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Prokhor Shalyapin: «we Have a guest marriage»

We continue to test the strength of star pairs. This time the test passed the singer and his wife, a businesswoman Larissa Копенкина.

Прохор Шаляпин: «У нас гостевой брак»

Prokhor Shalyapin and Larisa Копенкина. photo Lily Шарловская

Prokhor Shalyapin Larisa Копенкина

Your first meeting?
In January 2013 in Jamaica. She sunbathed on the beach.

As was wearing Larisa?
She was in a bathing suit. But actually loves to sunbathe on nudist beach.

And you?
I shorts.

Your first date?
Ibid, Jamaica.

Where and how you admitted in love for each other?
We are all the time talking to each other pleasant words.

The first gift Larisa?
She bought me a ticket to Paris for three days.

And your first gift?

I gave her yourself: emotions are much more than junk.

What qualities most valued in you a wife?
Kindness, spiritual sensitivity.

And you in it?
Her wisdom, joy, inner strength.

A favorite pastime of your half?

And your?
I absorbs creativity.

Unloved lesson to your half?
Home home businesses.

And your?
Early morning UPS and payment receipts, invoices.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?
We have a guest marriage, and everyone has personal space.

Habit refused Larisa?
From the liquor.

Your home nicknames?
I call her Ларочка, little wife. She makes me Прошенька.

What kind of thing Larisa would you be happy dumped?
Her phone.

Your first meeting?
In Jamaica, in the restaurant.

As was dressed Prokhor?
He was wearing shorts and shirt.

And you?
Rather, too, in shorts and shirt.

Your first date?
Ibid, Jamaica, on the beach.

Where and how you admitted in love for each other?

He made me the offer to become his wife on the ship.

The first gift Prochorus?
Wonderful emotions that he gave me.

And your first gift?
I myself gift!

What qualities most valued in you husband?
My ease the rise and crazy (in a good sense).

And you are in him?
His kindness, warmth.

A favorite pastime of your half?
Music is the main thing in his life!

And your?
I have a dream to travel around the entire world.

Unloved lesson to your half?
To be in the noisy companies and to attend parties.

And your?
To cook.

Habit you refused, when began to live together?
I - man-holiday, Prokhor from me a little tired. I hold back emotions.

Habit refused Prokhor?
There are no such.

Your home nicknames?
They are not yet established.

What kind of thing Prochorus you would gladly have thrown out?
His mobile phone!


 Comment family psychologist:
«Marriage Prokhor Shalyapin and businesswoman Larissa Копенкиной attracted public attention because the groom is under the age of bride twenty-eight years. Themselves married the age difference is not distracting. About the women, as Larissa, say, young at heart. Her worldly wisdom and patience balance emotionality Prokhor. Their relationship there is no year, but our heroes had good study habits, strengths and weaknesses of each other. However, such Union has some limitations: it is unlikely in the family will have children».

Inna Lokteva



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