobbies and interests do not coincide. Moreover, Yulia like the fact that likes to Alexey. However, they are together for several years and recently announced their engagement. Well, their Union would be durable if this pair is still not get tired to search for compromises.

Inna Lokteva


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