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Anna Banshchikova: «my husband and I met under the chime»

Анна Банщикова: «С мужем познакомилась под бой курантов»

About such as Anna Banshchikova, say: born under a lucky star. She is beautiful, talented, popular, it's in luck. But few know that the road to success was not an easy one, full of tears and Titanic work. And in my personal life of the actress, it was not so easy as she wanted. Until one frosty night of the new year did not happen ordinary miracle..

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Secret wedding stars: who, where, when

Тайные свадьбы звезд: кто, где, когда

Recently Ksenia Sobchak all surprised: went and married actor Maxim Виторгана. Unexpectedly for everyone. Time and place of the ceremony held in the strictest confidence. They say even the guests were shocked prepared whimsical Ksenia surprise. We have decided to recall the other weddings of our famous girls, were classified as «secret»

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Alexander Morozov: "We together everywhere and always"

Александр Морозов: "Мы вместе везде и всегда"

As it is surprising, but the most romantic composer, Russian pop Alexander Morozov a very long time was not lucky in love. The happiness he found only ten years ago in the Union with Marina Парусниковой - woman which was the dream of many years. Celebrity couple spoke about how difficult it was the story of their relationship

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Wife Zhvanetsky: «Whether we are children of the same age would have fled away»

Жена Жванецкого: «Будь мы ровесниками — наверняка бы разбежались»

Mikhail Zhvanetsky is not one of those who spills his personal life to the public. Go any legend, but so that probably nobody knows. Moreover, for more than twenty years beside him the same woman. A wife, mother of his son and, no doubt, Muse. Natasha. She knows who her husband: selfish lone wolf or a respectable family man, who appreciate the comfort of home. Natalia Severe told how she managed to win the heart of this loving men

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Anatoliy Rudenko: «I immediately realized that I am happy I can be only with Lena»

Анатолий Руденко: «Я сразу понял, что счастлив могу быть только с Леной»

Press repeatedly tried to marry Anatoly Rudenko. His bride was called Tatyana Arntgolts, with which the artist has been a long novel, Daria Повереннову - with her he lived in a civil marriage for several years. But either with another actor was not prepared to tie the knot. Desire to go under a wreath at the young man had arrived when he met Lena - the only and unique, which waited all my life

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