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The main role of Hope Rumyantseva - the wife of a high-ranking official

Once in an interview, the actress confessed that all forty-odd years of family life every morning was up early in the morning to make her husband Breakfast and spend it to work.

Главная роль Надежды Румянцевой — жена высокопоставленного чиновника

Western hopes Rumyantsev called Russian Juliet Mazina. Photo: private collection.

Usually such actress - from pot two vershoks - dream on the specific roles and vain storming the theater College with an appropriate repertoire. Now, it's not about the Hope Rumyantsev. She immediately knew his place»: Theatre of young spectator, «the mouse-a place in the Terem-Teremok» (in its sole exact phrase). It is on the stage of the Central children's theatre and held her acting debut, and when she was a freshman.
In the film she also began to appear almost immediately. And let the partner she had a first grader, who pulled over her, as if equal, the pigtails, Nadezhda took the job and great happiness.
Despite the successful start, its starring role she had to wait several years - in the film directed by Yuri Чулюкина «Girls», which brought her the all-Union fame, she acted when she was over thirty. And at that moment she was older than his partner - Nikolay Rybnikov (although the film is quite the contrary).
This picture is literally changed her life. She became one of the most popular Soviet Actresses. And starred excitedly. Until suddenly disappeared from the screens. Immediately broke incredible ear: actress escaped from the USSR.

Главная роль Надежды Румянцевой — жена высокопоставленного чиновника

After the wedding Willie Хштояном actress decided to change his profession. Photo: private collection of Hope Rumyantseva.
Most surprising is that in this case, these conversations were under the soil. To be precise, she went abroad with her husband.
Nadezhda Rumyantseva, when she was thirty-six, married employee of foreign trade Willie Хштояна. With him she met at a birthday party for one of his friend. When Willie Вартановичу offered for several years to go to work in Egypt and then in Malaysia, Rumyantseva, without a second's hesitation, went with him.
With my new role - wife of a high - ranking official is she coped perfectly. Nadezhda even learned French and English, translated into these languages Russian jokes, at the right time - in some великосветском reception - one phrase easy to defuse the situation. Later Willie Хштоян told that due to its easy character and ability to make acquaintance managed to sign a lot of contracts.
Here is only one role, she failed to realize. Hope never became a mother. But she made friends with her daughter Хштояна from the first wife Karina, and later with his grandson. He, by the way, never called her grandmother, exclusively Надюшей.

Главная роль Надежды Румянцевой — жена высокопоставленного чиновника

The spouses have lived together for over forty years, without ceasing to care for each other as a couple. Photo: private collection of Hope Rumyantseva.
...When they came back to Russia (it happened at the end of the seventies), life is coming back to normal. Rumyantsev back into the profession is so easy and straightforward, though there was a break in work. However, it continued its attention, care and love to give first of all the family. Once in an interview, she admitted that all forty-odd years of life together every morning was up early in the morning to make her husband Breakfast and spend it to work.
In 1996 the unhurried rhythm of their everyday life was violated. In the house Rumyantseva and Хштояна infiltrated by hackers, who during the fight, was hit actress on the head. Since then, she began to have constant headaches. Although at the Institute of neurology, where she went for an examination, it reassured: all test results are normal. And only when the pain became unbearable and conducted more thorough examination, it turned out terrible: the right time is wasted. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Willie Хштоян then raised his connections, came out on the best foreign physicians in this area, but the world's luminaries only make a helpless gesture: do nothing impossible.
Almost two years she, knowing about their diagnosis and that the transaction will not help, and continued to live. Foraged in the beds, grew flowers and saying that it was her instead actress in agronomy...
In the beginning of April 2008 she became ill. Hope Rumyantsev was taken in one of the capital's hospitals, where it after some time has left this world. In the arms of her husband, whom she called the main man of my life. She was seventy-seven...

Valentina Летописцева


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