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Sergey Varchuk: «Immediately gave the impression that this woman's hanky-panky will not work anymore»

After the premiere of the picture «Never can say goodbye, where the actor played the main role, he instantly became a sex symbol of the Soviet Union. Even a magazine «Soviet screen» called him the most handsome actor country. Naturally, a whole army of fans wrote him letters with declarations of love and wanted to see his partner in life is exactly the same - a charming and charismatic. And all wondered how was the fate of this artist...

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

Sergey Varchuk with his wife and son. Photo: private collection.

This film is about the overwhelming feeling and devotion played an important role not only in the career of Sergei, but in his personal life. Wrote that the first wife of Varchuk long time did not pay his courtship any attention until I saw the young man on the screen. And only then she reciprocated, they married, born a daughter... But the idyll ended in divorce. Her only happiness, real second half, the actor met, when he was over forty.
Olga Varchuk: «Our love has its own prehistory, which began long before my first meeting with Sergey. I was sent two years in Vietnam, where I met Natalia Durova and her husband Eldar. We became close friends and, of course, continued their conversation, he returned to Moscow. The people I have become parents and Natasha - Director Boris Durov (who shot outstanding films «Vertical», «Never can say goodbye, «pirates of the 20th century» and many others) and his wife Zinaida. The life did that after returning home I got married, divorced, and my meager personal life-haunted-girlfriend and her family. And I never felt alone and felt no pressure to make a light novel or some kind of serious relationship. So when Zinaida Kirillovna once noticed that, well, if you'd Seryozha Marchuka to meet such a lovely pair would be, I joked and even she wasn't even think about it. But Boris Valentinovich remembered the words of the wife...»
Sergey Varchuk: «Durov is a talented Director, and I consider him to be my godfather in the movie, because he invited me to play in the movie " Never can say goodbye, thereby ushering in professional life. You could say it was my star ticket. But more importantly, he «directed» in my life is acquaintance with Olya. One day he called me, lamented the fact that we have not met, and invited guests. But surprisingly - not to his home, and his daughter, on the anniversary of her wedding. And it sounded so that it became clear that failure is not welcome».
Olga: «And me to this festival invited Natasha».
Olga, before the meeting with Sergey seen the films with its participation?
«Of course! And so dreamed of to get to know me!» (Laughs.)
Olga: «It is he kidding. Actually I watched the film «Never can say goodbye, but Sergei more I remember the reason in the series «Thief». Somehow came back from work, sat down to dinner, and hero of Varchuk on the screen, so the whole positive, wonderful. It is in that moment the idea came: «These perfect men only happens in the movies, in life it is unreal». And somewhere in a month and it was our first meeting.»
Sergey: «I remember, as soon as he entered the room where the party was composed all the honest company, Olya immediately caught my eye...»
Olga: «Why - I'm a lady was bright, interesting, self-confident! Who does this will not notice?» (Laughs.)
Sergey: «She tells the truth... And I would immediately put it on her eyes, as they say, but... it seemed to me that she is not alone, but with knight. Later it turned out that beside her sat her son girlfriend who looked older than his years. But even knowing that she is busy and I have no chance, I really wanted to attract her attention, so all the evening was balagurin, joked and singing to the guitar. And then, still deciding, invited her to dance. But again, although sympathy from my side was obvious, I never imagined that we'd begin some novel...»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

The movie " Never can say goodbye played a crucial role not only in my career, but in the actor's personal life. The frame of the picture.
«I immediately had the impression that this woman a few light's hanky-panky will not work anymore. There could be a speech only about a serious relationship... So when Olga suddenly go back home, I wanted to say a polite «it was nice to meet you» (which, incidentally, is true), and all. And maybe we were both on the next day would have forgotten about this meeting.»
Olga: «And here Zinaida Kirillovna Durova says Wachuku: «Sergey, you would Olenko had -- he had, after all you're driving.» I began to make excuses, saying that she will get, the more so in the face of Sergey it was evident that this proposal is not pleased.»
Sergey: «Not true... I was just trying to figure out what to do in this situation. Because I lived nearby, was thinking of leaving the car in the yard and walk, so a little drink. And to bring the girl, who had, as it turned out, lives in the city centre, is the same true meeting with the cops and deprivation of rights. But I still dared... On the way we talked, and we were pleased with communication that, having reached Olya home, we were standing at the entrance to almost six in the morning.»
Olga: «It's a given that eight from my work were assigned a very important talks. I had to look great, and head light to have. But at that moment I forgot about everything. It seemed more important than that of the man next, and what he tells me, there is nothing there... And somehow it happened that it revealed all that was on the soul.»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

On all festivals, social events and guests Sergey Varchuk prefer to go in the company of his wife. Photo: Mikhail Kovalev.
What is this secret was the conversation?
«Strangely enough, but then we told each other their whole lives... especially because we had a lot in common. Even divorces have the same cause.»
Sergey: «My first wife Elena loved American who went to the USA. And ex-husband of Olga fell in love with the French girl and moved to Europe. But although I had found a kindred spirit, saying goodbye to her, I took time out to understand what happens to me is an acquaintance. Are we ready for a serious relationship? Do we really need this? We have already got used to that way of life, who are not looking for a second half because we are self-sufficient, and each of us has already managed to give up on love. After this, even having met the person who is close to you in spirit, feeling that fall in love with him, instinctively feel the fear: let him into our heart, and this may result then the pain».
It turns out that the first step to resume exploring made Olya?
«No. I... a week later I called her and told her to one event, which was supposed to participate. Thought if I agree and will come - it should be... Dialed her phone, he chattered: Olga, this is Sergey Varchuk. Invite you to meet, you have half an hour fees. In response hung MKhAT pause, then she hoarsely gasped, they will come».
Olga: «I decided on this adventure, I don't get it. Although replied without even thinking. At the time I just caught a cold, the temperature Vysocina, medicines swallow - and suddenly, after his call went to the meeting. This act is absolutely not in my nature...»
Sergey: «By the way, I repent, but the invitation was broken. On the same social event had to be my friends, including Igor Livanov, and my daughter. I wanted to acquaint them with Olya and show how they will find a common language.»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

«I am faithful wife. Flirting with another me can only be seen on the stage or on the screen (frame from the film «the rape of the sorcerer»). Photo:
Surprisingly, it is only second meeting, and you have already built some plans, introduced the girl to her close...
Sergey: «Yes. We are all very happened quickly. Almost all the free time we spent together, but overnight I went home, where I waited for the dog Lyme. Her name was necessary, therefore, though at three in the morning, but I said goodbye with Olya and ran to his friend. A month after meeting, we have already gathered.»
Olga: «And for me it was a surprise. Judge for yourself: in the morning the doorbell. I wait for nobody, so I admit, I'm slightly scared. Ask: «Who is there?» And hear the voice of Varchuk: «we are!» Why he speaks about himself in plural? I was kind of puzzled, I used this for him not to have noticed. Open - on the threshold of Sergei with a huge bouquet of white roses, and near it the collie... Since this occurred in February, when the street slush, you can imagine how «clean» were paws of the dog. «You'll take us?» - asked Seryozha, and lime, without waiting for a response, leaving a dirty stains, was held in the apartment, right on the blue carpet brought me from Vietnam, and thriftily they were lying.»
Sergey: «She must have felt your positive response. And gave the opportunity to opt out if these thoughts flashed through your mind. I just sat at home, and he wondered how much it can dangle. Knew I wanted this woman to live, to build a family, but will Olya my dog? And on the other hand, to think that I head scratching, we can do right now to go and ask! If Yes, then all is clear, if not... I don't know what I did... But they quickly became friends. Soon I went on tour, leaving them alone. Come back, and wait for me in the solemn meeting - Olga beautiful, elegant, near Lyme luxury bow at the neck. And all the hallway smelled of perfume. It turned out that my favourite and itself, and collie perfume sprayed. I already clutched his head: «Ol, what are you doing! Dog-why? They cannot - scent'll bet!» But, fortunately, on the health of the limes is not affected, and looked quite happy.»
Olga: «Still! She is also a lady and knows the essence of good expensive fragrances!»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

A favorite resting place of the spouses in Israel. Here the sea and beautiful, and many of the attractions and often meet compatriots. Photo: private collection of Sergei Varchuk.
Yes, dogs are sometimes easier to make contact, than with people... Sergey, but as your daughter took your relationship with Olga?
«When we started to live together, of Sergey daughter Alexandra was seventeen years. And she couldn immediately to receive me with open arms, because deep in my soul still hoped that her mother would return to the father and the family would be together. And here comes the understanding that this will not happen anymore, because the Pope had a new life... and I understood her feelings, and, most importantly, I wanted to find a common language with her.»
Sergey: «Olya had the wisdom and patience to make friends not only with my daughter, Sasha, but even with his ex-wife. She correctly judged: whatever it is, but with Elena we share a common child, therefore it is necessary to keep normal relations. And when the first wife came from the USA in Moscow, Olga herself suggested we meet four of us. Since they are very nice and talk to each other are. Now Alexandra is already thirty years. She is a grown woman, she has a boyfriend, family, and now the daughter understands much more than thirteen years ago.»
Very often couples who have been living in a civil marriage, do not hurry up to register officially the relationship...
«We do not hurry... But when Sergey was introduced me to someone as his wife, I have noticed: «No, I'm not a wife.»
Sergey: «Exactly. And knowing her reaction, I began to just say «This is Olga, my beloved woman.»
Olga: «Once, when we lived together about two years, had had some family celebration, attended by Serezha's parents, who, I must say, I was very fond, and my mom. And suddenly Sergey asks: «will my wife?»
Sergey: «Yes, and she, after a dramatic pause, said: «I think!» Live together for so long, and she suddenly such answer... what is there to think about?!»
And the wedding was celebrated?
«Quite modest. Decided, since we both have this is not the first marriage, to the same, in fact, our family for two years already, go and quietly will register our marriage.»
Olga: «When they came to apply to the registry office, head Sergei learned, and he says to her, «I have you here are already married and divorced, so we can without any pomp and long solemn speeches will put the signature, where you will receive a certificate of marriage and go yourself?» That settled the matter. However, the dress we bought a brand new, beautiful, but not white, and dark blue.»
Sergey: «We even witnessed was not, only the witness is my cousin, who came specially for our wedding of Peter».
Olga: «You better tell Serezha as you forgot me flowers for a gift. Well, witness a bouquet presented! We arrived at the registry office, passed by their brides, grooms and their guests in the Cabinet head, quickly signed. This lady says, «I Declare you husband and wife. Can congratulate each other!» Apparently, decided that it would be the kiss Suite. Yeah, now... Varchuk shook my hand instead of a kiss, and we went to a restaurant, where we waited for our close friends. Here only there were kissing shouts of «bitter!»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

For the son of Ivan the actor has become not only a caring father and best friend. They are together and lessons are doing and play. Photo: private collection of Sergei Varchuk.
A new phase of your life began when was born the son of...
«We really wanted children, but, unfortunately, did not succeed. Even the doctors were running, and they were spread his hands: ' You are both healthy. Don't know what the matter is.» Don't know how I suffered! While our family friend, a very good doctor, said: «Just throw all that out of my head. The whole time. No need to think about it and worry in vain.» And really, it was necessary to us to forget about this problem, and in a couple of months after that conversation, it became clear that I am in the position. And this happened just on the Annunciation day, the 7th of April...»
Who wanted more - son or daughter?
«I do not know why, but I always, before his first marriage, I knew what my future is going to have a son and I call him John.»
Sergey: «After learning about Olya pregnancy, I said to her, «If it be a daughter, how to call, suit yourself, but if a son, then definitely, absolutely, to call him Ivan - in honor of my father.» And she suddenly offended says: «And why is my name, which I, my son came up, picking up?! I decided that it would be Vanya, before meeting with you!» (Laughs.) And I was convinced that the light will appear boy».
But who is more engaged in the education?
«Both. In General I'm crazy Mama, which for a long time tried to protect the child so that just strangled him with her care. Until a year ago, during a vacation at sea, Ivan, for which I watched mother's eye, said: «Let me at least have a rest here!» He said something and forgot, and I have his words stuck in my head. I think what is happening and decided to give him more freedom. Of course, we still observed him and know what and when he does, but our supervision, he does not notice. Trying to instill in him self. At least arguably... And so what father Sergey such I have never met. Sometimes I would come tired, Vanya rushes to him: «Go rather to play!» And he never son will not refuse. Even if no strength, and the child is asked to go to the Park to play football. I have already said: «Ivan, let's father first rest!» But Serezha, I immediately objected, saying, okay, all great... Our dad all the neighbor kids know they are together fool, in winter, playing snowballs, and summer ball. And wherever we came to rest, around Sergey and Vanya immediately going children company.
Your Union is now thirteen years... don't get tired of each other?
«Of course not, on the contrary, we try not to leave. Always travel with the whole family, festivals are also try to go together. And social events, and guests separately practically do not go. Uncomfortably somehow without each other. In General, we feel a single whole. However, probably it should be that, if a real family based on love and mutual respect.»

Ekaterina Koresheva


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